Monday, December 15, 2014


CETVIES: DESERT BECOME PURPLE (additional writings II)

Even if synthetic, each spasm of lo, lhorror, aurore, stands for the dawn.  of live and love.

Aurrore= dawn in french,
Just like when the horrors of then ight night occurs, recurrs, appears, occults, cure.

Beauty, treasure, bounty, pleasure, leasure. lease.

In decadent society, people at work at are aiming at doing nothing and keep sit for people who want s to evolve and work harder as their jobs for a dob dob. dog. but by the strength of logic and t fatality such a play cannot go on and on.  but by the strength of god. dog.

To say that everything is finished, because one's own order is. Or because one si a middle class or upper class or other cs castes priviledged. Or because we are humans destroying nothing but our humanity. And pray the lord that will survive any species, any spirits, any particules, any where , resisting it.

Streng, strangle,
Nerts, nerve.
And when unjustice  boiled.
And the why of social behavioral conid conditionment, that might be used, or is used half of the time to tae take us as condiment.
Contrive, connive, a canni-bal.
Con-thrive, tribe.

We know how much environmentally and how much cost and work is worth heating. I allow myself to write you without reserve on this subject because, and everyone knows that you take personally great care in keeping yours low. In this position we have the whole time on the world to do thing properly. Downstairs there are only two persons and if it is difficult to keep J in the dining area, it is time for you to clean or to have a walk anyway. Workers before and now see the fuel bill as a big problem in their budget, and to some reasonable extent, everyone has to rationate resources.
The sliding door is i think permanently open, even if J is quietly in his is J's spare money, coming from real work just going out into thin air. To heat the kitchen or jim bedroom if the room door is left open- nearly always the case, as jim go to the loo, is really a waste of energy and money.
Just to say.

Speak just like if people were idios, idiots. And to be ready to privaetely or whne accepted disclaiming them any dignity or redistribit.
To give one's self opportunities and after legailised 'right' to ridicule other and deplete no only earth but spirit.
Humanity. Neaty.

wallet, ve a l

Sort = kind, spell, fate.
Castigate. Hell of gate, door calibrated.
N brated.

Brae bracelet.

Another reason (rease, re use, and ease, raise, re base, re –has, have, erase and haze, rain) to become: go vegan.  people are so monstrous that they avoid eating each other, and the why despising animal butchery humans manage to play cannibals bla bla  no cosy.

Sometimes, the time and tone of live is just a weight to bear.

Aerial, aeris.

Theories. Tories. Ori, iro. Hito.

Gain, ain't.

mentalist so vegan.

Iron, hire-on. Higher

Someone you love, compare to someone you don't since hate is authorize and a right when people are stunting ya . and this one you love treated bad, and the vicious circle of exploitation and meanness kind home kingdom could not last further. Farther.

All our work, and the fight for evolution and the disgrace of our involution. All recorded and all retrieved; there is no sense in crying for a loss, as for loss there is no eternity.
Eternise eternities.

I meant to say that when you take on the responsibility to be at the head of the lgbt society at uni and do it not widespreading one bit of information to the campus and other students, is just dangerous, and unserved gay within the society, because being gay caused many people to suffer in their lifes, to lose jobs and opportunities, to get jailed and killed in other countries. O was not an elected member i don’t think but things has been managed undemocratically, and not to stand for that students might have try to see the society through active advertisement on walls, try to reach students is very ignorant, selfish and irresponsible. I made last year this comment and offer my help just posting the fact that there were a gay society for roehampton university, J refused it saying that i don't know what, because there is no honest justification.

What i found amusing is that you were at the head of roehampton gay, and that is alright with me, but not in the account that you refused, you and your commitee for the gay meetings and lgbt bisexual you see, to be posted within the university, advertise. i told you last year that i was appalled because in the whole roehmapton university not one sign about lgbt roehampton is to be seen. Not one. And you and your team trying to collect money for your personal expesnes going to gay pride in other countries when you are responsible to take the direction of a commitee that let thousands of students deeper in the closet. One cannot alway sort thing out , out of vulgarity or  familiarity.

I had been quite clear last year saying that not advertising on the university wall, at a times where going out and sexual orientation is primordial is if you ask me 'anti-gay'. But it is certainly your way to say that you were the one and unique.

Lgbt groups pumping money without even advertising the existence of the lgbt society to other students…
Nias, niais.
= naivity,            but alas also nier, = recant, or deny.

Possibly, as I like your style. but i am from the very buy little society. Global warming, an d one has got to love what is got. Outdoor, heaven.

Someone, some moyen.
Moyen, =  in French means.
Some moine.

You are not my diversion. I am extremely happy as I live. Just like that. It is the egocentric part of me. Other part of happiness is to participate at one's best of ones' best abilities to make better conditions for the world to be unharmed and free.
except to find quietness in certain place and time, and data bases obviously, there is nothing i want to do, or use to do, at uni.

They are poor intellectually and culturally anyway.
Technocrats only. Playing intellectuality, very dangerous, and dictatorial with view for totalitarianism legitimized as knowledge. As factory as fabricated.

Fucking mental.

I tried to report more than one items on ebay. your questions are not covering all problems, and your system is time consuming.
there are many products that are tried to be sold 10 times their values, or with hidden postage cost (in case of rushing or for beginners) without specifying that for example they sell you a phone without any of their 5 connections wires or chargers... it is not helping.

Another reason to become: go vegan.  People are so monstrous that they avoid eating each other, and the why despising animal butchery humans manage to play cannibal bla bla   no cosy.

Amnesia, dementia and prison. Live life like a plant that are cut by human demon. No med.
Med, maid.


The people not being devilish because they manage to betray people (equality , due respect, liberty) just in being vicious and fulfilling at least in part , as it is exponential, their dug pleasure to make other , the innocent, sufffer.
And for example try not to lie or not to lie in front of people to inculcate, calculate, t whence the froideur and the stiff not though appearance. In order to make sure people start believing they are here to suit their devious order.
Devious and deft, perf ore ation ration, ration, oration of the stupor. Hell. Lleh, = not lea but ugly in francais.

Frank, rank.

When people almost pay to make rights come alive, are in fact staying in the closet, or more like going on holidays with pleasure, entertainment, status and money.
What’s left? Imprisonment.

I meant to say that when you take on the responsibility to be at the head of the lgbt society at uni and do it not widespreading one bit of information to the campus and other students, is just dangerous, and unserved gay within the society, because being gay caused many people to suffer in their lifes, to lose jobs and opportunities, to get jailed and killed in other countries. olivia was not an elected member i dont think but things has been managed undemocratically, and not to stand for that students might have try to see the society.
You are bi, it is nothing do with me. But J's refusal to let other student know saying that you were foundable on facebook if someone care about it was kind of back by other students. This society. . And you O and your team trying to collect money for your personal expenses going to gay pride in other countries when you are responsible to take the direction of a committee that let thousands of students deeper in the closet.

And leave people in the dark and or realising that gays were absolutely not represented, as heteosexuality is at risk to become more and more the norms and barring same sex relationship and marriage, parenthood, all other societal traits.
I tried desperately to explain that to you lads last year, the only rewards on that is that after great difficulties in joining the society - never found you on face book, this society is a close group anyway, J barred me from receiving the society emails any longer. Irresponsible is too sweet, you claimed J that you would be deserving thousands of pounds to do what you were doing as a head of the lgbt- barring consciously other student- thousands of them- going up to refuse that i post on the wall the existence of a lgbt society at roehampton to hear about it. Just let's contact stonewall or any another organisation that deserve this name and not a business or the privacy of sauna encoutnering. And we would see that they think of your participation.

Having saying that O, thank you for having letting me updated all this time. There is no double meaning nor acrimony in it as i hope to think you would not have barred me doing that. Thank you sincerely this had to be answered some time.

Get a life is what you could say to the person you did not hint inviting or informing, and you searching desperately for more funding....

Before you would start reporting the sauna mention, i am a lesbian and if males have hundreds of way to meet, women are left with nothing. So no offence for this i would have quite like appreciate to be not a male, no matter, but with that kind of resort. but who knows what is up there, certainly not whom is hiding it. Politic. Gays are suffering and mocking their liberty is not fair.

At J as in no matter, we are the same. Of the same world. Thank you from all your peers you decide to discard and dismiss this pretty simple way.

This work you describe so positively with your own 'word' could have been appreciate by other students that who? Who get your invit?
You fear that people would not come if the meeting was publicisize?
It is pride not shame the event you wanted to raise fund for going you and your 10 other students knowing about something to be done?
this work you describe so positively with your own 'word' could have been appreciate by other students that who? Who get your invit?
you fear that people would not come if the meeting was publicizes?
the argument is over i hate wasting my time on peopple that don't have honesty.
No bal.

Publicizes, dive, dike, diva size.


Hell lisse; lys
Elir elysee

Serial killings instincts coming from the danger of being owned, exploited by an organisation or sympathetic people letting one being in this kind of conditions, not standing up but standing by or worse calamities.

Being served; any type of crap.

Poem, oh aim. maim.

The rhythm of prostituiton and with the philosophy always behind to leave the one we want as a prostituet with noting nothing so they are easy to pay, and puti into any kind of terror the ones who would not agree wit h it : anti homobphobe, anti misogyny, anti-racist, etc.

mysognyne mysognyne

She warned me, I don't like you so don't be nice'
She tried tried to punish me for her un-liking (unlinking, unlacing, hiking) me in blaming things i did not deed.
I’ ll be nice to you, if i want that.
As I would be normal, i would fuck you, perhaps too much hard, at least to go on with you.
What are my choices? I don't employ you.
Liberalism has not down side only.
Socialism the pitfalls of becoming institutions of prostitutes envy...only.

Prostitues, tuer.                   Tu es =     you are in French,             tuer,      = to kill
Institutor,                       =         children master,        teacher.

You betray, as one wees, go to pee.
Weak, week, weep, weep.


To test the violence of the way we remember her, as the most (host) breathing instinct and instant of one (owes, odes, woe) ones' entire life, replay. on play

Maybe you could ask and offer your customers that you could send a listing of your better product monthly, sometimes one would not buy until they see something they think they could like.

So I fact you need to enter oxford to transfer your files from a computer to another?

Yes, it is politics.


About poetry.
Edit myself, but i am so bored by what i write let alone redoing it.
You ain't supposed to be at work at this time of the day, anyway?
It is not more subjective by nature, it is more artistic, of with more Conventionally accepted artistic ways that certain other kind of writing.

reported 'chasing' women.
Chase = chaise, = in french same pronunciation as chair. (tied and gagged).

Will shake

Son, net.
Son, = sound, in french.

The social system plenty of women that think they have had the ultimate experience as being a wife or a mother, most of the time serving or teaching their children or else into bullying. Some.

Still buying for from afar when no emergency, goods coming with boats not with planes.

You do a lot of this in your texts

Brot. Brat.


Hi, thank you for your question.
In my mind I don't think I really link this words, i think they are already linked. Language has been learned, transmitted and retained through the love of rhythm and songs; and through play on words, whatever they have been sounds or play on meaning. it is as well a need for construction, because at the end of the day what will be coming from the new word what one needs, from another one that you use, or used to use, or transform or that have been half forgotten. In doing that i tried to retrace the possible sometimes probable jokes, on version or inversion that had been practiced over the years. Like a twit is called so because of the song that is recognised and imitated by humans' hearing apparel. Does the bird only says twit, me i say, he talks as well (as) listen. 

Word on play  

Word, owrd, oeuver, oeuvre.

Thank you bro,
bro, orb, rob.

yes, try to well pin (nip). a la francaise.


People saying that they want sovereignty, each time one's territory thinking of freedom as impunity. Speak k a lot aou about it being a process of peace whilst it is the conditoin w for permanent need of fomenting war, amusingly.


Spear, speak. Shake, shear, share, spear, peak.

Espere, hope in French.
Pere = pater, father. Ppeer. Pire = worse, pire,        pyre, pierce, piece, pier.. Pierre, stone.

The Polytechnique is one of the grandes écoles that have traditionally prepared technocrats to lead French government and industry, and has been one of the most privileged routes into the elite divisions of the civil service known as the grands corps de l'état
Pour la Patrie, les Sciences et la Gloire
Motto in English
For the Homeland, Science and Glory


sParrow, parent, parrot. With the imbecile pretentious ignorant (ingrate, invigorante) thinking they know (eat hole) human, understanding and perceiving their language and only their writing, calling it the whole I divines. Diving. Wine.

Trying to retransor, sore, sort, choir, chohort, aort, soar,
Cho, = hot,              show, how,        cohort,

Just check aisha and islam we will see what is preached and by whom.

Son, nos, nostra, once noce = weeding ceremony.
Send, seed, weed.

Just check Aisha and islam we will see what is preached and by whom.
Preach, each, vendetta. Indebted.
Fourth 'wife of mohamed' just google it. O I tried to explain to you so many times i added you by mistakes, defriend me, that s it.

Story of having to read about vegetarianism to realize it is super healthy. Dozens of hundreds of professionals thesis and summary no available on internet.
I wanted to do a summary about vegetarian diet, but now with looking up on the net it is so easy that I decide to leave this to myriads of true dieticians, cooks, or all persons of certain amount of knowledge.
I am a vegan now, just cause I was thinking to cows or goats and sheep that are used years in years, over used and deformed, their breast distended (dissent) to the floor in repugnant condition (condiment) of hygiene even when they are deemed to be free…to what? To be put down when they start being a granny. Grain.
In London, of all cities, so many different foods coming from everywhere, and a lot about vegetarian thanks to some sects of the Hindus (hindus aren't all vegetarians) .
Think of them please simply. Had you had a pet or visit the country side, or simply listen to the birds that tweet and jump and somersault in the air. Free and their souls Trying to free from sufferings and the evils of impunities. For us all. Cooperation would apply on this, concretely. Us free will.
As a vegetarian I even stopped being one following old myth (distort) and fearing I did not have protein enough when my jobs became somewhat and sometimes harder physically.
The real reason, the one determinant is that it was 10 years ago and that I did not have internet access. One day, though, I went to one of the biggest public library in Europe, in paris. I was erring inside (well many days like this) and just bumped into the vegetarian shelves. I knew I could become vegetarian again without any risks as information were at hands. Working in transportation at the time, and at several occasions and in fact regularly I could see from far and all the way the cows, pigs, sheeps, fowl, oh folk, trying to take deep breath through the aperture of the trucks driving them to slaughter houses.
As I was watching them, I recognised yes, eyes, nostrils, muses, lips, mouths, and beards (wired), hip hails, ail, hairs, flesh, silky under, pelt, skin then leather. I am so ashamed, rather (rate) not to say, even to myself, as I knew since the start of my life that these are animals, that they are vest best friends, that they are us, that they cuddle, think, feel, live, laugh, cry and smile for the ones that have listened to their heart. Heart beat just the way one take breath after breath, for live to enter, even though we gonna be slaughtered by the very same that bred them. I don't know I had to say to myself, caroline you have to become vegetarian back, I don't know how dozens, hundreds, thousands times, since repeated and sever, sieve, siezed or served,  in my mind or conscience rather, looking att these animals that you can attribute with comprehension enough to know, or sense of course more, the fact that they are driven (to, certain, ascertain, certitude, attitude of not in-human HAM) to their meat, death without human braver to defy the holocaust of all ages, and animal like human expires. And what about what one would say, crate, treat trait, ingloriously ignominiously like that, back to their creator?
 To stop when you have read the 10th good book on vegetarianism. And swer to everything you got- life content and awarness of that- while you got that one gaze is one more, less for one's paradise path, if one's own is not up to that, appreciate a beast same content. Con-tent. The same home the same sky. As far as the / the shelter don't dry dust or allow defloration, deforestation by sadness or inundations. Radiation, radiator.
Glad, iator. Rad like raft.
Allig ator.


Diffe rent
Id, dif, if, fid, feed, errand, errant.
Faire = do and make.

Could, cold. Should, shod, would, wolf, ought, hot, must, most
Could, can, cue, cut, cult.
Tin, e teen

Instinct, insane, in stand, stunned, stain, tend, stance,

I initially wanted to transfer by bluetooth or other network whence the debilitation through time searching for software. I ll make suer , (sweat in french) , swear, suet, suit, sure it goes and arrive to perfection by manual (usb) and verification.
Use, sure, sour .

Peron, person.

Check on internet islamic schools etc…preach pedophilia in teaching people that mohamed prophet of islam were married to a 6 year old child.
June 14, 2012

Link to free literature on Human Animal.Rights and duties, social justice, politics, well-being, spirituality, environmentalism.
Don’t hesitate and drop me a line.
Some examples.
mohammed, the islamic prophet “””married””” a child.
AISHA, the fourth ‘wife’ of 54 year old Mohammad, the islamic prophet, had been ‘married’ to (torture by) ‘the’ ‘prophet’ she was 9 year-old.
In preaching Islam, some back the live of ‘their’ spokesperson or representative, preaching worse than imaginable, but children married to adult and old men. pre—aching more than pedophilia but act of torture that ought to be punished by severe stay in prison in this world all beyond rotten and moribund. It is happening in schools, and all this starting (being official) in the U.K.
Please check on the net by typing anything like ‘age of aisha, mohammed, islam’ and you will see that pedophilic enforced torture way of life is a grande classic of muslim literature.
Just check Aisha and islam we will see what is preached and by whom.
Fourth 'wife of mohamed' just google it.
 i tried to explain to you so many times for whom who persist saying that they don't know about that although they are muslims, threatening people by labeling libeling them as racist when such alarms have been raised. All arms.

people by labelling libelling them as racist, or any justification that are pseudo, utilised not when it might be true, but just to dig and inter others (to stipulate that, or hint at others' tend to discrimination in order to stop being a fair person) when such alarms have been raised, or simple debates.

The same people bullying children of homo, or children out with their homosexuality, and people who are against homos. Hate. Retaliation. Fight back.

These people discreetly or not discriminating their children sexuality, controlling it by means or end of money, and social benefit, making the social fabric more and more corrupted a heap of prostituees.
Paedophiles, just like controlling, molesting and inciting for the other side of the rehearsed affiliation and love, traumatism and detestation. And then being sexual or the like. Dope.
Dupe, pod.

Demo, dome.

Presentable, present, resent, pressure, pre scent, table.

Something to do with "prie", prayer, and also price (prix, or pris(me) like prendre = taken - perhaps forcibly) phonetically.
not far from pry.
all right obviously.
Je vous en prie standing for, don't mention it, or you're welcome.

Some sort of information a little more honorable.

I hope you have pleasure teaching today and tomorrow.

dilbert job interview

Something to do with "prie", prayer, and also price (prix, like prendre = taken - perhaps forcibly) phonetically.
Not far from pry.
All right obviously.
Je vous en prie standing for, don't mention it, or you're welcome.

With you it is hard to have the last word. :) happy
I already not(ic)ed that.

That, this, hiss, hate, hat.

If one is good with eveil, evil, the result is the contrary, of good. But malevolence thriving.
Eveil in French = awakening.

Be ware of what kind of vocabulary and other setting people use on others, it is only what they have heard before, on them.

Yore yard,
the re-comfort of making love, to know that i gave it.
;p love and grace are free.
;p love free,
the love of the free, and freed.

Try, dry,
Train, drain.

The insights (insist the gut), instinct have voices or intuit, might be well some that are i dictated by our enemy.

Insight, sigh.

To feel to make you love every day, all day, but want to fail.
As this would be a temporary series of acts. Tact.
To bring you the best,
                             And all tricks in my vest.

Pain might be deared instead of dread, as they are here to remind the limit of the past gimmick.

Mock, nick, nipple

To be, and have to, inspired by the song of one's enemy whose day, one's one last could be.

Time, emit.


In 2000 years, the generations else, animals and the rest, will find out materially, concretely, what jesus might have said, in finding back traces of its life traits.
In 2 billion year, no one is worry anymore. The wore, the words, the whore, who're? That count.

Time, met, empty, et eat emit, limit.

homophobia and sadism.

Ok, but they don't count as many, it is just the fruit of an answer that i ve been not on purpose (not willing, i d like to know if you d like to date me quick, but) breaking down. and they are all study and work related. Most. So how was your diner on sunday? cold? like the flesh before the meat? (balanced and blanck verse)
vers = towards in french or around. and round and round.

vers, rev, reve = dream.

Willing, illing, healing,

O; told you it was senseless to practise that kind of hours week day and week end too. Now you miss pilates.

And last week the rumba.
Next week?
Senseless, your date.

I tell you what. You don't get dressed. You put on a big jumper , a sport suit, and I do something like a pottage. Cottage.

On both my sites there is the results of my 'insider investigation', social care, still unfinished, and university. They are still ongoing project with very little time to refine them, but if on a project i could re-work on them. 
I am a b.a third year human right mature student and a professional support worker. 
Main articles written 'institutional abuses' and 'report on occurrences, happenings, and activities at universities. And the impact of the rising fees. 


Chill. llich, llihc
Leak, lick, leash. shall, launch.

The pleasure in sex reclam aim a souteny soutenu intentiona nd attention, that would tense the whole o body if demands, when (wane) Nawe, nave) demanded for other activities or mental state towards full effectivity.

The oldest of jobs being in fact carers, teachers and killers.
The oldest job to speak about prostitution, voluntary or coerced, like corruption, and towards inequality vested interest, just to say about the old good days that there are from all age eveil. Evil.
Eveil = ware, awareness, awakening,



Yes, on Tuesday you missed it. 
Saturday is the day when you rush for a massage. So it is too short of a time to take the hint and feel any more than compassion. 
 The kitty is still not of the rspca domain though so no much to worry a bout or on to act upon. 

My instincts guiding me wrongly to make a land mark of the landscape that i should have considered more thorougyly.
Paid attention, l just like a dad, that leave yo u make your misa mit mistake for them to end, not stand. Under-lie.

My instinct that i love, just like my beloved, but is it the champ i would like me and it to be, a hero , an unmistaken thing, a god nearly.

S like a hook.

With the intention of a sound??

Just an update, I tried 2 different usb, the last one making me believe everything was file while i could not read the file.
I emptied a small but expensive usb, and now like by miracle everything is fine.
I also find the big file that once again slid, but make me seriously afraid because it slid twice and cut itself into two, meaning i really though it disappear.
and me when I ve got occurrence this size I stop searching, because if i found out it is indeed lost, i am not ready to take that on reasonably? I d face depression, when my work is implied, is ad as deep as anything. of what i know on my level- to me it is so egocentric, it is- my scale. arte, art, the human the real the relav (lave = clean in French) relative- to me.
Transfer is done. They are my unfav soap ever. on internet i spend days and weeks, understanding and the (doll, dull) double or triple amount mending, and the one to do manual check and impossible reparation, tenfolded.

Je pus,
Pus. Puruler.

Livid. Limpid.

Even the university site is mad of access, 10 days of perusing to be babble able to click onto the information, by which you are cone concerned.
No comments on the amount of time spent on finding the dissertations’ subject.
Topic.     Pot. To eat, and search, end search. No way.

At uni, the tab or link ‘find us’ is so make me giggly, at the a same stage or their site being effective, clear and time sap sparing, sparingly.
Sparrow. Spa.    Row.

It is not a book it is a picture, i knew you would not like it.
I know it is mac. Did not throw i gave you, next time i sheer shred.
You ll b here earlier?

The worst trauma of humanity is not the death of a mummy; but her being threatene d by this same humanity. Children applied to this rule of in/sanity.
Sanitary. Sanctity, sanctury.

To wait and be traumatised positively; find a fair lady. Or black, darkene d by others’ envy.
Ene, aine.


You should ask them to kill gay or married them to people, or not marry them to their love, for a live in prison calling it relit relgion religion. you could shame even a god.
Religion, region. Relica.

On the craft where one has to sieve without a sieve or transport water on the rim of a cup without spilling, the art of patience and comtemplation, balance and exortion.
The rites and rituals, the spiritual initialtion of being egal, in character and in manner, in patience and deference. As one life is guided and paced by the movement of a water line, that is for one and us, vital or soon lt lethal.
Soon enough.

And appreciation of time.

Play for prize.              Phone for text. 88990
The same I was desperate to find a software to upgrade my computer fearing to lose my data.
Instead of the free software that I had searched for hours, when I clicked on finally a link that did not run on my computer advertisement and program that I would have to pay after filling a form. I clicked on this prize lottery wanting to answer 3 questions and finally downloading my software as there were absolutely no other way round.
Click for a free software that you searched for hours and despair to acquire because you need to have on your free time some time out, you clicked and the only door now is a lottery. I thought they wanted a survey, cause it is a survey, you answer questions and after they say you ll win a prize. Yet again impossible to say no you have to say yes it is ok for the free lottery, (as you still want your software, you need it actually, or else your computer is in disrepair.
I clicked on the link thinking that the survey and the lottery were finished and that i could have finally a link to the software, but ney. So i clicked and clicked and clicked, and received text messages suddenly, informing me that i ll have to pay 6 pound a day to entering the competition etc, i received 5 of them, the clicks i made that i thought did not work as nothing appeared on the webpage.
I just have to reply them to stop in order to stop them wanting me to pay them daily for a lottery i never asked or agree to.
I replied praying fervidly that i did stop and that i won’t even be charged one day (five times as i was clicking frenetically trying to go out of this ad that i thought was only fantasy and waste time not pure high way robbery)
Consequences? End of month my phone bills asking me to pay for the texts i send asking them to stop something i never agree to start, and even pay the texts they send me saying to me for the free lottery you could not not avoid (nor see the real content of it) the prize is heavy. I assure you they anounce me i have to pay something while they intrude in something i was searching, block me the route, you are oblige to click to get rid of it and go on with your search, and manage i don’t know how to make me paid for their texts with the risks of me having to pay a fee daily.
so yes they stopped harassing me, I did ot pay to them directly but I had to pay them to send me text announcing to me I had been conned. or that I was to be if not clicking again. sweet thing I could use my phone, what if I was out of credit. do they have access to my bank account the same.
To be over it. Not the Net police are on it, honey, and what if it was the little scam that prepare us for the big, and bigger, and grosser scenery. Set up.
Software searching.
Try to alert the police who gave me a 10 minutes file to fill up, unless i wanted to pay for the phone maybe. After the 10 minutes an error on their sites, id on’t know what i did wrong, it have no patience or else to retry the procedure. Thank you the police.

To whom can one report that report to the police is an odyssey.
Note: metropolitan police does not provide you with proof of your request = no proof of you having raised a offence, in case they don’t look after it?? Or in case they give you wrong information that would bring you in verge of illegality, or in case they give you wrong information that make you sweat 100 times more that the others do (in case of commercial authorisation, etc), they don’ t like the peddler too much in particular, if wrong info given, arrestable in no time for the offence of following restrictions unknown by them and too lazy to check it right anyway.

Metropolitan Police logo

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Fraud Alert

Reporting Fraud

In an emergency you should phone 999. You should use the 999 service to contact police when you need an immediate response - if a crime is happening now or if anyone is in immediate danger. The national local police number is now 101.

If you have been a victim of fraud please follow the guidelines below. If you wish to report other types of crime, please see the MPS Reporting Crime page.
The police are not the only agency with power to investigate fraud related offences; it is often difficult to determine what has happened and who to make reports to.
Action Fraud, is the UK's national fraud and internet crime reporting centre. It was set up by the National Fraud Authority to take reports of fraud from victims as well as provide support and advice. They issue a ‘crime reference number’ which should be quoted in the same way as one issued by police.
Reports received by Action Fraud are fed into the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB), the central facility overseen by City of London Police to coordinate fraud investigation.
The NFIB analyses information from Action Fraud and other sources to create intelligence packages of trends and linked cases to be sent to the appropriate police or other law enforcement organisations for investigations which may involve enquiries throughout the UK and overseas.
Reporting Fraud Related offences
The advice sections within the Fraud Alert web pages above may help to understand what has happened to you and be of use before making a report. Further advice is available from Action Fraud.
Special arrangements apply to the fraudulent use of credit cards, bank debit cards, cheques and bank accounts. See item 2 below. See below also for information about trading standards, consumer issues, on-line and vehicle related fraud.
Fraud and Scams
If you are a victim of fraud, often also referred to as ‘scams’, you should make a report.
Action Fraud is available to report fraud and attempted fraud offences on line or by phone.
Local police should take a formal report of fraud in the following circumstances:
· Where the person suspected of committing the crime can be easily identified and apprehended.
· Where the person reporting or the victim is vulnerable.
· Where the crime is in progress.

Victims of fraud often believe that they know the person who has defrauded them because of what they have been told by mail, phone or over the internet.
· Fraudsters use technology to hide their true whereabouts and identity.
· All information that they have provided about themselves may be false.
· Action Fraud will accept reports from overseas where money has been lost and there is a clear link to the UK. A report to your local police in your country should also be made.

See the right side of this page for Metropolitan Police Stations or for the contact points for all UK Police organisations.
Vulnerable Victims and Third Party Reports.
A vulnerable victim may not be able to make a crime report or may lack the capacity to understand their situation as a victim of crime.
A third party may make a report for or on behalf of a vulnerable person who is unable to make a report or lacks capacity, where this is in their best interest.

Credit Cards, Bank Debit Cards, Cheques and Bank Accounts
If your credit card, bank debit card, cheques or bank details have been used by fraudsters, your bank or other financial Institution must be informed, they make a report to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB).
A report should be made to Action Fraud in addition to a report that your bank or other financial institution may make, in the following circumstances:
· The card/account involved is not a UK bank or financial institution.
· Your bank or financial institution will not reimburse you or they have asked you to make a report.
· You have information which may identify the perpetrator of the fraud, (including merchant chargebacks).
If a fraudulent account has been set up in your name and you don’t have a relationship with that bank or card company, a report must be made by you.

If you have lost or had stolen any of the above items, a separate report must be made to Police.
Trading Standards and Consumer issues
If you have a dispute or complaint about something that you have bought in a shop, by mail order or via the internet, or want some consumer advice, contact the Citizens Advice consumer service on 08454 040506 (textphone users should dial 18001 then the full number) or email using the web form
For additional information and online advice, please see the Citizens Advice consumer service website
The Citizens Advice consumer service handles initial complaints on behalf of Trading Standards.
eMails, on-Line and Web Sites
If you have been the victim of a fraud by answering an advert on line, this should be reported as above. It must also be reported to the web site concerned, unless you believe that the whole site may be fraudulent. If you believe that an advert that you have seen is suspicious, report your suspicions to the web site. Many sites allow you to do this as part of the advert.
If you have received a ‘phishing’ email, text, letter or scam communication by any other method and have not lost money or clicked on any website links contained in the message, you can report this online to Action Fraud at Report Attempted Scams or Viruses. This tool will identify the most appropriate email address to forward phishing emails to for disruption, investigation and/or prevention activity
Do not reply to the email or contact the senders in any way, do not click any links in the emails.

Reports by companies.
Organisations of all sizes may make a report to Action Fraud. This covers most fraud related offences and circumstances, however some specialised reports, for example mortgage fraud, which have special arrangements are not reportable direct to Action Fraud at present.


Fraud Alert

§  Home

Had to complain to police other site, (Das ist) i filled a file showing me they reported any kind of crime on earth they could possibly make me select and beforehand read about it, but mine, but that after the ordeal a website error prevent me to complete my report.
Fw: impossible fil your file, say i use more than 1500 words; it is untrue.
To: ""
you are not the police?
am still happy you got my mail.

I don’t want to complain i just don’t want, last time i have been conned by my landlord or even my bank pretending an error of reading, not finding the proof of my writing to them obviously, they would not have to be searched or if not they would erase it. After having been conned by my landlord, i ask the police nothing they can do about it, not even keep a record of having been conned, like if it was daunting to keep a file nowaday. Meaning one can keep deposit, and rent, why not ransack your room, not ransack your room this they would have taken the complain, but i could not invent it, being robbed or several months of rent being enough, with an emergency moving being more than enough for wishing to lose any trace of identity.
The landlords that stay correct in this land of insanity- mind between the price of a room and of transportation that cut the working class for decent living possibilities, write this will become a complete useless, they will become our daily daftly lay.
Draft. - Similar
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10 Nov 2012 – A catch-all for bringing internet scams to the attention of the FBI and FTC ... Do you want to report a fraud, scam or crime to the FBI (the Federal ...
2.    [PDF]
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5 Aug 2012 – If you use the internet, you're at risk from internet fraud. ... If you have a problem with a rogue trader, report them to the Citizens Advice ...

R SS (have) pa?

We are.
Are are em.
Aram harem.

Mal = evil in french or bad.

Revile, reveal, veil.

. Like the other witch that look amaze at what you do today, when she knows you do it everyday.

Pay for begin, being benign, on top of the search list:
it is also why there is situations where a blog have 300 hundreds hits for not being nothing extraordinary and the other one, not any worse, why not better, but receiving zero visits or approaching.


Hi, it is at the middle of the bottom however the bottom begins higher as other lists there are long, or very long.

The pass over, and hand over of knowledge not simple but so simply vital and damn fundamental such as the know, knot, hot, ought and how to tied or wrapped oneself and other with warm. Warmth.
And ethnies or families or individuals or civilisation communication.
And the love of my life that is at the end of thi s earth or is there her prince of her desire or her medication. The world is logic and if one ceases to fight injustice the one person they love would suffer from alienation.

Fill, llif, leave, leaflet.

to help comprehension.
Come,     pre       hence.
mac. It is mc!
you culd almost read it as mac, it's me!
. It is mc!
    it's me!
  Plus mac means something in French argotic.
the eues eyes reflects the duality. One eye for the pause, one for the move, one on the first or past thought, and the instint or instant the other on wa what had followed. On our hip hope and sadness of faking for it to last for the cliche.


People backing religions for what they had of a devil implication.
Exhortation, extortion, torture. And disfiguration of the figures and augured.

See set, for the vultures, or the ones that would like to be that, as the jealousy eats them in half.
And the sounds going out of their o mouth ordure, just the ones of the bete that are swallowing them before the swallow will the spring attain when they ‘’ ll rot a la semaine. Semelle.


It is important in the sense of vital , physically, morally as well as spiritually, not to vilify as there is the relativity, and in each act the bottom of it.
What separates us from evil. And help to the divine s as well as from the divinity.

Emotions are asked as a way of inter-subjective communication, but not at all only. It is asked as a way of inter-subjective communication designed for the person demanding it.
It is a intention seeking but not only; it is a intention seeking painted iwth ego centricity and whimsy according to the right one has to ask or more the right one has to ask it within the relation = for intimate only.

On this question.
Am just jolin,violin, joking, jae jaol, you are right I tend to lack of serious and focus. It’ s childish

Javeline. Nil evaj, age.

I knew December had to be through, thought, tough. though,
 my wonderful economy. "Plus most of the others"

so you don't like, no; don't you like pets or animals??!

Eyes that permit a photos, a lens.
Exchange of air, light and darkness. Co2 maybe.
C, 02
Ex, ange, change. Can, can’t. mag, mange.


 Mind it is wise for me, let's say reasonable for me to ask you not to answer; it avoids me disappointment. So do not answer. Thanks egalement.

Ok sorry I am not upset, thank you for your understanding. I ll give it to a charity.
I ll give you a feedback, which will be great, well if you want. You ought to you rectify the title of your product as well?
I like the attitude, I really like this. am not being conned.

To learn the language as far as understanding sobriquet.
So briquet (lighter, or brick ish)
Brit, bristle.                                           Brat, rot.

File, fille.

Area arianne,

Pics definitely good, make you want to breathe the air, loaded and enlightened.
After your conference you gonna train your team? It sounds like a nice job description.
It is super for the brain that kind of duplication and pluralism in activities. At least i think.
Well it brings me towards it a wonderful season to have walks around?

ok, I ll try to bring that together. it 's tough, rather.
scatter. Hater. Hatter.
And the concrete buildings of intellectuality.

By, bye, buy the way by the way.
Way by.

I agree on western propaganda, but I would look at any kind of propaganda if I were you. wise is easy to say. you talk about pedophilia, the pedophiles are also these parents or other that preach to their children to get along with their personal sexual choices. i.e to oblige and force them to go towards an hetero relationship or to deter them to love half of the human, as they are the same sex. not by wisedom but just because it is a very hidden, not so, but I won't expect honesty here, tools to just bully children with one's owns desire. and to break them towards forced marriage and other acts or policy of prostitution.
nb: your are heterosexist and believe me from the west and all people that approve what love is you will get more than propaganda my dear.

also it is known that these all bunch of homophobic and church goers to make business blooming don't exactly need the whites to starve their own nations. you hate homosexuals because one has to hate in order to wait to be served like the dummies royal that one aspires to be. bastardise it is called that. your people is homo. you are homo but one has to fabricate story in order to wait for being serviced and praised the lord that the vicar is as pervy.


I had very bad experiences buying usb on ebay. One does not work, the other one you just send me a note to say that the seller is removed but this note is not this subject. I bought for 20 pounds 2 usb recently, they are 240 mb and are advertised as being 258 mb, so I thought they were 258 GB. 258mb are not existing anymore on the normal market, and anyhow selling them 10 pounds each is daylight robbery. I am very happy to be on ebay, but one of the thing that I found too much (dubious) is that this kind of items for which people asked 3 times (in this example 10 times their prices in hoping their will be a problem , a bad manipulation, an error or a misunderstanding) should not be left on ebay at all. could your answer my concern, I d like to be refund please.

I have wanted to report to you this object priced 10 times as much, to report them are a very long exercice.
Also i guess ebay company just have some percentage on what is traded. It would be more than an emergency to pay people to remove this stuff that are here as trap in case people have to much of a drink or too tired coming from work and slid over the article they were trying to report to you and from their basket perhaps and start buying a key for the price of a house.

People that ask you to be humble, as they want servants to retain to detain. Stain.
Vanity had reason of being too.
For who would fight for me who. And who would i become?
According to who, fight for , and the why i did not do.

Christmas is coming fast,

Gro    ups.
Bro, grow, gross.

I believe in that. The pic looks gorgeous. in fact some of what is on the jumper does not appear, the pic is darkened, not the same color, and above all you describe the jumper worth 40 pound before I paid 13 on it, but would not have paid 5 if previously seen. It looks like tired already. Poor quality fabric. Very disappointing.
Gorgeous,  georges,
Gorges, gorged, throat,  

you say it is a warm item, it is a very thin jumper.

Above all it reads 'mix cotton' this jumper is in fact 100 acrylic, I would never ever buy this item even though for 5 pounds.

Could you please check your item emergently it is acrylic not cotton.

Look no one is gonna pay for my sending and the time I already spent.
I told you you sold a jumper saying it is cotton and what arrives is acrylic.
Could you check this and I am waiting an answer from you.

I am sorry here but if I buy through a big company of textile, I expect their vendor to differentiate cotton from other fabric.
And that these same person don’t make it pay for them having failed to do it.

Do it. Dot.
Doit, doit, = devoir, and finger in french.

i bought 2 usb viking technology 64 GB one is alright the other is not even detected, i ve got 2 computers


 I know what I want for christmas. and it is not chocolate. anyhow I try to be vegan.
 Would like anyway.

O, there others.

‘The last will be the first’ as the more courageous are the ones , or the most discrimiated and persecuted, are the ones whom no ones knows and talk about.
Hell and misery on earth, for which everyone knows we will have to prostern in front of our incommensurable shame.

COUROUX, colerous in French.

It is more than gay rights, it is the right of every one person to choose and be chosen by one’s adult counterpart.
I’ ll tell you again, everyone is homosexual and to be homophobe is the most certain way to kill and abuse your very brother, sister, or anyone, intimate or alien, just like that the whole day.
it is also a way to manipulate people emotions, in particular the children or people when they ve got no options.
It (tip) is the consensual of the pervs. Vicelards.

On top since you deride everybody reality it is to build a fake for oneself, a false identity.
and vest best of the best it is to say of oneself we are true men or true women as cheaply as it might come, that is when we are nothing but bad, mean, egocentric, manipulator, and big beutifeul band of pede.

As much vain, as they try all existences and on all lives to be more and more vicious.
Li (vvvvvvvvvvvvvv) es.
The set up of prosti that would become king at the place of everybody.
The same that mistreat their child openly or covertly and that blackmail them with the money, the same that they oblige them to earn by vile means, or by disempowering them by having forbidden what they would have suit.
Forvad, forbad, for bad.
The parents who are at the origins of their child or other subalterns terrors and errors and under-qualification or failure as they are directed or stunted.

Manoeuvre, manoeuvre.
Man nevrose.

Maybe it is in realizing what brings you from you are an infant to be so biased, short sighted, and of course have suffered all your life from that that the truth hurts, lol.
Be-tray for the tears of innocent.

Look no one is gonna pay for my sending and the time I already spent.

All pics something, of a dally and nature expressing our vain and vanity. Our souls in everything, so what in this society of waste and waste plenty. Any waste and neglect a sin to our living and vision of it.

Cycle of life and its balance upset by consummation and disrespect of material and its souls; puanteur, pubondery. bond, abound. punter.
Consolation in the desolation that will their death and sufferings inflict on and  own own on ownership, disown, dishonoring.

ON CLOT AND GLOBAL POISONING, POSITIONING. Like holocaust, or crimes that can go on and on until it is not enough eunuch to deny.
The saddest of the story: it is how our system of abjudication go. Judges not leading inquiries but just taking the proof they want to fail the conned of the pat party of severing, putrifying economy. Juste bon. Tout just bon, a mirroring prostitution of an intelligence of connery.
Knock eerie.

Pretty certain they are not scientific, or of no honesty, intelligence at zero, or would human activities be pushed by higher order or foreign i.d pushing us all to this state of parasitism and insat, unsatisfied insanity.
And brain and soul and conscience under the line of survival poverty. Amenuir.
Amen, nuir.
Nuir, nuit.

I think I had done. but thank you for reminding it. thank you sincerely.
I like beth, it is like berth and the generosity and the solidity of a female.
Ms mammal.

Gird, bird.
Compact, compas. Complice, lace. Lass. Complaisant.
Though tough as a bnank, a bench and thick as its stone. Cold as it entirety.


Yet, yes, ye I feel the need for reformulation.
Did you notice the break in the flow?

Dell, e’ een eden e d elle.

Coluche, coqueluche.

With us wages no money to go by transportation and take on multicultural or plur i disciplinary ....activities. So we stay within communities, that are so devastated and running around d themselves that the plan is how to destroy the community neighbourg that is next. Who is next?

The salaries of working class without children or not in stable couple could pay a bedroom withing an house only.
Community and promiscuity.
No escape, escapism and race to ward, yard of racism.

W own ership and territory.

Communauties, aught,
Naught, haught,
Mute, annual.

Greed, grid, and net.

Ten. Teen.

Made of wool, made of wood. but emotion is also in the vegetable, vegetal in fact and fruit, world.
World, the horla.

It is more than 3 years I allowed adds be posted on my blog.
I earn 0 pence.
Is that normal?

Your. Ruoy. Roe.

Your, rue, oy.

Browse, bros, brow.
Highbrow high way.
Since the forest is not here any longer to make sing the wind and wing that one thousand s a second way.

Second, firt of time flirt wit-h eternity.

Microsoft interpele mispell, appeler, me on the mistake I made and error I do over, of the word I wrote in thinking of others, hybridation of my thinking and atu automatic display. Art as a review view of freudian slip, or spontaneity.
Snap shots from which an author might assess and recess 
Review, revive.
View,     what we’ve have .

Vegan and it good for true spirituality.
Vegan and it is true spirituality.

The horla hurla.
Bri;a/ brula. Brilla.

Grammar,  ram           mar.

You,   e, u.

Thank you for your being here. I really enjoy it. Sorry for the comments, but I need to talk and it is sometimes the most intelligent things to say I’d find in my own gallery.

I think that we all are coming from any part of the world, human beigns and their forbearers being animated.
And in case of not, the suffering of a people or a person, as well as its happiness search, when happiness rhythm with you deserve (de-serve, reserve) it, that is not the a parasite type one, well art is there to convey it. Universal (cell), are art as religion, art when spiritual. Whatever an actor, a song, s aw a sound, a drawing or whatever senses may convey.
Universal gypsies.

Rime, rhythm.

Forbearers, forebearers
Fore, foe. Fort.

Malade, dalam.    Dedal, ame.
Malade, edalam, eda l ame. Aida.

The chosen not oneself but the work one il is looking after. Elaborate. Labor.

I’ ve had a great time with your humus, less fat than the one I had. better.
Did you put pepper?

I find a relation between poise and pose poisonous.
Written as.

Between, wane, wean, wee, and bet win.

Psychic fore and force as a story that unfold but unknown from others and experienced or lived by the one with charisma or sudden torpor and magic at the end deployed.
Revealing. Reveil. = awae kening in french.
Veal, baby, veil, veille = yesterday or

nf. eve, vigil; watchfulness, waking

v. stay up, cherish, wake, sit, watch, look after

To phantasm and make one experience and another remembrance, love and the what and why one pursue with desire.
Si heure.
Siet heure.
And with the danger of ending love with any intensity and perseverance and absolu and deference for how long as far one find s
Find, fini, finir = end.

Pursue, pour sue.

Communication counts as here i express and i go on and on, but problem solves meaning not result, at negag negative anchor.

N, egg, ative. Hastive.

Strata, star. Strategy.
Strait, stare, state.

Lards, just like fat and fake cats.

Yahoo erase your comments if badly rated (thump down instead of thumps up). It is fashism an d lack of degree and diversity. Tyranny.

Integral, gral = grail in french.
Grail, grill, gris al.
Gris = grey.
Grins = grain.

As paranoiac as egocentric.

It is a bit grave this subject. On hiding one’s ridiculous political preferences by dealing with humorous or lightened tone.

Life is as paranormal as receiving a text from a friend, not read it as you are busy.
You come upstart upstairs and in your mirror stare as you feel in yourself something is moving, your face expresses what you need a few minutes to observe, and think today my mouth looks, not props no prosperous, like if i had lost my teeth off my jaw, jigsaw.
You come back, so downstairs, and there, or here, lie you phone, more intelligent and android that your chhief, chiant, of chiefery, cheufferie.
Chauffeur, chauffer. Leader, warm up of desire. Di zion, higher.

Art and sq. sequential, to narrag narrate a story thinking of how chronologically one can disturb) the thread of the events, to link s elements differently.
In prolongation of one chains of v events or related different and apparantly disconnected stories.
In store, relate, vents.
Nev, novel, nouvelles = new or news in french.
Nave. Navel,
Vessel, watercraft - a craft designed for water transportation

As in mythology or related , far or near, religion, the miracle or the beyong believe happening as people an d ideas converge. Gather and reassemble, ressemble. Distract, abstract.
Sequential consequence.
Sack tense. Sect hence.

K ₵cccccccccc
Ω℮ﻺﻺﻺﻺﻼﻼ  kkkkkkkkkkkkk

≥            ≤                   ccccccccccccccccccccccccc
            jjjjjjjjjjjjjj                           bbbbbbbbbbbbb                  wwwwwww             vvvvvvvvvvvvvv      llllllllllllll    ¥¦§¶µ³²²²²²²²³³³³¹¹¹¹¹ºººººƏƐƐƉƉƇƇŽŽ̡̡̡̬̬̬̬̬̬̜̜̜̞̞̒̒̒̚̚̚͏               aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa          8888888888888888          ub       sssssssssssssss                   uuuuuuuuuuu

Epileptic, epil, horripiler.

when you type ‘Merlin’ on google first link, by first i mean the first, secon, thrird, fourth, fifth on, refering to the personage, is about the bbc soap.
Disgrace that. The internet not
In fact you ve got to scroll hundreds of places, taking the Merlin name, but paying internet to appear first, without any traces of the ensorceler (art her. Rien.

Rein, rien, rain, reine.

Differences, Different, set, nere, nero. Fid, feed.

buy busy.
Buse = lating for bird of prey.

Poison, poise.

I think that he does not have to change (clang) of sex to aspire in whatever conventionally and therefore falsy not naturally, the other sex aspires to. the boy may act like a girl, or wish marry another boy... it is just normal this.

I feel sick. The cake of your colleague was really super good, but we should have microwaved it probably, unrecognised bug possibly.
Since morning, I don't feel seeing anyone till the fore coming week(s) (but you, the unsaid, unseen billet).

I really hope you won't get upset one day, because you did allow me to speak in the open, and that over this one could easily get bored with someone they have to redefine their interactions with.
All of that, coming because I really enjoy your company anyway.
And I am young- in my p approach- and completely compellely imbecile and stubborn so I need lessons that people are ready to make it me saw swallow the gentle and loving way. To avoid hanging in case of thougher options.

Am back wasting my time, hope and energy on dating site, it's great.

I hate dating as it takes away times I need for myself, but when I am not it is because I’ ve lost the very life test, or taste, or that I am losing my soul being in, some other body that I am miserable or undesirable at the hour of revelation, would in fact think.

If you want I answer your questions, we will need to meet.
Other religions, means spiritual in sense that I believe, belly eve, I admit I believe. in what, to me to find or to work myself to be found.
Am French I am pleased to meet anybody coming from single everywhere. I know Muslim culture quite well, I had a lot of mates and acquaintances, colleagues, neighbours that were muslims.
Are you muslim? Are you coming from middle east countries?
No you sound English born, but your "family roots"?

I like your message, It does sounds positive in a proactive way.

I like writing, and highbrow stuff so I guess we could have a self-deemed worthy conversation.


No I believe in what I can see, but I know there is very little I know about the reality of what I see, I know that what I see can be misleading truly, and that I can see or understand so little even if I try to see it all every second. To see it all I mean to see more.

I cannot believe you just say that my blog is well written!
I like playing with words, and I like to change order, rank and melody, so in general people find it well too messy.

You are solicitor, what part of the law do you defend?

Yes, human rights are everywhere. It is extremely complex and even more than that when it comes to a profession. You don't need to work within the field to defend them. I mean we are also totally depending on law. More and more difficult to get near to human rights profession, they are scraped. Legitimacy, transparency, justice, fairness, equity and thousands of other concept that discredit the work on going. now you told me, you resemble a mate I had, she was half indian too.  your hairstyle and smile. what do you enjoy doing when you ve got free time?

Maze, mist.

What do u do in ur free time? you don't say.

In, ni – hil


Ni, = deny, nit = nest = n’est = not being.

The thing is that I can't say I am typically girly at all. I love feminity, I love feminity more than anything but one cannot say that I could be defined as being predominantly feminine.

You know you are open on the subject, I don't mind seeing you even though you are not in your best humour. Down periods might regular in life, it is not a reason to stop living.

To say more I feel like being a little with somebody who could do with a calm and open discussion, to care a little bit.

Shw shadow,
         Wodah, wodu, vodoo.
Oddd ovation.

Ovation, ovulation.

Well, wall.

Redistribution, but, but = aim in French.

Triumph, tribute. Umpire .
Pyre,    umpteen_1
Uptime, ultime.

Try, tribe.
Tribune, tribunal, plebe and


/plɛbz/ Show Spelled [plebz] Show IPA
noun, ( used with a plural verb  )
(in ancient Rome) the common people, as contrasted with the patricians and later with the senatorial nobility or the equestrian order.                                      C: Transportation and communication, as well as agricultural means.
Peddles, and patrick

“Never judge a book by its cover and get on with most people unless your nuts”
Anon, but handy.

Corpo, cor! Po.
Op roc.
Po’r oak.

Glow ball

Young, yoke
Yak, you. Ung, ing.

You, young.
Old, oll, all.

Wake, se s weak,
Peak, pake, pack,
Kape, cap,

The females if less muscularly strong would exterminate clean and methodicallicay. Clay. Scientifically. In order, tidy.
With much more pri precision and organisation.
With pragmatism and above all with revenge whose one knows its justification.
When under threat due to its being gendery.

gay lady might be shy (more than once bitten) and hetero won't commit.

well phone and maybe meet somewhere in London. I don't really like to phone it is just to verify it is not a trick, your face book is a long file. am far from central London so appreciate if people really turn up, with something nice and genuine in mind.


Chapel, castel, castle chateau.
Shap, shape cast.


I d like to be able to make friend with people I don't know otherwise.
Without a (naïve) having to pay to advertise.
(naïve) and native. Neurose. Of the affect, nothing is happening but my familial morose.

Well yes, you check your item find how gross this error is. And as a token of sincere apologise reimburse me entirely, it took me every effort to signal you this. and I am wondering if you will alternate your description that is misleading and therefore render your item faulty. To thank me for my own time, additionally.

Self-respect is utmostly important as in moment of (di)solute solitude or abandonment, one still, can answer this question. Why help? And knows of (their own life) for too sure that it is only human to prevent someone from exploitation, like themselves know you can easily been put down. It is the instincet of self) preservation. Where you’ve got to work through this standard of moral, as if you don’t, it is the horrors that would have one, more and more total, more and more normal.
Condamnation. And last judgment.
The judgment that will-last.

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To destroy one’s children ‘to prove one has been ‘dominator’’

To be more hypocrits that this one, you ‘d have to go far. Lad, ladder, laideur.

thank you ebay.

From: ""
To: baranger baranger
Sent: Thursday, 27 December 2012, 12:37
Subject: Refund in your eBay dispute case

You got a refund
27 Dec 2012 12:36:56 GMT

Dear baranger baranger,
. eBay will then consider the dispute closed. If you have any questions, please go to the eBay Resolution Centre.
Refund details
eBay item number
Refund amount
8.99 GBP


Le procureur de la République de Limoges face à la rédaction (vidéo)

Lu 917 fois
Michel Garrandaux, le procureur de Limoges a répondu à nos questions. Au menu : délinquance en Haute-Vienne et réformes de la justice.
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by Tessa Shepperson - in 132 Google+ circles
Find out what scammers and fraudsters and doing and protect yourself!
2.    [PDF]
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There are many different types of
landlord fraud. Not all will involve collusion with a tenant. Some may not necessarily benefit the landlord financially, particularly ...
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Renters are becoming victims of home rental frauds and scams at an alarming rate. Educate yourself, and protect your family with a landlord verification report.

On clint eastwood, supporting romeney romney komeiney (canditate american presidential 2012.
i think I will that I stop watching his film, like sharzi, Schwarzenegger (war, zen, n neeger). , or sarkosy, as they are anti - gay. I can see from here Arnold say to his community, don't drink, don't take a gun and do not be gay. lecturing young boy especially.

Not that i like obama family and its discourse fog the deg e defeatist imperialist for a nb.

yet again a male to represent the whole story. but still bravo, brava!!!
UN Radio Daily News Programme
UN Radio Daily News Programme
Updated at 1800 GMT, Monday to Friday
UN hosts LGBT special event
UN hosts LGBT special event
bravo, brava
avar, ovar.
Avar = miser in french,

Oooooooooooooooooooooo vary.

Paw, pawn.
Paw own.

ok basically I blog and when I write comment I d like to people to know where it comes from. so I d like it to be
for people to check if they want.

but I guess that, and I don't find this fair on people who participate, on an internet site, not to be able to let themselves known, not publicity but just to say what is your internet activity, blog, email.

Alert, tres.

le cycle
Le cirque

It is you not natural. And I rally used to like sharzy, but what about all this muscles employed to hypocrisy.
"Why can't he be anti gay it is not natural" it's just sound lie like a tea violin villain pussy. as for it sounds that if one were counting on what is left of purity in you. you could well start to worry apparently.

Wear, war.

??check on internet — islamic schools etc…preach pedophilia in teaching people that mohamed prophet of islam were married at a 6 year old child. And thank go god good ones does not give to its bonanza or prey to worship worst form of sexual slavery.
to worship worst form of sexual slavery in all not piety, obviously, but quity.
In a quite quiet way. Just violating every second of equity and goodness and godness that life would have bestowed with sanity. Ytinas. Eating ass.
Sa   mi   nity.             (least, peast, pest, nest, nitty)
Sanity, mass, sam.


The boat of our thoughts, some constituants, constituents of our psyche.

T (ti) or. Thor.
Toir, thoiry, (famous french zoo)

British academics don’t stop emphasing discourse and discourse analysis, mocking again and again the simple statement of informative paragraphs, because they don’t have any information, they play being independent and critical but are all completely tied outer, inner, by organisations of all denominations, to find out, investigate and name the source of concerns.
Wobbly mister midget- the size of england the great region.

Bit ter, taste to the third degree.

“Intelligent, but I have no common sense”

Claim, clef = key in french , clay.
Handle. Cliff, life, hanger CCCCCCCCCCCCCcc    nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn        uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Effect, coffee, eeffoc. Cafe, efac, efface.

Yes, but it is the tragedy of my whole life. Not being particularly bright and sometimes particularly the opposite, studying takes all my energy, (a lot- series of relaxation in order to be able to resume at some point)
Reading and stuff take all my energy but with it my ferity. fierte = pride in French.
Proneness. Prime. Throne.


coming from feral.
I too much, and after over and over, replicated the same schema, to fell in love with someone, usually someone who looked at me a mini, and like me perhaps a fair deal, but who would not re-true, return my feelings. Problems are that feelings are felling and they last as we endure.
I will have to return and try to date someone, certainly with more results when i really feel like being with a random person, as you partially appears as more sound when your heart is not to the person in question, needy.
The tiny but grosser and grosser of any star, start, state derision of love unreturned, unshared, mutating, or mute, its mutineers is that big ego i guess i love her (err) more and more for she was the one permeating (permitting) a dream to go on and vogue about: being loved an in return to make the best of that. A someone that would like what you are and what you are, at your best, receiving her support, and getting better for that. And if, i, don’t get any better, as life is too complexes for that, and more perplex than somewhat, at least i would not have become the damned les. Less, and lesser, as aspiration of giving warmth and a nest is looming now; as the what can have; while another would pry andes endlessly prey on ya. prey on you.
It is for and it is thanks, or due, to my ‘study’ that i was waiting. Waiting for as deep as long as without limits and bound with. Bounded with.
One sure they cannot alter their point of view? Or would it be possible to have a suit, as in french it means follow as fellow. Fell low.

Birth, berth, bred, brew, brave, brief, breath.

i ve just discovered something very important about me; that i use to laugh when i am afraid that things become too grave, when i am dead serious, this i knew it. But that is in fact extremely handicapping because i will never convey my true question, reactions and therefore obtain the genuine thought of people, even from whom like to say the truth. Immature is what i have been. Mind it is not like the fact that i am tremendously cowed, cower, coweird, bi, bipolar, big and pig headed,  cowards is not fresh discovery.
. Immature is what i would say.

A follower in english is a term used in the past to mean a male
admirer, so the same as suitor,
A suite can be a number of followers.

No change in my position.

you would tell me if your position could change, as I thought it might have, even so slightly? or the nature of the debate. Or the way you look at it.

Ok, but in my case the word are contrary too. as I won't lauch myself in revealing my romantic quest and failed repeated conquest, once and one more time, while I suppose that the other is waiting for the finish eagerly (hear, girly), even though I am so lucky that the one putting up with me is dotting (doubt) me,
I would have like to meet one, and stay with one only, you see. BE, ebb.
As she is patience. Incarnated.

If u start underlining my approximation, there won't be any space for me retaliation. Tally.

I am sorry about your resident.
Die, dying on this day as always something symptomatic or good chance it has. When working with older people, death takes another meaning certainly? And also the day one will die that would have a significance for them knowledge only. Do not have to be Sundays or Christmas to be linked to one’s life, like crazy.

Cry.     Az, has.                  Haze, easy. Assit = to be sitting. Ass sit.
Race, raze, craze,               raze = come close or shave, or pull something down to the ground.

I don't feel like not nothing, but, I d like this, and I ll have to run after something else. it is like betrayal. it is also the proof, constant, of my weakness. not being able to obtain, not being able to rest, or to love without obsess. hobby session. lies. liese = joy, extreme ease, bliss in french.
And as far distant bliss and communion, regularity and stability, long run and therm in one's union, than one can fulfil. On and on and once.


In these democracies, where the money one’s got to pay for further qualifications are not fees but fines.