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Paedophiliac institutions.

Paedophiliac institutions.

This text is no academic per se, it is cross disciplinary, as described by amnesty pages I did not feel compel there to play the human rights or social sciences student with pre-established to be followed or at least tracked study.

Last December at university I had the opportunity to research ‘sexual exploitation’ and ‘child bride’.

I personally thought I knew Islam quite well, not through having studied it but because a large number of my relations, at work or at play, come from an Islamic background. My friends though are not self described as ‘very religious’, that I admit.
And then, Islam, islamophobia are important topic, growing power in Europe maybe, at least a score of republics.

Mohammed, the prophet, in Islam, married ‘his fourth wife, whilst she was 6 year old and took her virginity, disgusting bastards (speaking like that is for paedophiles satisfied with their story), she was 9. Him, a mid-fifty year old character.
It is now months I have been contemplating this horror.

[but I don’t think this will publish, it would not suit the paedophiles and sex pests of all kinds communities.]

That. For me, as civilisations, have managed to gather and protect a little bit of human wisdom, knowledge, security, preservation of its species, by protection of its members, all its members, and its babies, all of them and its baby; the cultivation of humanity. A glimpse at progression, a umbrella against insanity, and wall against torture and all going perversity. It is that, the protection of its children, all its children. From paedophilia first and foremost. The decadence of all cities, the whole city, the violence of most calculating depravity.

But now.

What were the secondary shocks, the side-effects or corollary? There it is: how come I did not know.
How come I had to research a very particular and sharp topic, fruits of hours of erring on the net, to bump into it. How come it does not make the headlines, just like the need to prioritize the end of torture, and slavery; both ultimate emergency and rare consensus, sole shared universally, globally recognised (Jus Cogens) as far as international law goes unanimously invited.

It is taking place in the U.K, also it is out of question that this would become the targeting, the bullying of the Muslim population for finding out of this situation a better or a third way.
Because how come one did not know? How come that when this is disclosed; the main response to my gaping late, too late conscience, the not perhaps main -but perhaps-, response I gather from telling and asking other person-in-the street or students was quotations of and from “freedom of religion or pretence of sweet fatalism, what is to do with me?- (that little girls get raped and more by their elderly husband daily?) Or the wild world rule just like it”.  Shock in disgust, blame with consternation, cut by discreet smiles or sighs that are used to it.
Anything to re-elect the Nazis.
We never know, this kind of wars very quick arriving, like unheard of, have proved to be. In all bar none country.

The next university term, it was ‘sexual exploitation’ that had to be documented.
The professor in criminal study gave us to read, the “Poppy Project”, “Splintered Lives” amongst, the latter co-written by professor Liz Kelly. They thus documented how international sex-tourism could host rings from the U.K, or how social workers, even police between offices, department or regions, Interpol even, have not been willing to exchange information with civilians or with other polices- information and professional attitudes, training and determination absolutely necessary at the cessation of the progression of paedophiliac rings or households.
While children in ‘institution’ are special and effectively target;
social workers yet again remained absolutely unchecked and unprepared. I am not taking the position of control freak policies, I am talking about gathering forces around stopping sexual exploitation and slavery.
And with all children anyhow left at the (relative, inexistent, partial, reluctant or contrary) mercy, knowledge and awareness of their family. As even if dramatic percentage of incest (one in five woman in statistic coming from France or the U.S.A- at least there are some enquiries done in these countries) attests of serious violations, harassment and sexual mental or physical sexual abuses by members of the family or close individuals and known to the family. One of the blatant proof of grave inaction taken by the state and ‘family affairs ministry’, that anyone has experimented is that the only place where you can be sure that most of the children will attend is school. While it is inner to the nature of this insufferable torture that the victims cannot defend themselves as they are primarily victims of people bringing them up in order for the former to perpetuate abuses that will go unreported as the parents, or other relation will have for main objectives or absence of defensive strategies to make the children believe there is no escape, that there is no solutions or stopping the horrors to go on: further gangrened with purpose of financial gain, sexual horrendous explanations,  submitted/condoning/matching up/conditioned to others’ or even social’s expectations, or the wider aims of having someone else to one’s service.
We all saw, not really seen, as we were children ourselves and might have been completely without a knowledge, and our parents included, of what might have going on or in the preparation (family that prepare their offspring to leave home to live out of prostitution), or children not knowing and making them prey to any kind of violations (rapes are repeatedly proven to be under-reported by extremely large margin even by grow-up, even by mature women). We all know, if we think of it, that no schools will warm, will socialise children about sexual predators and predation, and that even  if they would do us the favor to do it, a-one-hour session would come not even close to the start to being really perceived enough to give whatsoever skills, and quick identification of what is happening for a child to prevent himself to stay defenceless, to react, and flee the dungeon.

As for the numerous ones, not innumerable hopefully, that would wait for harems aram and polygamy to soar, please reason to come back in time for us to be short having to revert to a Freudian ‘Totem and Taboo’ insurgency.

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Priests since already seating on a siege of all abusive authority detained by the church, imprisoning people with lies on morality and itself not following the rightful standards that the necessary search for truth, goodness and charity have founded- and also found by the clergy, and also guarded.
Priests logically hopeful in extending the depredation of a foul authority.

Doce, duce.

i just wrote that and read your answer. thank you. i need to speak anyhow, and be challenged, in the right spirit, and if in the wrong....

I did not want anything but expose my thesis in the corridor. I mean it was not  recommendable or insane, in my view.
I am not saying that it is a conspiracy, I am saying that Hitler, to come back to democracy, has been ‘elected by the republic of Weimar’ and that if one cannot say without being countered that ‘marrying a 9 year old when one is 55’ is not paedophilia, one has to say that it is in fact more than it.

Do we have a world for the little girl sold and worse than sold by her parents, in sexual and domestic slavery? Could we go on talking about marriage and that conditions?? Without being the accomplices.
I tried words like ‘horrendous is a sweet word’, ‘beyond gross violations’, and in fact it is in saying for the thousands times, i haven’t got a word for that, to you this time, thank you for the discussion i know it was not on your tutoring time- i think i ve got one of them and it is ‘extermination’. Once, c-on, one of them to describe.
To force people, babies to live in these conditions, is just equated to their death, or life by torture- why life? To serve the predation? Can’t work- and by expansion to the species extermination.
It is why it is universal. The torture ban, to suppress others’ people liberty, by torture replaced. Not that it is respected, but no one would in that circumstances, be.
It is why this universal ban, practical interdiction on paedophilia- and that should be applied to anyone- as the torture or the exploitation of one is the marked  evil of the whole.
Do we have a word for society, or for people like us, letting its youngster violated? Just like this.
I am talking about the youngster, as there is no choice here, they are the ones in position of vulnerability. Of total vulnerability. With no choices for them to say, i ll have to be courageous, renounced to my security, renounced to my payday.
Hopefully, someone more acknowledged, physically strong, experimented, skilled, that has in his memory someone good for him and others...(and hopefully, not having been put in total state of dependence or scared and disabled so much, that the only strength left is not for the escape but for the breathing taken that will or shall lead to the next) have more possibility of asking for help or protection.
Why do you think it is telling about protection provided, if one leaves little girls bear the veil, and go to islamic school that say, follow his prophet, nearly as much as follow his god – and they are saying they are religions, if anyone would ask for proof the life of the prophet counts as underlying and riveting process-, and that this prophet (in the hadith, the very official book of mohammed life) actually locked into the auxiliary) socially?? Approved household the little girl, to be used as a pantomime. Pantomime, yes, as what also it would say about the relation of married people, not a position of equal power, not one of exchange- i think i will try to exemplify that another day-
Exemplify, comes from amplify. There is nothing that would do the trick though, what is more than this, treatments permitted by the around, and in the case of today, all around society. You know in french society count as a synonym for company.
sexually or mentally-, or he just behaves like a pimp or an incestuous father would do, or a boss looking for sex in his employee would do alternating physical proximity with threats, expecting that everything is done for him, malevolent things as well,

I don’t apologise naturally. I think that you know that it was no at all mean or ungrateful the way i express it. In fact i was not careful but a act of care for me. 
I am working days and nights at the moment, and Friday i was, not knowing it, before analysing it, exhausted really. I work with a patient with dementia, there is no much boundaries left for him –sexually, physically or mentally- he might be violent, so you know the psychological defence one gathers are in tune with the situations they have to manage. I am very happy though because at least it is not me managed by someone having all power since allowed and supported in his will for exploiting and beating up others, as in my support worker job i have the right, my boss conserved me with the right to stop being abused- to work around him not to ask for innapropriation and to obtain, not what i found in any support worker work though just to tell you.

I don’t apologyse today with my heart but with fear, that if my stance is not understood, the department could well start threatening me with my diploma because i exposed in a sentence my counter argument, no, the disclosure of additional information or observation or conclusion, in their corridor.
I talk to you like that because i trust you understood it was not disrespectuous, and also there is subject involving more than the value of our power over discursive. Well, all, as long as they are worth. Ok, let me interrupt myself, and say that if there is lame and gap in my way of explaining, this would deserve much more than explanations.

Of this discussion i d like to say that it is true that rights are invaluable and therefore don’t have ranks. There is no injustice that should be left undealt, as they would be ground for the theatralicality of a storage and a growing amount of rapt and rapes, but there is a logics and this time mathematical, logical, ethical, qualitative like quantitative, vulnerable people, the childen, and also because they are the perpetrators of tomorrow, are the emergency, as in the case of little girl married, it is because of, all her rights, every single of her rights are violated, and in case of life long violation, in fact they are killed.
 They are killed, much so, and in fact, they are killed, they are killed, everyday, with our knowing, more than knowing, with us being empowered by god, to go and fetch the proof as they are just beneath our noise, and nose, because in fat there is no proof no more, there is just us the accomplice, not the witnesses, the by slanders, the diplomatic, the consensual, but the abbetors, the first degree  of it all. Check michele, “mohammed, aisha, age”, google it, you will have thousands of writing about it. At least to prove i read it i would not have to buy millions of books for people to keep.
I read it and i know that we leave this kind of ‘religious’ education happening.
And also they are still, because hopefully, if i am a mature women and if someone starts abusing me, and if i still have a physical, geographical liberty, at one point i will be understanding that peopel are not dumb or disable, but just want to violate me, and i would go. Whaht is the case of a child brought up on the baissis on the regime o f not knowing love, liberty, education, symbioses, help, self help, well being, choice as what activity to do, not harming anyonelse – as pedophilia is the result of corruption at each level of society- there is nothing else than life as more devilish than hell, because at leas t in hell it is represented with torture by something else than your own parents or species.

I really apologise, if i would threatened my own sincerity with people believing genuinely that i want is violences and not seeking reparations for what is not outrages, as they are ignored and let like if they were nothing, but the result of this globality.
As for my last pamphlets, these people are overtly more than pedo, but we know that they are put in a atmosphere of being invaded, paied nothing for hours of working, for another states that are in their culture to waste products and resources, an alimented, animated natural. That looses their population over wars, and have to bring someone up to hope being protected.
There is pedophilia and there is infanticides, and it is the western countries and liberal democracies the direct actor of the last one.

I did not mean to be rude today. it is just there are subjects about which one cannot be passionate. when it is no more a question of choice but integrity. as generation and their indivisibility.

So it is why i said, i so much heard that my job, is a menial one, that academic have little job as well, because they don’t put themselves in charge of reforming mainstream schools just not acknowledging that children within families are by nature the possible prey; moreover by people producing them just to obtain this effect.
I am not emiling you today, as it could well be the subject of your new complaint.
And also as it would put myself in kind of un delectable habits, me i am working on fucking fairy Sundays.

complained about participation to the larger debate within the lecture room, caused me to wonder how people will allow me to think and react.
I had been noisy it is true, but one should accept to be hinted as long as they are listened to. and I don't think that at             there is much of that, or at the lecturer discretion, but this is not enough. not near to it, but nearer to dogmatism, and time allowed to lecture room and its debate cut back.
dangerous prophecy, dangerous profession.

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