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Performances are not systematic. All of us have to repair and conduct major issues in our own ways of functioning and adapting fairings: fare.
Live is intellectual, physical but what about the density. There is no performance that are relative, all are jauged by the reasoning of the minds, did I follow the crack? Did. (head-heed) That breakthrough could have been.

She is.
This for her lover, meaning the world, the possibly (like possible) visible essence of life.
The one by whom every truth in your heart, courage in the wit, blossom of the mind, deepness of the spirit, through the love, as intensity; she proved you can be, will perpetuate (tuat tur tour true-trout troup) out of your acts, towards anyone, any issues, any of enhancing qualities that one can remember having, every.
Ever, reve. Reve = in French fresh fern for dream.

I don’t fear death, I don’t scorn it, nor belittle it. I want a widow. Window.
To still love you you departed.

To wag.

 E er nity
Se re nity.
S [

Find a way of finishing you without even having to force.
Finding your crack, by any canals the move, that replays, those replete, lay one’s unfairness, discrepancy, gap, dislocation. If someone find out and infiltrate it, guided by the sole energy necessary at protection, self or for any other, disinterested, as interest in the bastardey intentions and results are crooky.
It is how you can be killed by a shout or a glance only, when the core apply and life always find the path at her whole maintenance, the whole solemnity.
Art martials.

I cannot proceed in my proving that you are at my center. How could I express that the whole of I like doing is what could be good to be dedicated.
My breath, for sole console.

I stayed loyal for years to someone who did not want this because the convergence of our eyes had triggered thunders. What is gonna happen if ours ignite storms?
Torn, horn, thorn, thora, throa.

I kept on thinking, there is only my lover I love, love above everything, because it will the rest permit.
And from this to this, it is finally a lot of people aside, waiting for our completeness, that I love in thinking of it along the way. Those should abstain to betray. Tray. Trail, trial.

Theories are the jewel of practises in preventing and alternativings.
Theories when proactivity or summary.
Summon. Mount, noon moon. Sum.

Not wanting any trials, because when one thinks of love, they think so entirely.
Now my whole feelings and expectancy based on the story leading to the one from, by, about whom every relief comes and displays; what would occur to me if I was proven that I was just a fling, one day?
Rather set the contents millimetres by millimetres, analysing all of it could ease the process of having to take my shell away.
What about if it goes? I would have spend my life taming the universal through your eyes and because of having ask you, what would you like from my destiny, finding myself with the answer of a damned dummey.

I have been writing for decades almost, for one.
This one is g-one, and another I don’t know if in reality but in my flesh replacing the what made me function.
 Look, you are the one, or you are the person I ll just be in company for a few times, but I live and everything has to be conduct with an up going intensity.

While training muscularly, enjoying the weight going further from your joint, to stretch before pulling.
To calculate these extensions, flexions, in order to stretch and rebalance the tonicity, stretch and pay yourself with a due rest, and rewarding explosivity. Explosivity in the retain, maintain, detain, as your body is content with the double-sided aims.

On democracy: a efficient, stable, fair system is so complex to begin elaborating that it is the reason why everybody, the majority disagree on the how, as we all know that without one of these three elements, work and life turn out to disaster.
The malignant stay is that the state of doubt might be maintain to beneficiate the gaps even bigger.

Residential home London:
No supervision, staff let doing whatever without tasks check or repartition. As the big management are on the papers, looking after the figures and not after the quality of care.
Effect of privatization. One chief in positon of monarchy, one and alone without being control, supervise, with the staff being left without the possibilities of surveys or enquieries.
One aims at the top, profit.
Example you d rather pay one staff 6 pounds who does not do the job but is here that you do follow criteria of inspection, that a staff 8 pounds that do the job but whatever since no one is gonna assess that: result loss of skills, efficiency, expertise, democracy,  corporative enlightment.
This state of faschism permitting on top to hunt people. For example to pressurize them about standards that if not met might be the cause of condemnation. Problems this standards are easy to manipulate, or to change what is helpful into a burden what hamper real work. Example having to write every time the same things, spending all the shift in repeted and unnecessary action without the management had to find a solution for their staff spare time on that in order to reinvest time in creative or reinforcing area.
No supervision, no surveys, no team work but only hierarchy permit people to falsifiy, fake, set up, plot, and finally rule not for the enhancement of everyone but the exploitation of the system and its money.

Other possible problems: in wanting to keep appareances, building renew when they could go older without health issues, look like 4 stars, but you loose your support worker, and have only cleaner or social worker at certain tasks without individual freedom of free speech, challenging relationship, as every thing has to be left calm, no one interacts any longer, no discussion, no issues = no consensus, no exchanges.

Something every one forgot. The rights and duties to work. People having welfare to the minimum of being hidden, as denying them the rights to participate in society building.

For me it is her, her and her.
Apart from that, that’s all.

A taste of it, which recipe.
What’s in?

The taboo about telepathy, though universal phenomenon in any individual is maintained taboo because beliefs and experiments actually shape, adapt, deepen, authentify our understanding.
Also because saying it would bring spiritual questions to the fore, and these are so essential in the way societies are building, that combat about their subjects could become catastrophe.
Finally a natural disaster could be that these questions are so central to the origins and directions of existence, that tacking them in a emergency and primordial manner could lead human beings themselves to metamorphosis through reconsideration of their patterns.


Speaking about foreign countries.
-If you are bored with the weather go and work for them.
-Work for who, they are all the same companies.
-and if you think that anyone would mind your slavery is wishful thinking honey.

I cannot at work wear my old clothes, if so I ll go sacked.
The faschism of a regime that condemn the fact that one can remember than cotton is one of the more constraining token for staff and nature exploitation and depletion.

How come we don’t share a moment? Not to talk about my rubbishes, be reassured, what is to say of any intelligence about what keep higher or astray?

Were we only spirit, that the main activity would be to create matter.
On the stopping to regret having to maintain health, and other capability.

That philosophy has to hide itself behind religion- when religion justify cruelty by ‘purity-seekened’ (Nathan widder on Nietzsche, 1998), it is the causes and consequences of religion being said to be everything and the power granted to it to suppress any details not in line with the servilely man-made unfair, unjust, self-interested hierarchy.
In a bid of community.

Bucher, d and Kelly.p. (1998) Political thinkers: from Socrates to the present.
Oxford: university press.

Why to endure daily concessions and thinking for another?
Because I ll owe you, to be happy.

You are not a beauty for me.
You are my beauty.

To be an half, one life it asks.
One life given or one life built.

To be jealous of other potential, as one does not honor theirs.
Example to be jealous of others’ occupation as one does not enjoy the power owns when he could love being and bludgeoning for one’s family.

Why to have the experience of one’s another half?
To search about the most inner secret craking.
Though the other part of one’’s life might be a person as much as a object. What and what for one can at giving and enhancing life be happy.

As for the English canonic sentences, let’s everyone remember that the philosopher or the moral describer a more and more complex frame needs.
They were mostly economists or lawyer, the tradist quak.
Skiver, skivvy way of dictact the repartition. Lin-ear.

But do no one think I am phobic, I d be misinterpretation.
‘Life is a stage’, where officially, nobody can act or do altogether profoundly.
Only snappy, only soliloquely.
In the hope that this will lead to redemption as far as one’ s revolution is not rendered disgrace by one’s own insanity or hell by others’ interests in a reality made atrocity.

Who would pay for human rights advocate?
Perhaps the one who don’t want to have to pay for a hit man.

Between having to die first as one cannot stpend one day without the other.
And the need for outdoing oneself as one has to care for the other for the better.
For the other and all that encompass, as life, the whole of it will be taken for the other half and this honour. And that this trip will have to succeed, embraces everything.

I had spend years clinging to a life that I d be doing for whom I thought to be willing to develop as the one for whom nothing is impossible nor too big.
The day one encounters the hint of a yes, they admit that they will have to perform for it to thrive and stay.
There is no more dismay, when thinking it could be this person to whom go my thoughts in totality, to ensure, safen, and purify anything that is in one’s power for certainty.

No references provided regularly to staff, that means that people can blast you after year of good services.
Also references needed for the employee whereas employer are over all assessment on how they treat their staff and enhance of execute their duties seriously.

After the entering in teen age of your nephews, there are so many children with parents working the whole day at manual tasks and that cannot help the younger with intellectual exercices.
With some of them, it is even possible to built a relationship that would bring determinant  features on their future. In case you would miss it.
Don’t trust what you see, I read and reread the stats, uk is for the poor children a factory.
Not that intellectual exercises render more intelligent or free.

Between, did it and did it well, there is an infinity.

Everything would be for her, but which is, that is, how getting to one’s soul?

The sun is splendid today.
What is meant is that it is visible.

Without you , I was sad.
With you, I am afraid.
Through you and your absence or going away, the weight of happiness I could say.
My taming, the willing of being non aggressive, and able to peace, as I can pity for sure the one without and the one with only to preserve what we know of love, lead to incessantly pray.

Nb: it sounds like worship, the teachings of God, and it in its supreme understanding, inhabit me with our encounter that build and stay.

Between, did it and did it well, there is an infinity.

Everything would be for her, but which is, that is, how getting to one’s soul?

When every day is for tomorrow.


But it is not of these things you may ever regret as when I touch him. Or watch him sleepy, or at chase, spurring or miamowing., I ll stop the idle calculus to know if giving one’s protection is a strategic succeeding success and him as being the daily sign and mind that what brough if, life. That life gift for improvement of the own trip. Whatever happen or not happen due to him being with me is only the fact that I did have an existence, something for what I d rather life than be gone, the difference. You might do good turn in life but what if your days cannot be at any time recomfort, it is like loosing one’s own matter. Maybe is there something else else where but it is love that I wish I could find it there, so here is the perfect lay.

I don’t think they have realist expectation about how long people are prepared to be conned. And you know this old techniques of insulting somebody to make themselves believe they are better. In French we call it, pull down to the base.

Anyway, had I have a girlfriend, I wished her to lodge near work, less going around, in case she d like it short, it is not always nice to have to go away from the thoroughfare.
For me no problems. I could be killed by anyone attacking her.
My only feeling like would be to exterminate afterwards, maybe could I survive without sensing anylonger after that, perhaps letting my heart speak to innocence before dying in the hope of avenge, just the hell without her given in damnation would take them to zero.
I think it would kill any desire, maybe not desire, but any intentions of humanity. For the children expected knowing how much abuse they will have to confront and deal away.
Not maybe in the meanness of it, but refuse to do anything more than rescuing at the best of it, praying for that I will be sunk in order to drown the culprit, I think I would go evil, in the sense of praying to make them paid.
To beseech, implore, to be their ripper, only to understand that I am too weak to endure the insanity, and die, die how, disloyal to the one I cannot see. See.

The concept of personality might be seen as western, because since the other countries hosted a population that were mainly at the farthest end of being exploited, what about the freedom of manoeuvre that might enable people to find out about acceptance, tolerance, endurance, when you do not have any choice than doing it or die from being the purpose of systematized elimination- like in the west but perhaps in more economically developed country one to some extent, at opposition, can find a way- not because they are economically more developed but it is somewhere else that their most bloody grip hold.

Manouche.                      = guy gypsy,              or gitan                    louche.
Malandrin                        = maline

Gypsy,                - =                 clepsydra                          psy. Jeep. Pig, pij, pij (year, n holding, grasping without conduction condescending pigeon.      Plastra.
Time and water elapsing, and fault of prune pronunciation.
Run, prone, rhone, thrown, throne.

He was here bored and confused about what could be rendered.
I just hope that I looked more humorous than comical.

So jealous I was, as he looked like if he was seeing someone. His smile for later, his throb, the effort he could make in order to shake off, his rush, I don’t know he would not tell me that.
In order.

Even if she told me of course i would think she knows better. But what if she remains uncared, my brain would have been the mirror of her mind moments after one another.

There are so many children with parents working the whole day at manual tasks and that cannot help the younger with intellectual exercices.
With some of them, it is even possible to built a relationship that would bring determinant  features on their future and rejuvenation on our present. In case you would miss it.
Don’t trust what you see, I read and reread the stats, uk is for the poor children a factory.
Not that intellectual exercises render more intelligent or free.

Are you really fed up with me?
Maybe we could have some fun or project-community.
Should I help or should I hope now?

I like every type of person.
The only thing is that they don’t produce the same effect on my chemistry.

Reviewing my past, I don’t like it, or only when some very important info come to be regarded, but please don’t get me a listings to answer, as everyone experimented about life, if I knew I would not have been doing that.
The only thing is my present, and my paradise, for being the same. To my wife and companions, you. It is why life is merciful, you have to come across and get along with you angel. To my son and daughter, the future that might be handed over. The respect for the older if lost, to hell will lead you, without any of us might possibly have mercy on you.
Clemence of having given you.

Not pretending that one could love for the other’s prowess.
Because the one who does, knows that it will take them their entire life to accomplish.
Also other cannot like them for what they do as they are what they do and have to be thankful of being still respected, as they are the ones their mistakes and limitations knowing. When your skills are for well.

To be in love with one person, might make you heinous of the tiers person when you loose objectivity, will to know or power to retain.

-Somewhat i will have to try and talk to you one day.
-in two hundred year time.
-we start by the year one or zero?

Well I would like to find a paint, a book, someone who would repair my old furniture, a jewel….a whatever from an amateur. To boost the way people work their skills, to have something of an possible beauty and man-hand made in my room.
But where might I get it, to exchange that I or have to be a full time businessperson or to do it underground. So? Culture?
Je, well.
Je = I    in french

How to make with people or without and the communal and personal space could be for you to the happier be? Sentence order to emphasize, be. And become. Welcoming states.

I fuck ya, because you are my fuck.
When swearing at might be well intentioned, at least at the origin.

People talk about civilization and the fact of not having to be in a state of survival. Today the whole planet is being systematically put down.
The leisure society here not accommodating skills and capabilities at personal fulfillment and common achievement, but put in place to have people forget that I could be the hideous reenacting of the last banquet.


We will have to remain civil in the noble sense of politeness when you say sorry whenever you have reason to be.
As a aloof concept in ‘developed societies’ is coming nearest practically: civil wars.

It was a yes, we will try and build our practical and spiritual union till the end of ours lives, and therefore be ready for any other beginning.
A life time swear.

I used to take pictures, listening radio, reading. I cannot any longer I have been stolen from everything. I cannot in the future, it would be to permit the thieves to laugth at me.
We are in a day where there s poverty. The extreme emergency of performing one’s duties is to avoid harm and envy. It is not to be desherinted but that I have got to have one tool, the tool of my way of obtening mercy, the tool that permit to redeem the butchery to have to look after. Every thing aside is a perjury. If I were to take a picture or do anything else far from what I should be doing to perform that I know will help directly, it on the scheme a miss would be.
And as for the view I cannot snapshot, instead of electronically taking my brain has to and have time for processing. And around not anylonger the opportunities for showing but more to ask to enter me, the surroundings.

Buying cheap in order not to have to worry about my stuff security.
It is respect towards them, as I look after them but only very little item has the rank of a treasure for anyone personal.
It does not mean despise the cheap, but look after while at the same time having to be extremely cautious with its necessary tool only.
 Cut down the race on security, theft and accident, and on wastage, time devoted to useless- inoperative, unattended, overexploited, endangered goods or resources.


People have had again vote for the party of the milk-snatcher.
Because the means under the other party were going to private institution not supposed to aims at common and individual well being and development but private making profit.
The money not going to the schools or organization after schools to promote better nutrition, education, diversity of activities and skills but going to tv cable fees, alcohol boredom and anarchy desperation related, violent crimes, wastage since one get subventions for keeping quiet, at home, and not being incentived at not going else where one is cut from the community. As the community is short of any structuration- big organization grouped around themes and activities, but any founds directing at isolatorized consumerism.

The neighbour used to hear screams domestic violence related. An upsurge. Careful you, if you go on like this the police is gonna be called. For months, could have been for years, before they understood that the current silent just after the outcry, was not the results of that it has stopped but was going on in a more discreet manner.
When some people are not working against noise pollution to buy thicker walls.

Neighbour, nag, neg.

The taxpayer money redistributed to private organization looking for profit and therefore intellectual, honesty, democracy exploitation and avoidance.

The smaller mammals are bigger than we think and therefore their power.
Take a cat very small but in fact the trunk is quasi as long as one of a human, the legs finer and though capable of them to climb as artistically than the most feline.
Appendix. When laying with one, the one you think was 10 times smaller almost from the neck to the crotch will extend the length of a human (trunk).

A fly going in-between key of the keyboard and retrieving a particle of bread, I did not even know that could have been slide there and how. It, eating, so sovereign that she did not leave when I had to resume my typing.
The day one will be aiming at symbioses.
Intelligence more than billion universes but the completeness of a worth living, could approach and by it, intelligence and breath could get a chance of by the beauty of life, being contemplated. To exist through a double understanding.

They say we will reinstore serious, discipline at schools, every one hopeful for the result be that the teachers being able to teach instead of having to nurse.
The real plan was to sell. No longer then call the schools, schools, as in this current chaos improve by worse and worse standards gaps, the schools for the poorer will be just nursery, the one for the richer, breedhouse at ideology.
Vote, vote, thinking that through desacountability, discharge, they will give liberty.
Vote, vote, all the better in schools or elsewhere no one will be able to speak nor elude at history.

The world cup and is vainglory. As sport is an achievement for the one who play or a reward for winning society, when it is time off might mean peace and joy.
In practise the one who buy the ticket are 99,99 % likely to have to comply to any of the whims and discrimination of who play or the one that are nearer under their pay.

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