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The woes of the religions wanting their followers to become proud of their lack of citizenship skills.
As people need to suit and follow.
In awe of pure universal logics –interdependence and causality- did not mean the terror of being demonized, or simpler taken under ranked.
The threat of hell and death, as immorality is prompted by the promise of putting anyone through ordeal who would fight for equal divinity.

Search, sous sol, level, rated,

Knowledge. Now.
Under? Before?

You will have to teach them something.
Or else, they will likely being taught out of predatory raison. Raise on.

What anus, poopoo?
Let’s say, but you are expected to be house trained by now, so what’s up?
Body recognition.

The big companies could have this of reassuring, that if you are insulted by a staff, you can allow yourself to go on there thinking that it is not the company policy.
Because in strained circumstances, aggressiveness is so high and everywhere that if you start to insulate yourself from bullying, you end up not being able to have your food nowhere.


Power is in the bearing and strengthening of taking on weaknesses. That are so only from being disregarded.

The time would be revised in society, if for example instead of using so many products, bin a lot instead of recycling or repairing, and do that with the intent of improving progress towards every other matter respect.
Legs and the sake of posterity.


Laws needs to be challenged to be suitable and noble.
Law suit an armor.
Equipment of justice. Arm-our.
The truth to be swore.

Walk, stretch and massage.

Societies having resorted to separate the two sexes in order to prevent rape and sexual, gender abuses or depravation, did the trick only by exulting artificially heterosexuality and by directing normative, stereo-typical (although secretly or rather hidden or by taboo or by complacency, tease to say immorality, divergent role within the family (that will be divided in order not to reset other models).

Clothes, food. Thrown.
For the etiquette of ‘cleanliness’.
And launder the pollution, economic boosting towards the whippers, and the slavery of the makers.

The difference between ‘should’ and ‘being in the obligation of’.
As a philosophical and ethical question, but having to be mixed with the options of the circumstances and moments.
Prioritisation and possibility.
Abstraction here to imagine more, ethics to do more than ratedly.
Rat (guainea).


To hide behind believes.
Pretending that an organisation is religious and your endeavour and resources sacred, in order to conceal immorality.
On mafia, governments, religions pretences and betray.

The problems with believes is that they might be at the very core of people’s drive, till they fall understanding that they have been used by what they were dearing as, theirs and, brand of genuineness.
And the state when you need to be certain of where you put your energy, for this energy to be live as making you complete, for you release it as being pure (and completing). This sentiment of certitude that enables body and soul to uncover or pierce mechanisms. The state where you don’t know any longer what to perform for the better of you, others, and times.

Physical countenance, the way people corporally behave in the sense of bodily communication…Body language.
Is of course something revealing somethingelse, but is so much used because when you don’t have any power of voicing, justicing, balance enacting, issues voting, pollution and human rights breaching reduction. Well the whole way of feeling yourself a self in the way your body may escape the trap, and use in society the accumulated violence.
Appear. The over importance of the body language when odds and democratic participation, and privileges –in the sense of exploitation- cannot be challenges, remain still an appearance.

People are lured by the progress, thinking that humanity has improved, only to realize that the shared bits are calculated in order to cull riots.
As any shared bits are the results of other people sufferings. Ex, the children who pay for the ‘west worker’ fine clothes.
And if you work for justice, and if you protect the truth that money and exploitation are vices to human rights, you ll lost your earning.
Living and divine rules.

I did not know that ‘health and safety’ could mean that it was just fine to take people for idiot.

People are completely traumatised, including mental disability in each of us, by the natural act of fighting. As fighting without honestly reaps destruction, suffering and hatred.
When fighting is the way to reinforcing.

A serving state.


History of France:
Flooding in there, said to be developed, infrastructured country _ flooded houses where officials made liquidity??

Over places they should not have allowed as the river was due to take its stream line again-. People stayed several months in tents, no reimbursed by insurance, (what are insurance for, no wonder they are pillars to financial grounding machinery) without any experts coming in emergency and assess the losses.
Marx, very feared by most of the population wanted the extinction of state, that in my opinion, is not possible as people being not aware of every single thing need the sum of our concerns to find the best arbitrator possible.
But in the official state of international and national political anarchy, the state that is supposed to be a referee in political sciences is a conglomeration, congregation of individual and group interest only.

The legends about ‘males need more urging than those of females’ is a distortion of natural balances in order to weight on society the threat of rapes. That is to say if you do not provide what is said to be naturally needed you will be extorted.
The threat is borne upon males in the sense that if they don’t show that they are following this constructed menace, they could be themselves put in danger by any member of the society (males or females), taking now the pretences of them being not manly (here funny enough, manly used as the opposite of mature, poised, and autonomously balanced = adults)
It could be additionally pressure put upon females living their sexuality like the males do dress it officially (with envy), for example a female could be accused of living like a man and then claiming her right to work at the same role and function… threat for the whole community as they bath on secrecy and immunity permitting and perpetrating the whole lot of indecency.

The snake in christianity representing rebellion is not only sneaking as the real animal is in fact discreet and secret. As when sometimes one has to hide from the ‘majority’ intending to kill others through the reality –and its complexity- of life. Just confess what you live and as our rules are unfair, we will kill you and with that any attempt at honesty.
Difficulty makes human face their imperfection and the ones of their systems despite.
The snake guardian of the apple tree without with you don’t know what might be.
And without you cannot live in peace as you have to understand everything and respect any to cherish and live in the Dom, unlimitedly.

The bigger the company, the less people to assess, report, advice, unveil, disclosed, help, support, their less or more legitimate practises.
Every one is relief that the smaller commerce disappear as they cannot compete their prices are higher. But why??
Because of the artificial creation of unemployement who prevent us to pay what is due to someone else’s work.
Also because function as checking and justice _proportion_ rendering are not represented.
Bigger even, they are banned. Act like someone who does not want loose or intelligence or integrity and it is the black list that are casted upon people –on democracy.
No other means for talking about laws there are only true right left: the obligation of making and throwing money- to the sharks and poisonous.

Recommendation: leave the light on, it boosts the nuclear.

And how come there is no civilian car with traffic police fining car from threatening the life of the cyclists?? The state need money but the states are owned by the (oil) one of those industries.
By the way they’d rather the one who poison people life, the big work, like a in-build warning, enjoy before it to be destroyed.
Enjoy used instead of … let’s ask why there is censorship, how, what that ought to be qualified.
State, con-tent.

Qualified. Equality.

Collectivism reducing individualism.
As groups compete less within them and as to boost groups identity to compete more in-between.
But if different groups did not have to fear the others, then individualism could find a firm place within the aim of brotherhood, sharing and solidarity.
Individualism could be the state-of-the-art of the grouping subject, where life’s interest gather.

Great, good and god.
And got travel.

Expecting of one’s job to comprehend all what one does, teaches and shares.


I’ll die one day or another.
It shall not be anybody’s fault.
Amnesty. And it cannot be obtained without equality.
Equality with whatever stirs or is stirred.

The babbling on religious laws and sacred religious community, speaking about their reasons for being discriminatory-meaning blinded oneself in anger and blood thrirst in occulting the fact that one’s rights is the one’s duties of respecting the same rights of any others- are based on the one book theory.
On the interest of keeping imposing illiteracy.

The desert that won’t be yellow for its most part, but more purple of the colour of the bloodyish chemically poison.
The war on water, but being children of nature human can’t be fitter. Let’s pray god they won’t as no one can being the natural leader if any of their acts encompasses destroying, exploiting, taking as slaves or servant any other species, any other humans, without spreading at the same time the idea that the leader will build disasters – before being exterminated as will and wish are not on hell.

People pretending being religious and stopping peace by moral embetterment.
They call themselves whatever and called the name of Divinity, horrible usurpations.
Discrimination, discrimination of any sort within religious systems, believes or hierarchies is ante-religion, the why people don’t get involve or involve only in the perspective of using people in the name of an entity that has for them one and unique force, shameful interest.

Why a place where people pray, and invoke morality, peace, harmony, happiness, respect, solidarity, benevolence, each other surveillance and protection, honesty, respectability, care and the full power of each individual towards it and shared, would stay the same as the public toilets are, the last quarters of sexual physical discrimination.

The amazing ‘promotional’ offer, say it is half prize the first months, being an antagonism to customers’ fidelity.
Short-term and blatancy of disrespect and dishonesty.
Cash-in purpose of possessing a client and its abasement theory.

To show oneself understanding included a lot of consideration before and on the spot included. That means that you are not yet at the stage of respect, as thinking of the good or bad concerning others – in this case is homosexuality as good as heterosexuality_ whereas they are strictly comparable, only the persons-the sexes changing_ is in fact a oneself granted power.
A hovering innuendo of still coercion.

Under-umployement. Word that should be on dictionary uniquely.
How can we dream that, given that the span of mystery and the disastrous account of our dying reality, how come there is no jobs? What people do believe exactly, to auto-destruction, to that nothing is worth anything, and it is better to end it now?
The softer approach is to claim that happiness, harmony and equality, the difference in holiness- the power of discovery without the horror of slaughter-justification, is utopia.

The bright (ex: in personality), or the sharp, will tend to neglect the fundamental in other’s basement.
A good thing we ain’t under the same comprehension, consensual.
To become as tiny as more and more push away from horizon.

‘Art is copying life’, like the rhythm of the stanza as a cue
Of the step that for me told that dance is played.

Pray separated ethnies, sex or sexual orientation.
Pray, work, rest or marry. When apartheid is in a system, the fright is not of the religion but of sectarisation.
Like in this place, called Jerusalem, Vatican or mosque where people come and seek the riches, and the buisiness that make towns no more than market, religions the traitor of human hope and healthy potentiality. Utopia was a hope and made a fool by the one dressed to spit at human dignity.

Love the what one lives for.

Human knowledge on world logics as a constituent of morals and morality.
Relativism of power upon absolutism of life’s worth.

As circumstantial as made inequalities.

They have problem in their couples, one more subjected –not weaker but not choising-. He will have to get rid of the children, to feed the logics of being in a peace of mind, relative.



-The voice of a saint person or the voice of a prostitute?
- Of a prostitute.
- Of someone being raped, more.

I wanted to collect the writing for you, but what I think of you, I know that my soul, and its is why it is a soul, will directly, a wave of the brain synthesizing all my being, sent it to you.
Since all what I write, is on your name.

It is like speaking to God as you are the one through which I hope and aim.

The prayers install in a daily routine, permitting one’s people to have break for managing their mind and own path to serenity and questioning.


you have to struggle to know their rate. On leaflet, often not display- on wall, their other customers need their space to be respected.
Never trust their advice (by phone, they will tell, you ‘I am not to give you any advice on the best interest I could find for your situation’
They are trained to lead you to the poorest options. Loose customers, they d rather try and loose them all with manners of good and false competence and responsibility.

To respect one’s enemy as they might do what they do through quest of faith and necessity.
Might be.

To gravitate around humility as if one was the elder soul on earth, that is for sure that it be a stone, not a person.

Their hatred against other people’s love. Don’t worry you being used as antidote works. But not as much as it has damaged the power of your will and choice over your destiny.
Hetero, forced marriage and oppressed union as well as liberty.

When nature stings you with the bite of its guardian.
One destroying natural habitat only because one is afraid of suffering from other animals.
As long as humans solve its problem by harming or handicapping others’ potentiality, it is to their own doom they throw the o.k.

I d like to woo you. But if I am a brave, if it is a true job I do, then you would be threatened, as the word to me don’t mean no more and would be less; as less as having to end. Gore.

Without you, I am death.
With you damaged by them, I d become a living horror.
Eat all.

There so many a thing that we did not know, that took so many times and times again before our understanding, that why being angry in particular at someone, the understanding is much, much more deep and subtle.

I write but I know that you won’t see. As my writings shall preserve the purity.
Of my unbounded love, that make me live, not fulfil that the time permits only.
You won’t see as what I d like to depict and spread would be tarnish, by my lack of power and strength.
What may I convey of the what and who I ll be. As you are the one from I cannot tell.
A part.

What is amusing with place of worship goers, is that every time you talk about God, they come forward and invest themselves as being the ones concerned, and sole.

When father meant priests.
It is just that some idiots still rule the women out.
Idiot in the name of sanctity.
Sanctify and the rules of ruled out and discrimination that just attest of the non-power of baptism, as I name myself so and so, without the divine possibility of transmitting that to somebody, anybody.
Am not holy or made for  spreading the words particularly, priest cast avows.

After looking for ages a fundamental information that are supposed to be found straight away. When those is at the remotest and even not systematically displayed or activated.
 Ok it took me a long time to acknowledge where to find the email answer too. There is still place for luck and random with technology.


People mock the power of words, but it happens that voicing something and trying to assert its due law and application (even if on paper as recommendations) is enough to be fired, just by trying to promote democracy and though universally recognized principles.

Compulsorily you have to pass an National Vocational Qualification, giving common basic principles and fundamental practises as well as common vocabulary.
If these principles are not follow, that you try to tell you boss, that for that you are make redundant for zeal. That without any choices left you ask a judge to protect your professional integrity, these principles, though deliver by governmental supervision and national ‘implemented’, are not recognized by the law you thought defending.

To be blocked in my present substance and approach, as lost in how to use present ‘on-going’ construction in the future.
As hung as the parliament suspended by conflict of interest.
The frivolity, the vertigo, the sea-seek or feel like going down and sink and stuck into the swamp of the powerless, or the voiceless, or its vagueness. On this super-being that preaches its incommensurability. On humanity.

They say rebel, rebel, repulsed.
But I just say…
Retreat, ravaged, repel.
On the fucking ‘freedom of expression’ that ‘democratic countries boast on having had their justifications for being imperialistically authoritative.

Problem on volunteering.
You have a diploma, and you apply, even for the slightest duties in offices, no answer.
And after you see people asking for donations.
But wait a minutes I d tried to give my time, my knowledge, how come that they don’t need hand to help, grow, pursue?
Transparency. My donation for a 6 figures head of stuff and its assistant to doggedty anti-democratic bureaucracy.
No problem with paper work- only when they do nothing but retain the desk and following not the job description but the master: salary.
Wage a war on wages? The name of why people kill any hint of responsibility.
People don’t have to justify of nothing but being still in charge of a seat that run improbity.

Sorry, need to report someone having stolen me.
No address, just their identity.
The police does not even take that into a report, in case the guys after 110’s daylight robbery could be confounded.
Note. They could be set up, could not they?
      Some are set up all the same.

The set-up question is how it is if we start controlling more, but anyway without control, one is set up by default, that is even before doing anything, they will be severe from the opportunity of doing some.
Sum of the area when grey- off the law, of the hermetism in corporation, organisation and communities.
The state is absent as a totalitarism bill.
A defense, an improvement. No way.

Beyond everything, love is universal.
The expression of nature for what life springs and stays.

Is universal that for
Everyone like everything

Great, good and god.
And got to travel.

Not enough words to describe the realities and dimensions.
One certainty, nature is being killed.

If human look after nature and culture.
Employment for every body.
And if it is done with dignity, no need anylonger to betray one’s principles just in order to be paid ‘a-token-of-inclusivity-in-society-salaries.
As protection of lives is anyway the uncontainable duty.
And for another adventures, getting ready.

I find other thoughts as my computer was proposing other words when I misspelled the one I originally aimed. This happens a lot.

This cake reminds me two rules.
Never eat abundantly when you are at a few hours from sleeping, because if you have too much calories, your bodies can’t come down and heavy in restauration mode.
Two, when you can smell, oil, butter, sugar, fry, fruit, bread and nuts in the same piece better have a bite at most. As I am suppose to eat them in 10 different meals not in one ravaging swallowed binge.
Just let’s think of the 9 other than I d be supposed to skip, having that one.

On capital.
Fascism and totalitarianism are not refined, they are at the opposite of refinement, as to be fine would let delicacy go out of the web of human and societies.
Fascism and totalitarianism works on repressing the healthy occurences while doing nothing- by default (if not doing it actively) inviting- on the vicious ones.
Fascism and totalitarianism are the profit on authority coming from jealousy and laziness.
At work.

Space conquest, not new.
As minds only can do.
But rest for them to be centered.

Right to own property of equal values
 Necessity of some difference in achievement and protection.

Protection of facilities for more trained and devising for the best strategies to use them.
Training available as long as people want, and grade. Price to pay training, other activities proportionally reattributed.  One hour cleaning = 0, 5 of dirty cleaning = 1 hour of some office work = 0.5 of more difficult or intense office work.
If a task for office work required 5 hours training before, then training provided as a paid work.

Use = regarding society purpose.

If society gets tired, time for redefine itself.
But with laws barring for it to self harm (through individual discrimination or ‘elevation’)


If society gets tired, time for redefine itself.

Freedom of expression as long as they don’t criticize the regime.
The end of discussion is thus lost, and democracy something one would be afraid.

Death camps, nuclear plants and extermination.
One step missing.
Charitably offered to malnourished people, and contaminated water area’ T.V programs of people bathing or using chemicals products or polluting habits –the way as in the west people confounds binning everything with being organised and clean – here there is no management, only a race to boosting buying and skills dwarfing, waste, and binge consumption.

How come that by fear of being robbed via my credit card that don’t have even pin code when it comes to buy on the net; how come that if one ask for a ceiling, that is I don’t want more than this amount of money to be taken, how come my bank that knows about every transaction cannot say, this amount per day, per week, per month is too much, let’s warn the user. They can put a ceiling when they may be the looser, how come they don’t protect the card that just can be raid by any viewers??
The more they could do was a ceiling of 300 £ a day.
How long an average worker could endure being vandalized without ending sleeping rough?
How come they make things so porous and easy?

How come when having been financially ripped off, if you go to a tribunal, you cannot ask simply for the judge to see the transaction done into the bank account of the defenders??
How come they make things so locked up and beyond accountability, einh?

For all the love.

She left me.
I used to think it was betrayal.
But was it not a necessity not to engage ourselves into that would have animated us beyond borders but without though equalling eternity?
Her strength was to spare us of this, and the knowing of her to be strong, my vibrating _but not all giving- liking.
And the love I have still for her leads me into not coming to passion involving people with two different aims. As she gave a transcendence to waving.
As my true love, would kill me- but not important, decisive that- but would kill all around me, if I gave life to what won’t be completed of having received it.

On emotional implication and spirituality minded.
The infant cries and interrupt then heave the elder’s snoring.

See the world and knowing that we are going to die, in.
      To die as one lives.

When need to be calm, thinking of horses, dogs, cats, hens, squirrels, ducks… and all these meat cuts.

Others’ mistakes operating a distanciation leading to a conscience of rectified potential.
Exercise generation.

Competitive spirit when no possibility for being cooperative.

You have nervous tics.
But only tics.
Why stuff lead to other’s demand, intolerance, anger or hysteria?

Small person representing children standing for what societies are looking after and expecting.
The birth of mysticism. Protected Altruism and faith in the future.

True love would lead you to any quest, peace, progress and eradication of infamy.
For that every of your surrounding might be as welcome as deadly- despair.
Through true love to loose everything make you ready, as the one is the first for you have to depart and the last to be found, after depletion of your try, when you know that it is why you moved, to rest in its arms. To rest without, would be a sham.

Can someone tell me why when I try to transfer word Microsoft files, even if I want to transfer one million of them, the fact that one is not working just stop the all process, without even leaving the clear path to readjusting?

Has Microsoft something to do with alienation, plus value and gratuitous punition?

Fascism: it is easy for everyone to say bullshit.
And fascism is that acclamation.

What about the bitterness and difficulties facing people, events or life ?
Acrimony is not odourless.
The symptom of inequalities and impoliteness.

The stat should be the embodiment of the most (highest, reliable) advanced knowledge.

If I d be resolved enough for endorsing human duties, I d be at the other place of you.
The reason on and of my own having humane aims and sanity.
The ones that make you as strong as fair, the one without living for, cease feeling, sensing, reminding and ordering, I’d prefer.
The one that brings you to respect death, as you have to face and protect what is endangered. The one without who and the concept that permits it to appraise you, life would be a trail of chains.
The one without I could not see I m imprisoned.
But the one that is absent, as life wants growth from what it shows of ultimate.

Packaging should not been used, or otherwise than a reusable way of transportation.
We d go shopping with plastic box, basically.


In the cemetery, the rain, through the leaves, the drops’ sound like steps nearby, descending.

Because of inequalities and unfair competition, people are not apt anylonger at accepting positive criticism, it will be taken as a try at piracy scuttling.

Also because so bad things are left to be the rules and good things asked to be shushed or the bearer of the news that one should act as a citizens and not as an servile employee, means that this former would be eradicate from the acknowledging and pricing itself, society.
Praising pricing.

People are despised to give their life to contemplation because other people spoils the world through their actions.


Human rights are more than human – but humane – in the sense that it includes too the right to care for the environment, the history, the space, the foreparents’ production, the animals, the water, the idea, every creature minds…

free speech? It costs you your living or the time you d try to make it heard voluntarily a lost of it.
Ex: when a natural catastrophe happens (ex: companies responsibles for human and environmental loss) people have a right to sue, but the trials take so long and finish without issues, that it is a demonstration of the justice being in the side of the criminals acts made officialisation.

You find people mocking the organsisation of other species, saying that people are more than bees, or ants via their appreciation on a so-judged higher system.
But on first hand, who tells us that insects don’t communicate and think on a higher level – else than our convenient ignorance and blinding feeling or superiority.
 On the other hand, what make us think that a society as such as human society is more than an aggregation that makes thing work only for a very, very, biased viewpoint?
Point, period and restricted.


life is about getting the most of

Racist view.
Wait for the proof that melting can mean new civilization that could do better, wiser for the general condition.
Racist views mirror the esteem people hold for the current state of society.

The devotion of your friend, or your allies.
A model and hope. A reminder of doing well, because enabling to do so, and transmit.
Each other turn.

No need to kill mosquitoes. Just to show that you can strike them fiercely in striking the air they think will provide them with one’s blood, is enough to install real fear. And away fly.

Wasps that of the ground provides its poison and antidotes.

Being separated, say that you could take and face any devils.
Capable of anything to bring oneself together with one’s other.
With the help of holy spirits, the better when and wherever possible.
Being carried through by what is left of the misere one has been put and locked inside.
When alliance is spiritual.
Capable of anything- - -
Your farness is my border.
And these horrids, throught their destruction and self-destruction push ever further.
The battle, this recognition.
The one who separate, are dead, this as annunciation.

Human rights are based on natural law- the ones that make honour and justice to creatures.
Natural laws? Look at what we are doing to her.

To discriminate in taking into justification others’ potential discrimination is a sign of ignorance, being used and fooled and sign of opportunism.
Opportunism what discrimination-na-tory regime are.

Cannot count on the Labour, what their politics fight for is caviar.

The work in residential home (mental health or children care) in London.
You have to shush even if they just use the facilities like in a holidays camps with support worker doing their cleaning duties on top of it. Totally able-bodied people (but deprived of skill since not at all trained, even not at doing the necessary for themselves), with on top the power of complaining about you if you insist them to fight for their own looking after and retribution for the accommodation put at their disposition.
No rewards, punishment in place.
One can do whatever, absconding, insulting, no training provided.
Just enough money to buy sweets, booze, and cigarettes.
At least they would do something to have this money, if they have to pay with their activities.
Fear violence, well pay security officers in addition of support workers, they would earn it in special camps.
Results: they are still abused because the main reactions to these policies is leave them undisturbed in their rooms, in front of their telly. Do everything for them it takes a lot less time than teaching and leading how to get out of assistance.
It is not help it is how to exploit the next block in an inabilities at finding work after, or in the abilities at being a future undemocratic worker.
B log.

When the voice of survival is not those of the devil but of the savior.
But what is survival, and how to avoid genocide by perjury- the promise of serving God and its creature as equal or what the same world is it for- certainty.?
There is no devil thoughts only devil acts, when last gesture for survival, real survival might be avoided.
Null and void or non-existent, or the last action on liberty.

Don’t ask the United Nations their information.
It’s not free.

The principle of religion and sects is to offer themselves to ‘eradicate’ one problem, something a false problem, or sometimes in not offering genuine solution, but that in order to legitimate an absolute power over all other issues and discussions.

On searching video on human rights, instead of feature films offered by authorities, you have got pictures of crimes without themes, and congratulations party to officers.

Accepted to be violated, only in the prospect of revenge in the most relentless way.
On prevention virtue.

Horizontal position, lying in a cemetery.
-Being told off.
I try to ease my coffer, my body.

Fright of subservience, in being greedy.

Churches May have given alms at a period when it was in charge of the whole state money.
And now? What about the on-the-ground charity?

Behind, my love for you.
Others did not understand my reaction.
Duplicity? Double?
When realized and left alone, undisturbed, it should be ubiquity.

Nothing new, the souls’ relation like greek mythology.
Any kind of relations, intertwined, plural, combined.
I can be his father on history and her my father on semiology…

To be hateful, since knowing that if they supported me, or when they would; others will make regret it.

Community that extols their being together in wanting to appear stronger than others and that in fact reveal themselves to be very weak in the face of adversities.
Example: equality in your community, solidarity, now the better-off are secured, the less one can well drown, or left with the ‘compulsory rights of enrolment’ of elevating the structure of which top will be used by the affluent.
A half fluent.

For these individuals rights were to protect people from abusive groups’ rules.

And what is to invent in a state-centred civil law reign where state stands for elites’ interests and social rigidity.
Even if the class are more porous, the ideology has become the ones you ve got to serve.
Money, hypocrisy, anti-cohesion where freedom of speech is just to punish you from giving an expertise or to realize than there is no outlet for you work and time on an elaboration be taken into account.
You are entitled to your opinion but that it will count and improve a situation is just what is removed from the due power that giving one’s life should be accompanied with.
There is no management, just a robot-like procedure dead as it does not take into                                          account the quality, and perfectionist, the speciality, implication, causes and consequences of each action. To work in our current societies, free-marketing, is a denial of what damages rules creates from being supported by denied individuals and from what they impact externally.

She was sure she had good offer to sell. And she did it so zealously.
Till the moment she understood that the products, at least some were a rip-off.
Better than the concurrence but a rip-off all the same.
But now if she had to advice people with honesty, her job she would loose.

They told her, they told her, this is a good product, and now they now how many contracts she can sell at the best of her ability – authenticity.
Now she knows if she drops on intensity, they will be on her back like torturer.

The hunt erected against homosexual is to remind the population of the highest violence that may take place. The threat on one’s half and progeny.

To be vicious, to have to be, when you are surrounded by cowardice, meaness and hypocrisy. You want to ruin me? Also I have got to spend my life devoted to my survival alone, some outlet for justice and jouissance’s remains- you are so arrogant upfront when you are the mouthpiece of an army; that your back at night, my prey your soft asperity.

These rules that obliged and constrained charity and not solidarity.
And that constraint the carer or the cared to be or both or dependently in position of exploited = losing their rights, of each members of the community.
The only rules replicated being at the vile service of someone or suffer the consequences of applying mutual respect and understanding via the whole system seeking for privileges and immorality = death of the soul, punishment for being human, seeking wisdom and acknowledging complexity.
Too hard and intelligent of a task of not profiteering of someone skills, actions, and right to special relations with the immensity.

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people telling you about your age, related about experience and degree of confidence and then more about stability than assertiveness.
The strong in the how to infiltrate crack, for the vibs to go long and use one’s strength on recognised paths and weakness.

It is good for me to be with others, as if not I’d like to devout my life thinking and sensing you.
I would not do that in any other presence, absolute conducts totality, receive the exaltation of purity.
G old

Sous un nom de plume, desire something posthume.
As i won’t give my right of self and relation to the cosmos.
As in here, the only armour to it, is privacy when seeking the intimate.


Sometimes, giving oneself the right of openness in one’s action as it is so restricted in the thought permission.
……………………………………………………’ corporality…………………………………………………………………………………..mind fluidity……………………………………………………………………………………………..


And similarity.

The emergency of human rights application nowadays due to the fact that everyone is surrounded by bureaucracy and cannot escape horrendousness and squalidity.

Know what French can can means.
Can-can means chatty-chatty.
Like all these people hidden behind their robes.

The primary violence of Christianity calling its treator the name of the then main religion at its birth.

They want a bum.
They create the bomb.
Looting and impunity.

Danger: the people who has been denied equality and art, will associated art with possibility at being treated like an ‘inferior’ = without power.
Without art, and …. Whatever and reproduction of fashism.

In the u.k if you need more time than the average to succeed in your student then you will be ‘program terminated’. This practise who does not take into account people own pace and private circumstances is a clear violations of people choices, way of life, special needs and abilities. It is a sheer intellectual shaper and discrimination.
It is vomit.

One would expect of the human rights defenders to come and apply and implement with all the resources available, these rights and duties everywhere.
It is because everyone is on standby, but the lucrative companies, that HUMAN RIGHTS are soil in name.

‘Equal opportunity + equal protection principles of human rights.’

It is not recognized the degree of humour, theatrical skills, psychological performance, temptation and taming deal, warden-like avenge, cold meal revenge et cetera, of the females panoply to regard them as being submissive.
Fuck you.

In some societies, where sexual or gender spheres applied females brought up the armies, due to poor management and restricted role repartition. So at that time if you gave this ‘categories’ political power on top. Every one would have finished castrated.

Distinct functions and roles does not mean superior privileges and conditions as if we compare society to a human body, then all and every of its part is dependent of the heart beating, here the core and central nerve, the place where blood pulses, the sovereign: life.

To feel responsible for happiness, carers’ privileges.
From there esteem, rights and obligations established.

The pursue for happiness? more a sue purr possession.

To spend all one’s life, fighting, having to train the all day to preserve the little hope, and genuine lives that you owe to protect the destiny.
Watch a Rambo film and break into crying.
Not burst people are in the vicinity.

I am a female, I teach my son, am a man.
Who confirm that human being are sexed?
Just sexist when barred from building an indentity.

What is gonna happen right on?
In this situation the force that one gets, on and for this wonder. Prayer.

Societies permit horrors but not mistakes.
Am not infallible then?

Religion with charity
Is to give s.o another conscience.
When on one’s own theme and scheme.
Nothing is to be good or spare.

When knowing that something used to make sense, but that there are links missing.
Then under good care, a new creation, to find back a pride in what one is saying,
To find for maybe not, surely not the same meaning, but an idea that produces light.
And perhaps to redeem the path towards, and gestation that make an answer not any longer the spot we were looking at, but its fore and aside.

Money, money, money,
Oh money,
The devil score.

Homosexuality spurned as much as people spurn their own sexual identity.
It is not possible as women or men as so deprived of that other state of kin.

-They are sleazy on top of that.
 Exactly like you.
But me is enough.

Former concern for the weather due to living condition.
It’s become increasingly sad to talk about it at the present.

-Of you are gay, you are not any longer my son.
-it is just that cunt, he is your son, not you lover.
Possession and jealousy over one’s children. To get the fuck that one set for not being taken away.

You can attack from all part.
There is being nothing one can undo.
That is gonna break down
The idea.

Where you seek the poetry
That you cannot find
One trick to prose
To expose its parts = idea.

We used to be
Now we should be told
Like dead.
On no democracy, on machinery.

Justice. filed by an interested party.
Actual-factual account, not objectivity.

When uncourageous statement, are profiting from claiming to be for or at the side of the underprivileged.
When words are fouled, and betray.
When they are used by lies.
To postpone anger, to tame resignation, to give time? Or sell illusion.

Even if I lived up to living like being the world and its navel.
My true paradise, would be the last from me retain.

Eur court.
Blog on esclavage.

You can take as a general rules that homophobe are or adept of pornography or see sexual relationship as mainly degrading, dangerous, or lucrative.

Am too stupid, but never for talking to the spirits.
Cosmos say.


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