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Book, man-on:  water sources.

Mon amour, tu etais mon amour, comme tout etre vivant, le serait si moi meme l etait, vivant, vivant comme l enfant. Evite bien la guerre, car si je t ai vendu un jour, c est seulement par megarde, comme un innocent. Quand a ceux qui t acheterent, le roi, un homme manipule, les siens aveugles par le manque de savoir faire et de ne savoir que compter sans se tromper, a la loupe. Qu ont-t-ils creuse, la miniere, le diable se cachait la, a l abri de leur jeu d enfance qui se transformerent en jeu de salaud. De salaud comme on ne peut peux plus puiser l eau. Salaud comme on n en peut plus puise, epuises, tout a refaire et a garder. Cette revolution sanglante ne pas la refaire, d autres simplement pour compter les deniers. Cette revolution, comme des faux freres de la fraternite, comme aujourd hui l on rejete nos parents ou l on se fait commander, et par pour la sante. Mes ecrits, je voudrais les donner, tant qu ils me permettent de manger, si tant est qu ils me le permettront, tant de lettres, de conges, passez a faire ? l orgie dernier. L orgie.
Or, git,
Orgue git. Gite. Gitan.

The mine. Cannot said a lot about, we don’t know yet about what is released. Land, soil, their germs, or vipers. Anyway deserving one of the other, but not us, ours, theirs.
The human species is thieves, and the day they will pay, through the noise, of their atmosphere. If it is not the doom today, is gonna be, nothing prophetic, in remembrance to the sciences, only logics, the sciences that were there and here to help not scratch it all.
Scratch it, bin it, only words again. The words that surround our lives, nothing left around more than tips.
One of mine: don’t go, don’t go to objects you don’t need, your soul will have to pay, with the blood, of your brood or of the ones you did not care.

Pressure within the family, pro-create the will and need to go out and explore or rush on war.

Create alongside melting to societal aims, in order to test one’s work.

Lad y.

This one I won’t tell ya, because you are so afraid that to protect your parano, you would risk giving me in.

He wanted me macho to protect my grandma from all this girlish boys and femmes that did have one sole aim, her to do their job instead of admitting she was the same.
She had to play fierce, fiercely idiot, in order not to be noticeable and had to admit that she understood how fucky the others were in order to evade their own responsibilities.
I like girly since her, because it was that she protected, her rights to be singular, eccentric, idiot for the ones that did not read the heart of an older woman that has to survive and lol amongst this pack of bastards.
For whom did not understand you would feel pity, but you can’t since they are so afraid of their own limitations- disabilities- gap, weakness, loophole, or the ones that can be inflicted, that they would, they actually did make profit out of their own stupidity.
A world like that. Macho yes to get rid of these blood suckers that would go as far as killing their grandmother.
It’s what is done. Look she is dement, dementia, Parkinson, whatever. Every world and excuses to pretend to mercy killing.
Why all of that. Because society is not a family. Society is a clustering of different clubs and flocks or herds.
From Homo to their nan.

She never says nothing for naught. She is an elder.
And the people who play with her life or send her in place where she cannot see children or any youger. The home to rest.

Naught y c urse.

I had chosen you, you had chosen me. Now that separated, I ll choose the opposite. No more love, only hate, to prove that hate is holy. To protect the children that we did not have the chance to bring together, as this world is fear-dominated. The hate for hatred, even for this so called fascist than are hated by the neo. One objective, to keep you quiet. Far from pointing out problems, as every structure is deconstructed. As the politicians plays on the people not having time and cheerfulness to be informed or informing,  that just in point this world politics is run by anarchism. That nothing regulated, and these peoples that backed dictatorial regime, saying that the socialists was the devil, claiming that they could not protect their civil rights. What about the market, being paid to nod, and not nodding in fact as the processes are in perpetual escape from collective strive.
Individual, property, of course as long as you honor them. And don’t believe that a castle is for one person only, only if she is Dracula defying. A castle of nature perhaps if you want to keep sanctuary with your life, but caste of impunity, is what they make the individual believe they need. Wall, wall yourself it is you sole integrity.

I don’t want to publish all my work, as interpretation could be even more, in my opinion too much, deadly.

What is being nice? Serious? Courageous? Religious?
Don’t say you know, if not you are a troop sick people.

Corrupt a writer, in saying yes, there is idea, but you gotta change your display.
The problem of basic ethic is that a word is a word.
Freedom of expression and singularity? Does not seem so. As an artist like as an employee you have to do with the fact that command are without check and balance.

Or you fear the dark or your fear the light.
Both attempt at escaping, freedom, sensorily.

One two three.
Four five six
Seven eight nine.
Cool my mind.
Ten eleven Twelve


The benefit of marriage, discretion, discretion and continuity. Time to do mistakes and time to redeem them. Time to give to this one, and give to all others without nothing more to prove that regularity, not in the acts but in temporality. A same view, objective, future, and a sure base for the foundation of security. As long as you can wander to bring back or forth or when cannot work elsewhere the maze of despair, and repair. Care.

It is rubbish as long as not, ware?
It is rubbish as long as nowhere.
It is rubbish as long as not every.

Each time I realize how all of that because these persons have homosexual trends, and each time my discovering having me shaking. But for all the same, isn’t that logically half the time, as the half of everybody?

When I want to feel manly, I just have to think of my mother, and it is like a spark. She was beaten.
And kill, kill, kill again.

Trying to let out ‘I love you’.
Problem sometimes I hate those words.
I need you.
Is it love? Is it eternity? Need or punctuality? Assessment, gauging, or bearing? None of that, it s our spirituality.
Maybe one day some answer about how it feels, but how to generate? Natural I reckon, survival have some to hope and further may.

I only write, as I am the possession of the sounds, and not being anything when stopping thinking of you, of not being anyhow.
Stop to think. And feel that paradise has been seen.
Scenery, scenario.
If one day.
You could be.
More than hidden inspirity.

You are not old.
You are mine only.

Being disruptive as one like the money.
Being destructive as to pretend doing care, being paid.

Without you I would have exploded everything.
But it is only I would because separated or not, you are still where my mind is wandering.

I work at night.
As during the day I have in front of you to mend your brawls. I am getting fed up with that.
I would not be so fed up if your brawl would lead to what it had fulfilled but no, the perpetual rebeginning, for naught, only to occupy time.
Reborn again in another word, in better substance, and this possible with instances of our embetterment real.

I cannot put any of the worlds down with I call you as if I have to cry it is because the apartheid was not only question of skins.
If I edited one of those worlds then I would damn my seeking.

To read about injustice and torture in the world, not by us, but by the ones who are left on them above, is not quite possible, as it is like trying watching a vampire in a mirror. Or you think it is a funny film, or your blood become icy, or it gonna finish gore.
Speaking of gore. Here I am with the whole colony, me, my spouses, and the children we manage to produce without melting our genes. Only by willing- oh it is the partner that would suit my teaching.
I guess that our problem democratic are gonna solve themselves by human trafficking. Ya, my old friend, you cannot stop good bargain.
As for you, if you are any children left, be careful of anything around as flesh is flesh.

Nice progress.
‘The overall can be incoherent.’

Agreement with limits, openness and territory are the art of parenthood.
And if not inspire, and thinking of all it all the days and years around, then the wrong move will remain in deed and hawked from the nearest to this other one.

I was allowed by my stoics duties as make love and protect one’s spot at the same time it cannot possibly be.
To only touch you during the winter mainly.
The winter the best season ever.
As my way of caressing was to offer my feeling all in giving one of these coldest nights.
Bloody, warmy.

The holy spirit.
And amen.
Are two feminine entities.

Like the father and the son but that it requires too much honesty…
’To convene.

When you need representation to figure oneself a god.

My wife is my god, my spouse, my half, the why I believe in after and the here and now combat, that cannot be bloody as long as I save whatever is longevity. In my heart, whatever could help. In the logics, as much as every as boundlessly. Take without conditions. Otherwise my breach and break all along the venom of if, I pretend not to believe. To hide to myself that proof was just in your hearing. What about my touch?
My spouse is the how I manage to hold on, my progeny the what for. To give my fluid and live and die happy for that.
For all that.
Die happily.

Miss what


Half of a heart ? as interrogation mark.

The unfairness of people just showing that they don’t believe in a lot, despite what they shout, groan and essay.

I cannot possibly cheat on you, as each time I love, sexually mentally comprised, it is you  I touch as in the free wheel of my life, my choice has been that.
And how I became for the others an it.

To be jealous because in the brawls that can be occasioned your love might be hurt, and you and your relationship teased and tested, for the sake of hazardous occurrences bumping into each another.

You want to nick me?
I could do the same, just to protect my female.
Thanks I have one, as I won’t be thinking of your rape.

You know the Icaria legend.
The difference is that you do not have to flee away.

There is something one single think indestructible as it is the sense of survival and thrive, spread in shock, blatant, roaming, hidden, or fleeing.

To meet the devil is an honor as you can’t make it right without an angel.
Or else it is not a meeting but the end of you or your free.
Fray, and reason build, at a cost, pragmatically. As one will follow without knowing ill or virtue. Without knowing is the purpose of gauge the spirit and mind that will admit after that one’s knowledge is ramage.

To the last,
Like this I don’t have to count any, let alone counting back.

In London, only one spot for the communities to join up, gather: the libraries.
The libraries that are to be super quiet places because people-many of them, children and youth included- suffer from the nuisance of the noise within their household or neighbors- cannot study at their full capacity or sometimes cannot study at all when disturbances are laws.
Are laws, because already the libraries were so noisy as no staff were in charge for the silence to be respected, but now, grandiose, the boroughs have supported laws, policies, allowing the members of libraries to disturb anyone else reading, studying or thinking.
Why all of a sudden politicians decide that it is ok for a library to resemble a café, a market, all but precincts where people are ensured to a propitious, favorable place for studying?

1.      Because there is no other place for the people to meet.
In the U.K, where youth need money to enter any significant activities leading to physical, cultural, intellectual, etc…development. Left, the natural game becomes ‘playing wars’ only tool left to strive. Cf: knives epidemic.
There is no space, but the pubs and other private clubs.

To note: the mayor of the borough touching indecent salaries, while the citizens cannot hope for or a space to study with computers enhanced with a working internet (almost everyday slow), nor place where a democratic participation to the social life of the country and counties may be enhanced (common gardens, big parties, regular theatre in the street, paid mission for cleansing a river, a forest, to check if the factories, business and public places respect the necessary compulsorily toward-zero-of pollution and energy consumption that if not respected is like to say to the next generations, we are kindly and systematically killing you.)

2.      Because people preventing from working won’t climb the ladder, or will following the principal order: ruins.


Along the life, feeling yourself more and more external at your own being, in the sense that whatever you do, think, experience, experiment, strive for, intellectualize, spiritualize, whatever the degree of wisdom, knowledge, truth you’ve found, the way your life goes and unfold cannot be redeemed by of one’s act-none.
To feel then like exterior to one’s body, like watching a poor fiend or elected whore story-at times.

Think about slavery.
Think about cannibalism as if you are hunted from everywhere, it becomes the only means of survival.
And give the random fruit to one’s partner.

Intelligence can be defined and felt only by being the limitation and intersection of mutual communication or understanding.

Under take.
Sexual social fight. Sexiness and discrimination.
Conspicuous and adventurous, as for
Giving priority to the beginners.

No black-skinned saint?
Outrage or Blasphemy?
Better not being religious to damper down the diagnosis.

Impart ial.
im·part  (ärt
tr.v. im·part·ed, im·part·ing, im·parts
1. To grant a share of; bestow: impart a subtle flavor; impart some advice.
2. To make known; disclose: persuaded to impart the secret.
3. To pass on; transmit: imparts forward motion.

[Middle English imparten, from Old French impartir, from Latin impert, impart : in-, in; see in-2 + part, to share (from pars, part-, part; see per in Indo-European roots).]
The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

impart [ɪmˈpɑːt]
vb (tr)
1. to communicate (information); relate
2. to give or bestow (something, esp an abstract quality) to impart wisdom
[from Old French impartir, from Latin impertīre, from im- (in) + partīre to share, from pars part]
From Free online dictionary.

Not to have to specify my thoughts or actions.
As if I don’t check for any others.
I am cert’ain that my half of their integrity is sure.

What I found was not what I knew.
Life’s prodigy.

The sacred books, nothing more than a few human indications for survival and soul elevation.
But sacred as people gathered for the vital propagation of some moral and introspection. For the naming of communities welfare, for some holiness in the body and the mind that was worth of protection.
There are the results of devotion to words and search for morality being put into an ethics that give some higher aspirations toward and in behalf of a beyond may.
They are also the sign that along time and space, obviously at the cost of lives of worship and battles, they are objects and structures that people managed in their having been kept and cared.

What did it take of animal sufferings for a palm becomes a pawn and fingers went bending?

I d like my cemetery to be closed, as I have this luck of having no one but my half will-back-again-till-the-sovereign-day, no one but me and my mission in my grave. Waiting for my cemetery be freed from that who dug no tunnel.
Freed from anyone honestly as as long as we are apart; the need for gouine out of hell.

Go in.

Don’t treat me like your fowl.
Or you get ready to make a foe.

Mass ter.
Miss us.

Ce soir de la vieille de l an je pense a ta mere evidemment.
Tu sais il y a penser et penser.
Et quand j’ai la sensation de sentir en un flash qu il se peut qu elle soit dans une position similaire a la mienne aussi de nous se rappelant. A ce moment le flot  m emporte dans un tourbillon qui m arrache un cri. Ne pouvant se finir en espoir de vous revoir, avant d etre emporte, un cri dechire.

On that night, a film of a doctor and his wife, bringing walter conduct in chinese mountain.
French lullaby. The ones we sang and the we meaning your childhood, friends and family reunited. All words that remind you of what you saw and since then I ve watched, looked for, or ameliorated of your notions, perceptions, visions of purity.
All, or if not all, but all will come to nurture your mother aside me, binding my aim.
Every time, every world that can transform itself of an essence of what my half has me treasure, polish and serve ferociously.
Without any moment of failure, as each time that there has been consciousness it was bliss and completeness.
The other times when I miss her or my opportunities at redeeming, making the best of one’s patch and depth, then I ve got to see them as lessons praying me for giving, in the sense of endlessly, untirelessingly preparing for a match made in heaven bethroval.

This world where the money may be directed only for prostitution of hypocrisy accepting the rules of corruption.
Where finally if you decide to endure, the only love that you could have kept, would have to let itself imprisoned, killed or raped.

This break of taboos. This enhance disclosure of habits, events, facts, happening, stances, wonder, opinions, suggestions […] only gracious if for comprehension and more than horrendous if begged, confide and entrusted for finally being gulped, crashed and wasted, annihilated by coercion.

Muslims called Mohammedans during the 20th century might be quite relevant as followers of the New Testament are called Christians.
It is doubly relevant as the Qu’ran preach not to divinize any one besides God, though in some instances people take words and preacher, made sacred  outwork, called the, the forget the premises, the sine qua non, the foundation of humble, praising, serving dedication, where one recognize not being under nor over, that if there is a the, is because it can go through, all over and beyond any and every.



The only means for me to still be able to be devil or death is to love you; as without these thought nil as minus for sole result.

Haram (forbidden)

End of history.
What about hysteria??

Sometimes I don t have a heart, as it must be let travel.

People say that a more shared society and egalitarianism society could not work, because they pretend that this society of sharks works like a dream. The utopians are them pretending that the in put they imagine are right, almost comprehensive and perfect. Without experimenting their concepts on the grounds an, into an iota.
What leagues? A leg of shaming the roots to the offspring, refuse improving, refusing tests and e-labor-ation, refusing life.
A work in-stills, in-stead a deal.
A deal un.ideal.

You will have to teach them something.
Or else, they will likely being taught by the predators of raison.
Bring up, put down. Rise and adjourn.
Teach? taught, tought, thought.
Raise on.
Raise son.

Every time I feel lonely, doing it because the silence is going to stay and then my love giving itself in for contemplation may invade all that I am, a soul whose heaven is when what I do enables up to you my spirit and will.

A stake to which everyone is allowed to explain, complain…
             In for                          supposed to have everyone as equally treated as free.
Some full-time job society.

The eyes may be the souls’ mirrors as they are very active and are a view on the inner; connected to the holes, to the mucous membrane, revealing the quivering of the mind and thought and perception. To leave that area so unveiled, without protection, with so fine barriers, in more direct contact to the air and the light that transport any flow. Remind us of the high, red zone of any dramas, of any dangers. High frequency movement of the eyes updating us know.

-Your are the boss.
-Why, because I look after your kitty?

The cleaning jobs are ill-considered now because we clean while destructing our environment in using chemical, poisoning, defertilizing, bleaching…
In fact instead of cleaning we just aggress, sterilize the place we live in.
And also because people have lost this notion of what we messed we have to put back in order, as they think it is logical that people looking after the mess others bring about, be less paid. Ironic. Iron nic.

The words racism should banned from being used. As it is a long-know scientific basic that there is no human races, only one race within the species.
Mind, were there several, pray for it do not matter. But it still would have people simply does not take into account others beings.
On being vegetarian.

It is bad, prostitution as it distorts the rules. One cannot expect to know how to behave properly (towards a human being) as long as this one is not free. Free from constraint, or greediness stemming from the torture of thinking that those are the laws for survival.
I cannot know until everywhere can express one’s true will and beauty.
Truth and genuineness.
Gene and trace.

To be dominant is to let oneself be dominated by fancies pansies, = predetermined rules, which you do not challenge.

People mocked a lot of cannibalism. A way of asserting, we don’t do, that, we are civilized (look at how people react when poorer...they are doomed like, an holy call on development, viva the progress, viva at any prices.)
And now it is the organs that will be on the sales, cool, impassive victoria.

-to work for power.
-I did not say abuse of power.

The human have as a mission to remain the herd of all others animals.
That is to say making sure that everything is settle for every species to live within the best of the environment and our kind of intelligence searching for these environments to be the freest possible from violence. Violence mainly caused by lack of territory and resources by firstly stopping killing other animals for our own selfish use or from our lack of respect for their biospheres.
And like that starting to communicate with other species and begin the travel on all seas.
All seize in Fluidity.

Terre your donation.

Art is the way out of censure since the artist put his feeling even if, like in life he must cover with the veil of the appearance (what) that has the most chances of being seen.

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