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My cat went and did not turn back.
He vanishes, you like.
I am waiting.
All cracks of the city.
All glint through the windows.
All shades I envy.
All speaking of children.
All words that we could have whispered.
The gaggling and babbling that was the silence so longed for, and guarded.

After the shock not pretending to have to watch t.v. facing my losses, the wastages. My fur and furious reciprocity. Not rushing when doing something with, not bumping across every living, but here more seeking one that could be the one needed. If I had been so strong when loosing my past. Him of all who was left of it. If I had been so strong I would have written better.
In the long run the problem of where the true supporter has been?
In fact today I did watch TV but to avoid crying, as for all the gaps, and however this pretty town I am in, terrors, he was the one who chased the ghosts of error.

(for the record, he gave me the fright just for a couple of days)
My pet, mon ami amid.

Rewriting and rewriting again as of my mess, and the not having the place, the safe, the pace, of because after writing no more energy or even sense of society, don’t spare it, everything will be on the loose or everything recovered.
I believe that if I may comment on existence is because any comments from any spots will be up there-the original matter.
Mater, mother.

Mater, mother.

To loose one’s work, a few seconds, a few minutes perhaps but never that you can have back.
And be driven to work at healing what is gone instead of knowing that it cannot leave you and be fraught with it.
Delusion. Deluge.
Sadness be the tempest explosion or if not the flood will hood not only our elaborated reason, but behead derision.

Equality and pursuit of happiness. To look for one’s own truth, way of life, research, interest. In the intellectual and spiritual sense, to build oneself and life, and tis wildness, creativity, w ownership and beyond possibility and superiority.
Of course it is simpleton and tongue but though sufficient.
For what and why we have to write more than tons. Because of wh-at?

Seducing someone/alike seeking, the mission. You missing.

The equality in opportunity. Opportunism ranting renting ranking.
The possibility and invectices at seizing ruthelless and destroy like put fire in the village you just pillaged.

Homos could be seen as a violent topic, as being a target of sexual and bodily integrity safety.
I could kill you. I could have to. I am a killer.
As these questions bring in every one the very question of freedom and the best of the viler societal permission-marriage, heirloom and looting business, our big market of ‘protection’ for embedded and marriage ring prostitution.

Fiendisation, morbidity calling.
Up to our sexes, organs.
Breaking the souls. Louse.

The main media and the art of the trivial stories.
Holding the fact they filter bigger hit, problems, injustices in the communities.
Pretending that none of them are found or even brought to the attention of the journalists, in planting a tree, the forests covering.
Unjustices, or in-justice.
To present the population with big issues, that come unresolved and not talking about more local issues, more details knowledge and experience and ordeals endure by the population. Only talking about the other ends of an act in form of legislation or when consequences canot be overturened at the final of a brig bery enclosing thougsand s of people having to nod as without it no more jobs. To present failed and unworried mps, to rpesent business man with impunity, to present huge bills with no details in it. To present just policy work words without the slightest investigations on how our daily life is controlled by the economy lord, how people are takne for klnex . how people will be economical y killed if the slightest legitimate protest. The media is for the bigger corporations, without identity but the mechanisms of bank account, making int bigger as if big hu juggernaut is not taken little by little at each nich of their misact, and misfit, will never move of an inch,
Vouch wave hutch hunch making.

Skin, skies.
So how is earth now, like someone burring bi-polar burning.

-What do you want me to do with someone like that?

The horrors of having to write brief notes when inspiration comes,
And when rereading, no proof of this past understanding.
Grasp. Evasion. Elude illusion. Evade off rhapsody.

This morning, like a clock, I miss the appointment.
It was due, it was so important.
On the obsession at being on time, as in time would ask more than that.
The cat woke me, the dawn of the window indicating his envy.
I had to spend the start of this day with him, as it would have branded the fact that he come from being lost yesterday.
I would have add to wake up, with it beginning.
My sleeping, none courageous enough, for rising and this facing a body deaden by the tasks that are at the purpose of the cracking.
A body deaden, but of what exactly?
I did not, not to concern after all that the companion that honours me every day, would not be attended as far as he could avoid this now known danger.
My yielding.
The appointment this morning, went numbing dream.


The distant politeness ‘wish you for the best’.
Indication in this case at closest following, harder.
The core of her.
Encore, courier, curt, court, runner.

Don’t worry in some feminity, that means don’t care. As happiness with no concern replace and reclaim calamity. Lame. Call all lame amity.

A morning your letter.
Me, traumatized by having to go.
Like if in the move I would be scattering feelings
Where there is no front or behind.
No sense. No way.
The part of my soul that you brought bare, there dismay.
Misplaced, the distress of weakening what could and did invade.
Of a cry not being invited, in the crowd, desolate.
where you are not around.
Wherever black or bland, blend, blind, blunt or blond.

A grey complexion.
Lack of breathing deep, or pollution option only.
In a better redemption, you would have oxygen cloudy.
What is this air, but demonstration of human imbecility. And the last instants, our construction for graves. But not one of vehiculation, as none will transport if live aim has been tromped betrayed once again and again..the one of serving life and keep death away, in all circumstances, in all pain. In all and know through there that the pain inflicted to the lnad ot to earth as a whole and to we each of her babes, will have her open wide her mouth in a cry and swallow them- the lay.

On the remembrance; abcd, bass, asbestos; on cultural toleration.
And the Fatwa on Salman Rushdie
For reviving traditional peoples’ tales.
Religions, ect, sect sleds salesman.

In the name of culture continuation, people forcing of adoption of a culture ‘denature’ tolerating no alternatives as these enforcements are for them exploitative contests.
Even if preservation of rules, they will be untrue to their funders as changing contexts, circumstances, causes, consequences, effects, sides, streams, means, ideology, reality.
In the name of all.
Calculs considerate consideration, as pompous as mortals and lies.
Calculation on reconsideration.

Equal opportunities at pollution.

The cat having spotted a fly, was bending, totally at tent at the place this merry-go-round use to be.
Bending, placing his eyes on a regular circle, expecting an apparition, no, hoping a resurgence where it has been seen vanishing.
The cat face, the floor facing.
The fly like an elephant hallow over the back of his head consciously tracing.

Ps: no, no, don’t try and catch her and she will permit herself to be seen.
Just like the dragon fly that in fact position itself in order to do just what you are attempting doing; observing.

To see an event, to write it, and reread it at a time or another one will complete. Work. Rock.

In nature males train physically to protect broods. In certain human discourses, males argue that this training- not only masculine but anyway- are a justification at suppressions, not abolitions- and not the freer exploration of human prerogatives alongside harmonious collectivity-.
At our.

THEy were taking all his time, as the other was so enclosed. Not one day was away as the whole time needed to possibly reordering patience and pain, ignorance and strays.
And if-or only its trial- reunified, the world would be renamed.


Sometimes as vain as with a heart.
Vein. Aortal-b. art, orbital, baby.

Is it?

She collected orgasms.
She went with my organs.
She collected rescues.
She went with my rattle.
Rattling rale. Not the one of the first-born or just too tender to take the frond. And round rod.
To tender. I am without the woo for a woman. Die allures. Die millers.
Ailleurs = elsewhere in French, same pronunciation than ‘higher’.

Till when?
Till midnight, and noon afterwards.

To feel that they could be my soul mate. When being certain that without them I ll be dead. Alone in a world.
And can feel at this more than thought but slap and blank of the universe, one’s soul soul should old soil(ed) to crash, tear torn and dispersed.

-          I don’t want ours.
-          Like me then, you are well alone.

If I could sue Microsoft for all the files that lost, erased, itself or did not record when they were supposed to; I could life on bail.

A life, come, contemplating the a maze in g. of mysteries.

When people claim to be of a religion; that beg a question.
That is to say, you did your communion?
Or was born in a country where it is compulsory declared, like at the customs.
Perhaps it is so easy to say or do bad, invoking religion and citing thrive at humane intention, because of this having to comply with regimes not alms.

Alm, lam, blade, lame.

Naivety is sometimes know better, when being candid is being fine, the inner sense of the ‘ought to be’. Nativity.

To have been in one’s personal prison for following the every taboo that hypocrisy and crave for safety from wanting impunity command.
To be preparing for the best of one’s travel and enquiry, to let people we love, mix, and come across with, appreciate the absolute of a lifesowing.

My cat, looking after me, each time he comes back home.
Dancing, overseeing, thinking, inspecting, cuddling and kissing.
And on all other species, the specific knowledge and the common sense that feeling and language are still to be mixed and shared. On all species on every other species, the parenting.
When other species, despair. Even between human the pretense of mall comprehension in order to avoid the punishment or stopping when elaboration of fault recognition.

It is my life, therefore I did not loose anything.
Regret except.

And hop,
A little clone, free of salary.

Crossover bodice in French are called the “hide hearts”.

‘She has dog senses’.
Meaning she has acumen.
To be racy.

One walk.
Two walk.
Three walk.
Four walk.
Fourteen walk.
Forty walk.
Four hundred walk.
Four thousand walk.
Four million walk.
Four billion walk.
Fortress. Fort recess.
For eternity.

The outcry about European colonization.
Only the last.
If only.

By pity, don’t speak of love.

It is never too late.
Other half and reincarnation inspire every day on that.
It was her, and spent years and years following this appeal.
Running, tumbling, almost everything, only short of when I felt weak, sinning or seek sickening. But to no know one’s heart and head, boundaries, predicament, and medicament of having this ill.
I would have pursuit in hell, no doubts; I was the reincarnation of her dearest.
I did not make up this one, she told me, “I think you are the reincarnation of the light that warmed me and my heart. The why, whatever the happenings, the risks, the vacuum and pitfall, whatever horrible, I knew there were more about breathing.”
Since the day she convinced me with it. The first second of my fathoming that it is that that she actually said, I kept on being.

I believe and made towards happenings that for her and inspire, could be the impossible.
I believed that for this I could not think to no one else since she told me ‘ex-it’.
My beliefs led me steady, round to the flagrance that the impossibility of a rebirth be overcome by you, stranger.
Ranger and the span of imbecility at last relish and unleash by another hope, opulent, of opportunity in possibility.

The question on if we will be part after death, as for answer, that part of me will be in you, al-read-y-.
The question is not whether. Ether. Wither. 

Calling ‘it’ as a sing of sign of respect as don’t depend on gender classified pride probity.
Prohibit. Predate.
O pre-date?

A fundamental other notion to take into account when equality is put into practise aiming at redistribution or social justice is thinking about capability, or disabilities, that is to say specific features of an individual regarding his inner potential to fulfil or not economic or social expectation, needs or demands. If people are not naturally endowed- by nature or social position- with this workable potential that are specially asked from them – disabilities, young, old age- then the society has for duties to help them realizing their other capabilities and attain their needs. And show what other paths takes brain activity. Wiry witty.

Equality of repartition would be understood – when no strict- as like in Tawney[i] stipulates it, not a strictly similar incomes but with difference of ‘minor significance’. This rough proportionality being the only way for preventing people from being in position of undue power and thus breaching other’s natural rights. In parallel to keep outcome up with activities, i.e, that the individual being reward twice if he works twice as much, would maintain the ‘staff motivation’ of which proponents for absence of rules in the economy, illogically state that might be derived only through ‘laissez-faire’.

Now it is of the human thought and effort to build a system where equality would no mean impunity and slavery, and retardation.
As well as the individual to be caught into having to supply the majority of the failure of assimilation.
Friction, eviction. Humanity does not know itself as the sole means of his survival was consensus in abobination. And for the rest to thrive borders and walls while murders and robbery happen meanwhile.
Schizo, frenetic.

However helping each other towards a more dense and intricate solidarity is the way of finding common sense and honouring gifts and opportunities, anti-egalitarianism with the levelling down objection [i] will spurn the effort at elaborating social interaction saying that everyone would be at worse- would be true if equality was about looting and not constructing, or about standardisation and authoritarianism and not preferences and diversity. This ‘leveling down’ certainly echoes the ‘tricking down effect’ and pursuit of self interest at whatever expenses in pair with ‘laissez-faire’ objectives, forgetting all about what systematic and ‘unrepaid, undeserved’ ‘expensive’ tastes policy will cost for, of, to humanity.
Spurn, spur.
But people are well polite out of fear of having to actually prevent not distress but true disarray.

Love and love story. When these ????? argue over life and innovation motivation.

Social interview :
C’est bien, c est bien, c’est bien.
…mon chien.

My ressurection in you, the proof of having still a heart, nurturing being.
The icy outlook of when you quit, whom and in loosing what, I ll now be able to revive that?

It is why it is called love, it is that you ll be able to do anything for nothing but it.

Ok that mean i could try to look in strict cultural identity within the gays, or the cross gender sample?
According to Young, I think, she says that the way sexual orientation is treated by different culture made them ... but ok i understand your point, since they are in every culture, in every human...
ample. Am plethora. Thor.
G like jee.

The poor can reassure themselves that at least they have not been lethal for humanity with carbon print directed the all boat into the furnace ovens. Formal fornic Formica.     
Well not quite, they still have the one-pound possibility to pour into drain out of hatred for humanity, and their children. Chill.          Mind at work millions have to do like that. Development of inflicted death by proxy and poisoning. Let’s celebrate, why not, let’s be real.

When every political efforts should be made for conservation- and thus creating jobs, in surveillance of consumption, public and business building, and private places alike, are lights everywhere, very wear, undirected or in-directly without escape possibility, as one cannot escape anyhow to have inflicted death, whatever the miles into spaces, the matrix has it into ya. Yarn. In-stead of being move-sensitive like if we ll become suns, left heating in summer, while windows are opened, in winter people in tee-shirts, animal killings to throne our mythical humane monopolistic sensibility, kilos of food thrown as it were sows sown, not taling about the pigs, ney.…
Instance in head.
Well we’ll, we will. Swill.

To instate,
Found raising, no, a state affair, when the state will clearly supervise accountability and fair deal.
Comic upstanding.

To be so crazy in love.
And not possibly avow it. Wov-en.
As it could not been heard, but by a fallen heart.

Thinking of kissing.
With as the resolving result of burning inside.
As we are as apart as she decided to know.
Reason ate.
Perhaps only the love that is inside and its holder no in the capacity of have it circulate.
If love is love, I shall travel.
Whereas I met in her my idea of a renewed perfect.
Let’s convey this relief to a bettered self.
For it to serve worthy aims.
As without her, even.
As without the love unburied by the life of hers, by the reassurance of her existence
No respite, no colors.
As even without her, she gave the summit instance from which the flow of faith may recite. Record licit.
As even without her, but knowing she is there
The fervor to heaven could permit, and throbs by throbs, inspire.

To portray themselves as being reckless in order to preview the justifiacation and glorification ot of them being rotten.
Routening. Root tenning.

I think I just have found a ‘let m’ us’ to know if my soulmate it could have been.
The verge of tears.
On the edge. Brink and pledge.

But what if you d become my only interest.
As with the loom of having to go through, alongside your disdain
The only sensation that embodying those time remain.
Would be my having to call life and the simple fact of breathing,
For a sole companion.
Asole. Asshhole.

Inter rest.
The peace that might be to make at going further. Make ha.
As opening is less dangerous than growing incest.

An old form of torture was to coat someone in tar.
Now, after having collected all the oil that permitted the planet not to overheat through internal shifts and friction, it is recovered by concrete like on an animal, if your skin does not breathe, you are dying-quickly, one day of agony remaining.

Et puis si je n ai jamais d’ epouse.
Le voyage fera la belle.

Slave is still a good word.
When love is implied.
The ultimate, that shows that one cannot meet more glorious than a mistress for wildness be entrusted.
Instilled inlay.

To loose everything, have not had any.
Be the wish and hope to long.

Thinking every minute of it.
Ask if it is worth are it have you tumble since you cannot, enough, run. Shaked, dug and tormented, if ever she s stayed. How could it be paradise, if from looking for or after, have bled.
And when these cease, to find back one’s corpse, chants, chapel and sonnet, like nope.
As one rule, one faith- one ring to any spirit, for all the moves seen as offspring- shall roll.

To regret each moment when stopping.
As the pain was the pretext for giving in and up, the feeling.
Cut from that present, that leveled one’s deep and out, you meant.

The only way she might love me,
Is to like what I do, what I say.
To like it also in the sense of enduring it enough to bring forth,
A stronger if respectable lot.
My problem is that she will have to like
What I write, the essay, the attempt, at living for its sake.
But they are only props to me,
And that she loves them, to expect I cannot.
And without them to direct, giving sense, or alleviate my fate
Would be bleak, unadorned by what the freedom of building
Concede of victory.
It is why art is pain, as without it I could not say that I am.
But without her, though always ways away from only lonely pπart.
Away from what I found, as a better place is who is she?
Without her, what would it be for, more than farewell to what is worth due to that soul and mind move and shape, due to it, her, a sister, a mother, a lover, a spouse, the magnetic all around power.
Π is an altar.

For info:
A new study that says that vitamins stored in the kitchen or bathroom because of moisture will lose (haze hose) their components. That is to say, except expect not exempt, ruin one’s bowel with pills.
Com conclusion: eating vitamins from where they are usually stored is useless. As pills are usually store there and that the consumption of pills is damaging for the intersectional, intestinal system.
A bit like when you take 200% of the rda of vitamins C thinking you ll be more energetic whereas any pharmacist knows that it is not good for energy to consume more than the 100%. In fact having more than the dose of vitamins one needs will notoriously among the medicine person will have a detrimental effect on people’s body. Whereas it is proudly written more than 200% of the RDA in most of vitamins products, as none of these quacks are subjected to ‘insider trading’.
Your conclusion??

Something related with the pretence of big political debate, that are supposed to be around ideas, but are in fact the representation of ‘insider dealing’, the delegate of big business that are elected good as long as they follow the rules, taking advantages, even not of ignorance, but what do you want to do when elected will only be deal (Deem, dim) poor puppet.
Though putting into the pressure of winning in the arena, thus giving the illusion of fighting for ideal, while putting on ideology that suit a devil pact.
When the servant of people become servile to their ration logics. Sir, Herr vile.
False struggle, false consciousness.

If the terror of having lost could bring us to protect.

Prost, prostit.

To write, to create, to think, to considerate. All kinds of pre-conception and concepts, as one day everybody knows that their love might go, that their world just collapsed.
To have aside this stock, to tell you, hone-y, if nothing stands, it used to be, and for ever leaning to the why I understand, what perhaps sustains in your memory.
No more, than a lover seeing its mate, acting as life is constituted, for us, the most or perishing denying that union would not mean all.
This particle in one’ s c.vitae, that have brought towards the non-return, the truth of why is so accessible and bearable impunity. Eternity.

To be able to do concession for one and not for the other, as the former could be always and surely is what of forever calculation may.

W orld.
Lord W.

This violence, this sadness on the how we can cope within madness.
And my love so far, so distant as it needs to be from disarray.
People think that I am dead from this growing.
And one point, without your taste, there d be for the end, no substance, no depth, no tremors, no envy, or entreaty, nor quest, beseech, mercy or forgiveness to the world, its sufferance, and what I have not made, for what I could have pled-just haste.

To wish to be a vampire.
To have every night someone to visit.
Are vampires subjected to the human same ban on their true desire though / would it be possible to choose the one they live for or from?
No sure. They would be on the rise, if so.
Deader than.
Cue, co a came Maclane and drank cull-a.

Her presence so new, that I was blocked each time that the intellectual association of her and de-sire from my knowing to want what she looks after. Blocked like by an apparition, which I must welcome and (c)enter [scent] to vanquish the instinct of suspicion when comes the unexpected.
What could be foresighted whereas an instinct for relating is about another truth, enabled to wider, previously invisible connected, thinking.
And now looking for a sign that resembles it, the what was previously keeping wonder.
From reserved to wombed.


Associated happiness with one’s love as every moment where you can act, protect, improve, expend, extent…is dedicated, is linked with that there is no direction without from this constant other’s feeling.
And constant, sustain by one’s one love, every other life movements attaching.
This essential link that makes that however the ecstasy, however the pain, you ll go with what has counted to be.

When having lost or being stolen everything.
The wildness takes over, even if no bad intention cover.
The vice of insecurity is that what is next to connect is the bite or cliff-jumping that still rage insane.

 Natural laws are that bunch of logics like equality, justice, freedom that are blood for a group to become stronger. An harmonious strength delivering inner and outer assurance- of combination that will readiness as fine as one’s sought admit.

Culture coming from latin cultura, colere.
Colere meaning ‘anger’ in French.
Would it be possible that the anger that texts of religion talk about, be about the logics of consequence and cultural disaster. As if still humble nevertheless subject, one acts, experiments, bows and feels, it could not be the nature of God. More than a stronger being vector of one’s limitation.
Superiority is utilized to announce one’s ignorance and the way we can do and tend towards without being every where doing it, and transformed anyway by this bit.
Supreme means the door- open to sincere appeal, almighty as never missing- and more than the all lot we only just knew that was beyond of what cannot be seen.
Versus unit.

Religion are the words used to represent how the perfection strike us within what love and care for one another, be it matter or air.

This key on the deadly fear about loosing one’s life or whatever guarantees it.
Without the thought of you, applies nothing.

It is when you find politicians gabbling about social hand-out, thus blaming basically economically produced unemployed.
Whereas no other politicians might counterfire as every of them in the game-board is no representant of the people but corporative delegates, talking about charity when their jobs is to take shares to lions.
Like the big lottery of our society where no one can say, as resources is guarded not in the great lakes but in the bugs’pocket.
Every one having to want to be the next in line, as if you don’t wear the forge coat of that identity, cry for doing something that have been banned = look after one’s community, and life from, for and for what it has not yet explored.
Going out of the hell, of being refused to reduce poverty, attrition, pollution, abuses…more than 600000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
000000000000000000000000000000000billion jobs, to get our little humanity out of reaper.

Sex in relation with so physical intense excitement that inner organ. Orgasm, are felt and shaked, checked.
The shivers, as the rest stung and prickly.

Knowledge gives concepts. And one needs concepts too set many possibilities for setting free.
The problem is that if knowledge becomes a commodity, more than a building area, then one will apply the power of the learnt and spread concepts to the hegemonic power only, i.e, the one selling.
If when we say selling we don’t think shared actions but cleavage of propriety.
The concept of genocide, i.e, killing in order that our sins cannot destroy everything, not because of being intelligent species, but not too prolific.
Fertile in the sense of individual well fare and common autonomy.
In the name of the universal, the little bit about God that has been given to take care.

Unemployed. One can think at least it is time for you to go and have a run, building the strength of your body, after your looking for something. Thus getting rid of the depression attacking you when in the no possibility of life construction-socially speaking.
But like in the case where there is no place to improvement or collaboration in your work place, if you start going stronger, without outlet the danger for you of not having obvious way of directing your energy, is likely to shift it into aggression or anger. Therefore you don’t do it.

To reproduce at a moment or one makes the other thinks to someone else, and the baby is from outer space.
Interspecies and alike.

The word ‘sex’ recall the only way we make difference between males and females. Also it brings a too heavy and socially ridiculous images of what the societies have commanded people to be.
Unsensual, unconsensuous, uncorporal or only in term of butchery.

also, people denying animal rights by any other arguments. Simply explained by the fact that they overlook the feeling and worth- as well as human capacity at protecting and valuing other than their self, short-term, irrational, interest at hurting the other ones- of humans.

The realist politics that are in fact most unscientific and at a long term unconcievably lasting. The ideology of making people believe than better is meaner. Like that justifying capital accumulation, and bringing as relief the fact that sooner will be total, without spare destruction.

Commonly done, is not antimomical with each person doing it at its own pace and space. But only that organizing situation permitting that, that and well regulated, implies altogether another level in the elaboration of our societal production, niches, and outlets.
Making simpler though by transparency.
Avoiding tyranny by freedom of expression and activities- through free time after community work done.
Community service = done harmlessly = not work involving production of harm = rights to ask product free of pollution, exploitation, dictacture.
The protection of harm less value would be the savers from goods abuses or the fact that people would wait for things to be done at their places.
That is to say motivation maintain but not through goods accumulation but work interest and of still competitivity.
Not a ideal world as all these are hot topic susceptible to a lot of cheating, theft,  unjustice, bugs… but less to a lesser degree than entitled and formal mafia- business, politics, civil society, any kind of relationship, prophetise by the actual states system.
It is why they rather say that the state is weak, or should be-nothing to do with apparatchik.
I am sure than in the U.S.S.R, them too could use irony.

Genital mutilation as birth control, in women as it was on them only that you could minimize it without stopping it completely.

I may have a shock at any body in the street, but this is when I am deeply with you, or of the construction of my to-of thinking  about your case.
Shall you agree to bear it?

As somewhat reassembling the whole planet, as the idea of culture is associated with a same language, English would have better to accept being modernized in welcoming other structuration of sentences and vocabulary- as a token of polymorphous ways of explanation and formation – because since all the cultures and all the minds have fallen short of divine texts already.

To laugh is only the way of containing as well as conveying intellectual excitation. Therefore animals will have fun producing alternative sounds, move and deriding.

I love will all my mind.
An irresolution though. I would have to accept to be from my almost long-lasting life love a divorcee.
I had never parted from it, even if did not last the story. My lover was gone, but staying the result, the life saving that he managed, the, if-not, unconceivable repairs.
And now that, enhance my life and the everythink i ever did, I cannot right now, cause I will have to say to myself, it helped you as long as now where … where I cannot say, as if you, after my being o.k, meaning that I agreed that I could let you have what is inside- what would you still be the day to give up you will decide.
It is how I remain nearby, simply because when it is you, I could even take you abandon. As to approach once more what would be perfection, tell you about all walk of lifes, the power of the whole adoration.

She was the key since of all my span I knew a paradise and pledge and plea for one. One with whom I had to stay alive for. I should have been. She was the key as so relevant, conductive, conducted onto the fair share that my all days needed. That another person from there, from now, could appear, at the first certain sign of approval only.

S/He thought it was about love, renaissance, faith, absolute, trust, confidence, ultimate, deepness, physical and mental property…It was just the effect of their encounter that because of this mutual agreement, approbation, the words could popped round as invited.

The sexualisation of behavior and attitudes, the fact that people are enforced to say he or she in engagement situation- is at the origins of sex- desire, actualization, or and what is graver, the positive effect its has on body emotional linkage leading to intellectual solidarity and compassion- vulgarization.
Maybe this vulgarity is part of the propaganda of non involvement, of being faulty if mentally receptive, of the danger of identification- letting the people happy with robot and non too shocked- as numbed by social elimination self-content- by an average social floating between inhumane treatment and praise on the result of extorting other = undue hyper-indulgence.
Bastardisation as society is not invited to explore itself or one another as individualization is about pretending that we own it- on self respect, discovering and invention.

The beautiful dilemma resolution-salvation- when I don’t answer in order to make sure that the next product of my assiduity will suit suspense and agony.

Queuing to the libraries in London to get a seat, in noisy places instead of where you should be protected in studying.
Queuing like in the worse time in the U.S.S.R.

And having to check if the heater is on, because despite global warming the room might be maintain over 25 degree C. what Glam?

Home is the place I used to run to, when living there she was.
Before that, after that, a ritual space for the grave.

He was threatening ‘ I d kill you, you homos’ as much as he has been himself threaten, of being so arduously in quest of affections.

The day I d aknowledge to be either side, in his society would be left for him to commit suicide, or so.
Be soft.

As patriarchy was regarded and defined as being the aggressors of women condition, thus concealing that men were victims of this hierarchisastion. That meant every thing we say is the truth, one sign of your intelligence and you are without live left.

Social researchers employed in the public sector and those
employed in commerce and industry tend to have less
autonomy over what they do or how their data are utilised.
Rules of secrecy may apply; pressure may be exerted to
withhold or delay the publication of findings (or of certain
findings); inquiries may be introduced or discontinued for
reasons that have little to do with technical considerations.
In these cases the final authority for decisions about an

Bait and bleed is a military strategy described by international relations theorist John J. Mearsheimer in his book on offensive realism, The Tragedy of Global Power Politics. The aim is to induce rival states to engage in a protracted war of attrition against each other "so that they bleed each other white", while the baiter who encouraged the conflict remains on the sidelines, maintaining its military strength.[1]

A piano might have a bigger range of sound than the human voice, but what about human more discreet vibrations or resonance?

Being completely out of time. The day, weeks, months. What are they? Now I use to be sure that a lapse of those have been taken mindily speaking, by the question? Progress, steadiness, boredom?
In setting progress, the best I can do is my secret, in stating efficiency is when whatever happen I stay at my post and persist till exhaustion of the satisfying.

She did the mistake of acknowledging the weather, thinking that I would like to walk with her as were radiant the sun.
She was for me the how seasons could pass back, round and away.

The complete absurdity? of having to need to love someone, even if this person is gone, just the certainty of being love in return, to begin to live, and move.
Move to?

In a way, an artist might to their job not for himself but for its audience, in the sense that I know that I know it is just by concern of it to be transmitted that I take care with expressing.

How do you explain that each time I aknowlegde my loving you, it is revival?
Do you think that it is the product of addiction, fate, activities, resolution, cerebrality, hope, perfectionability, instinct, fights, envy, ponder, fanthom, plots, comprehension, understanding, mechanisms, affection, self, indulgence, device.
What it is you that may?

In the morning, time to think of what will be going, a long sight over a paved path. I don’t even feel the desireoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooof knowing what is there. No fear, if it is like my present then better to look into my inner. This path that tell me get ready, as tough as it is, I am your life and the end is what i promise.
And all of a sudden, her voice reanimate, the voice of my mistress, she is not with me, she may well never be, but she is the why my present can blossom, for my future to have a chance to be alive.
Without her, is past boredom. Anything interesting is to drop, it is for seeing her in another existence what I endure to go passed and join, the sense of this be, enough, its sole demand for sacrifice, the why, it is propelled by moral, neatness, logics of when you want to find out what it is in you claim, more profound. The clamour or whisper of her voice being the how everything is charged with interest when I notice them alive, too, or no perhaps searching her like me. No more than responding at who without there is no choice, no object valuable as there would be no actions I could accomplish.
For my disobedience, for ma femme.
To marry someone who saved me. To cherish her for ages, whereas putting apart. Take apart for what she had always told me, but I could not realize how this could be in fact sheer impact.
We believed in reincarnation, till here everything in place. But in a particular style, me being a former part of her family. I thought no problem, it is spiritual, I am the one bringing back her lovest. She felf it as incestiousity.
I am not her lovest any longer, her son she has when we were gathered, her situation now, I don’t know, maybe with someone.
The thing is that for years I absolutely believe that her faithful at her situation would never be in love, never be happy- only with this person of her bygone story.
For year I met other persons I d love but her image, of me abandoning.
Today I may be released, if someone is up to take what I am- but this.
There is nothing for me to judge our relation, but the fact that she is the one that took me and keep me fighting in every round I was. That she was the why I tried to come out and well.

Two questions I am presently asking and the how I may be relieved.

If she was happy with someone else it is all what I d wish.
Csq: I am right to desire the same for myself. It is true love, wanting that people find happiness,whatever be with you or not, cannot be a concern any longer.

The other ones is the how this question have me haunted. If ever one day I think it is ok to love somebody else, what would happen if the day I am with this person I think that I the first one betray- this first person who is bygone or its kind.
I have just answered this one. If I have been faithful to my past, even if this past did not want to go on, it is by believing in something superior, a religion, morals, spirituality that needs to find a link and its rituals and its convictions and gardening everyday.
But now if I realize that I can know love with another individual, then if another day something come to me and say, you betray, I know that I would be time for me to rebel. As love is love and is recognizable among all. If I am permitted to promise one day, the other day no one can tell me to renounce and destroy.
I have been haunted for years by this scenario, living side to side with someone that I could not heal through body and mind- in the example of my wife a illness having, thinking that I was not faithful to my first and that my spirit could not be anywhere but with hers. Thus leaving the person who chose me, without my true soul.
Because thanks to my first I follow what appear to me the most absolute way of love, I trust what people commonly call God. From this logic one certainty, now i know in my heart that I would be able to render myself bearable for someone, that I could without problem, or solving the the gaping wide open going-round suffering or nihilism. That I know that I could finally regard my second like my first and thus like ever I saw someone since I am the product of so much and long, and that the second would agree to taking that.
The fact I feel able to renew the deepness that kept me in relation with an ideal. The fact that thanks to her I could bless and avenge any ordeal, give me right and duty to take the person I vow like the recipient of everything.

Drugs make you doubly suicidal, as euphoria comes from you sniffing out that would be at work later. But later what is left but incapacity.

I thought what my cat may well think about his home. What papers or sense of security might he have when it comes to adoption. I am here, well here, but what is he thinking about my potential go and not come.
Others, human behaviors regarding other species, the city reigning on us healthy, exterminator.

It is good you take all the time with me. All the time of me thinking of my position is needed, as you are the one entitled for my demons to be free. My demons and my fairies. It is better, not against you, but by instinct of protection, and by the instinct of destructing myself should you gave me what you would have to take.

She taught me and in our stories, we lived that we were previously thought as impossible.
Following you, the name of love, as I would do for my soul mate, will lead me to this possibility that whence will assure that the conduct of the believer is the prayer for a middle line not an extremity.
As absolute that I might have uttered, to have glimpsed at the point where destiny flash in melt, transform the passer-by into a pilgrim.

Of course, everything I do is for my health, but what is being healthy, without the perspective of offering one’s body to when it will be sane, for who could give a sense to that.

You know I d rather not start reporting all the spurious coincidences that I witness, as each time you repertoriate that, you may become a monk, like enable whence to stay facing a wall of summat, and waiting for challenges and answers. Obviously they would come like that. I avoid by weakness, by choice, by preference, by having to move, or learn a living, or see and explore another category. But the what I miss, only in another life would my stock entangle a knot.

My mother is my first and number one love. And to my spouse would hold hand.

To feel my partner, like to know that the truffle, not a one to swallow but to share, render all my flesh frenetically inhaling.

My mum always the number fist and one, for the spouse would be the other half, nothing incompatible.

Very commercial type of personality, but to remember that they are the ones providing the subjugated feeling of a good deal to the masses from times to time.

When in love, I find my lover to me similar to people who have respected me.

Apart from my duties and rights towards the community and towards my own survival and longevity, you would be my only time- the how quality measure can not be.

On individual rights?
Maybe you d rather to enslave you own child?

The anvil you put on me.

Even our love models might be here simply to tell us that they were nothing compare to the right one, even so they all lead us to it. In speaking of from dears and lovers to other halves, or from the humane- and any matter in the realm- to the divine.

There are people to whom I could entrust everything, but none to whom one could count on, simply as the answers are in more than one, unknown of what can be discerned or figure out.

Searching for more vocabulary, give opportunities at thinking better what meant. And finding oneself expressing view that could be opposilly interpret.

What this instinct of preservation facing a potential other groups- that have in mind economic hegemony through in part by cultural and ethnic segregation, is that what people defend as being worthy of ‘holy war’ or ‘worthy or producing whatever level of discrimination is in fact not innate, natural or divine ways of thinking, acting, segregating, organizing, that people could not live without; but are in fact the product of tactical and strategical polital struggles.


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