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Subjective, openly coming from the holder’s opinion.
Objective, a justification appealing to people reaction at treating their subject as object = deprived of specific, personal, inherent and independent truth.


Pose exposure.
Post           ur e

Mon ame.
Ame our.

Ame = soul.
Amener = lead, bring.

London 2010: Olympic games?
In the underground lane, an ad read, organ traffic, is the folk for or against?
How come this question asked by a leading paper ‘The Economist’ hasn’t been banned?
Is this tumour the tremour of an annunciation for an apocalypse day? Or if the laws were balanced one would be allowed to kill the one who let my children, my parents, any human being under threat of the torture, the threat of loosing one’s life, just because another one has more money.
To note: free from torture, slavery, and right to live, are the ones that the developed countries were so proud to have legally securised, and in international laws the sole laws you cannot recant. And then one morning you have to read that nothing seemed to be exempted from being consumed and endangered.
When people think they are superior gods, or lesser evils and legiti-mate Cannibalism.
I wish I could kill the one who on others’ organ prey.

The day of reckoning.
Con again?

Go and fine the cars that do not leave 1 meter between them and bikes.
Money for community, security, more cyclists, greener, taxes on the back of who are a danger, police presence repaid by reckless polluters.
How come that there is no more fine system instead of spending bureaucracy time in paying cigars to ministers?

The position of the skull comes different when having teeth or not, could it has an impact on thinking?
My grandparents would not say a word or next to that regarding towards what they ‘re pondering.

The whole population of being self-enhanced proud meat eaters.
As on top of that the very lacking proteine of the former generations could have been beaten by vegetable proteins, attachement to animals might have been dangerous.
In search of something to eat who could afford to get attached to an animal as the latter would have permanently been in risks of being eaten by another animal or a human.
Attachment to animals would have been emotionally damaging as the risk of loosing a friend was too high.
And therefore this boisterously grim assertion of the human being of no shame at all, and in fact bringing its well bred felling of superiority to justify their cruelty.
Of the result of ‘having to avoid to get attached’.

in live, as research, experimentations, spiritual inspection and moral pursuance go; life, adventure of knowledge, you don’t have ideas, you run after.


Is the work of plato read so intensely firstly because of his theories or due to the life he led in order to feed his responses to what ‘his’ society tried or try not to impose and run, or bestow upon him?
Tales of sur vival.
Sur = latin of beyond.
Vival, tribal.

Q: Would you think that if unemployment were solved and more proportionate salaries laws would be implemented, people from different way of life would behave with more unity, solidarity, understanding?

Were it be proportionality between salaries, people would practise their calling (in their possibility of obtaining a job and enhance a deontology), not anylonger hold by corruption and bribery induced by inappropriate salary.

To perfect things. And getting through, opening area, and ending in harmony.

This worker, this achiever. You can see around him, the fruit of his labor.  His chances was to have been assisted, to have choose, quite a lot the path of his thoughts and to have been able to store his goods. His work? Colossal.
Imagine now the same person whose life keeps him silent, without any means of recording his findings.
I imagine this, and meet everyone as being this unknown soldier. Perishing by what they know without a right upon that.

An horror upon people of the same sex loving each other is that the worst of all threats is erected upon them: a threat to their children.

Writing will change only from the date it is gonna be checked.
These words and viewpoints that would ever have been there if thinking again would have been at another occasion.
Opportunities and the wheel of transformations maybe partly why we are so enigmatic, awaiting for a tune.

You will have to teach them something.
Or else, they will likely being taught by the predators.

Being like the grand-grand bearer. She would always says yes, the most careful, the nicest person in the world.
She ended up stoned or almost. It is like this that the story goes.
Seeing the bullies. And if being forced into retaliation, when abuses are in. not just avenging but having to use the strength that are in oneself now the bearer has gone. Invest with the fervor, determination and patience of protection.

When realizing the time spend in idle agony or moment or lull, unnecessary; the feelings become blank with a sense of being at the origin of what now lacks, redounding.
At this moment to have the time, but almost for it to echo the smallness that pride will bring.
In life there is what one know and there is what one do, enough for relentless sorrow.
But the day it had you.

She was so bitter, so bullying, her children. In her mouth one word respectability. She treated them like commodities. Just because it was that to be done to them for them to do it in turn and get the money.
Since they don’t have to bear this sense of shame of not have fit the pattern of success, becoming a rich celebrity, they are free of life a live where danger is the fight for some dignity.

To loose everything but to be free from every soul as the system that provides is null and a contradiction of that liberty.

Bbc, national news. Only give some gruesome details about murders, and the funerals of each soldier.
No news? Good news?
God news. Press owner that is to say.

On TV, the guy that anchors the news, anchors the music programmes, anchors the art programs, anchors the children program, do some advertisement, sing sporadically, go and crack a joke when invited regularly.
At the universities, the guys who writes, is supposed to be the guy who looks after the students, the lectures, the administrative tasks, the head of the programs, the gate-keeper of his field, the novelties, the logistics, his colleagues, the research behind it.
But don’t ask if he can do humanly one of those, it is time, live is about time management, honey.
Sick of seeing the same face, mind they are nicey. Look satisfied anyway.

Could not stand to be in the same room than another person most of the time.
Our rooms? Separated. Even though with her, I dream to be with her, or everything related, the whole day. More than a dream, the atmosphere that makes my day, that will become intrinsic odour and envy.
The emanation I chose for becoming, pervading, me.
It is not a dream it is fascination, sublimation in direct and standing vicinity.

I would have to recognized when I write knothing new. Only to recognize a concept previously read, like that coming into my understanding of my own scene.
They were so rough with him, so disgraceful. And though he knew that they gave the love pertaining to perpetuating him.
She loved him, but always has to say that he has to go, in all kindo ways, all cries for a kiddo. She had the fate of a mother that brought up mercenaries, soldiers, nuns, doctors, whoever has to wage a war, first of all knowing he has no family, it will grow him less of a destructor.

Oh i would have refused in any case, firmly-honour holding successful, at list this little bit, any of your asset, so don’t say it is because I am and will be ‘poor’.
But this is so simple, you live intelligently.
You noticed, I believe I can do it.
It is not opportunism, it is just, go on, none matter, just tell me.
Me just one thing count for me when my privacy is at stake, an intelligent mate.
And if you thought of it, you d find a way.
Without crushing what is left of me, as it is not certainly that long but I gave what I had, of what I found out how they could be strong and stay.
String stray.

My son, I told you that your mother was my destiny. I knew that day that something was missing but I wanted to express this, what in my life. I knew this day because she was not there, that she would not be there, whatever explanations I could find.
Today, the right sentence is your mother led me to my destiny. Because you know, it does not change what she did your mother, for me, the reason of being born and still carry.
You now like a mother, when each time you doubt your welfare, she is here and saying yes, go on, my heart is happy when love inhabits your body.
The rights sentence is this now because I wish, I have to make that my former life renders to this other time that I need to honour by surrender.
Another lady.

Suffering as I wonder if you love me.
Because if you do, if my instincts are not so deaf.
What this all revelation could have on the truth, on the reality?
What am I made for, for hearing the voice of whom, whose thought of.

My thrill of writing coming from my thinking for her. Any moment, was dedicate.
The dangerous matter is that since the writing is a milestone of not directly the love- it would be divine, a taste of ideal- but milestone of just what was intellectually managed.
The intensity of collecting this indirect result, phenomenon, of being with the knowledge of your existence, to live with this on the only private and fragile side of my mind, on the only story that was not obligations, circumstances, logics, moral, social, duties, but on the only story that could have covered my whole having been humane. Humanity.
You know it is only for example if you d need to be a super hero to success and you train and you train but whatever you train you die in the process and you training your performance are your body. You body that will decay, your body to whom is asked other tasks that the one to super ego. The body or bodies, embodied, that still carry


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