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 CETVIES                       DESERTS BECOME PURPLE.

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Draft writings 2005-2020, all gathered in the year 2005, in January for convenient reading.


Within that same month to enable practical search (gathering of texts in the same place), I published all my writings on this same date, over 50 different posts.




DURGA DESERTS is the first edition best-text compilation of 5 years of work spanning from 2019 to 2023.


FREYA DESERTS is the first edition best-text compilation of 5 years of work spanning from 2014 to 2018.


NIX DESERTS is the first edition best-text compilation of 5 years of work spanning from 2008 to 2013.

Freedom is attacked for it is the reflect, mixed and result of the individual psyche, knowledge and will. and what anyone may be when other individuals are still, will be or could be in danger or in pain. What freedom is when others are still suppressed?

+ connection.

+ tension.

Harassing other's distinctions or differences in order to forget, bury which personal point could be the cause of discarding, demeaning or discrimination.

To assume that the former unconscious is whereas it is only what we think of him, that with of what we project of the strength we gather in order to fuel our understanding or apprehending of that we point out as being the reality.

what is discovered about the unconscious is never more than the representation one has of it.
the unconscious is powerful for being former, past, the not yet digested but nevertheless revealed in our urges that are shaped and ready to process.
and the reality a demonstration of our present belief and undertaking as being the future potential of our abilities.

 the meditative state is not full in itself but (or the synthesis of it or its summary or invitation) full of new sensation, ideas, and exploration, processing which convey the feeling of being full and fill.
Lift, travel, living.

 Compulsive habits or acts may be done in order to perform a small wrong doing instead of doing a very wrong, a bigger one. Alarm.

 Contradiction of concept of utopia, purity via selection: random before knowing.

    Knowledge is to be the other. More than identification. The reunion.

Love has us be conscious of our defaults since we want to stay near it we can't do otherwise than facing difficulties.
Has us enduring and supporting what we are and criticize to improve our marriage to the quality of this ideal.

Confidence is needed in order to have it as a reference when we are looking for finding a balanced sensation again.

The conscience of the danger- and the role we have to build up in order to ward off it- this taking heed neutralizes our own anger at being threatened. Starting mastering.

 The older had an acute concern about the difference in skin colours because it was reflecting different geographic zones in an age when travel through separated countries or counties was inevitably synonymous with great danger.
This plurality of the lands and peoples was a violent reminding of how we were ignorant and vulnerable regarded to our vital need for meeting and coordination.

 Meditation may be a way of consciously gathering our data and let them melting.
Meditation is mediation with the result that comes after any process of learning: the great unknown.
Mediate as the reconciliatory way.

The judgment express the belief of a finish way. It involves that we don't know about the scope of possible and eventually unavoidable evolution.
Of knowledge by a precious keeping and watching of the roots...pondering and paths forwarded.

Inter presence, sensation, perception of these presences signals other realities.
Action is a trial to get in touch with them by calling for further elements.

 Orgasm. Nervous centres enabling to have every energy converged.
And discovering through new sensations due to new perceptions about the person whole.

 A reaction said to be intentional as it would like to being meaningful and therefore strategic as the meaning we use can only be a synthesis of what we take into account, or what we are aware of, teaming with what we idealize about a situation-that-could-be.
In fact, as soon as an act aims at its intentionality, we render ourselves slave and restricted by the sense we want our deeds to borrow. This seeking for meaning thus to control whoever performs it.
Also in that structure of thoughts the individual will be equally restricted about sensing other consequences or frames besides one's limited goals.

 To love the time that is going since you don't leave me.

 Difference between friend and lover is you say to the latter: ‘I am fine and to the former, just, i am’.

I have feeling for every one, and love is when you gathering them and your purposes on one and every. Ascendant depth and quality. The probe.

 We don't know but to have enough feelings for being willing to have understood what for one I would have been.

Think about other's particularities in order to forget which personal point could be the cause of the own causes of our discrimination, triggers our being standoffish from our abilities.

The unconscious when translated is that we project from our past feeling into the present reality.
Unconscious reveals the power allowed to the past into or toward the present.
And the perceived reality is a display of this mix and the work we do with, creating our believes.

Check info when you know how to perform it. Reread the lesson to learn how to teach it. Elaborating the structure and flexibility; and at the same time developing criticism and assessment skills.

 Hidden meaning.
What’s the question?

God is the cause of all being divine.

Too much busy with heterosexuality persuasion to manage to deal with homosexuality.

Each time his religion was criticized or praised, he has an impulsive move link with practise (one of the gesture done during the prayer).
Whatever is thought of his religion this gesture was one of relief and deliverance.
For he knows from it that he is by his trust in god assured.

 Collapses frightens. But where are they moving to consolidating?

Communication have for mission to proof that problems are a matter of focusing and not of by default malfunction.
It finally overcomes and turns the fate around again.

Being endowed with underserved favours or privileges is obtaining not from the work being done. Nonsense.
Pressure on the individual in job, worker facing being fired is censure and dictatorship through the impossibility at expressing one’s view on anything as the whole system not being objectively assessed and controlled, fitted with feedback and compulsorily aims at general and sustainable improvement.
Despite what it is said the boss laws show how to despise the individual since he is thrown away. Him, his knowledge and sensibility.
Condemning, eradicating all that does not serve productivity.
Production of unfair competition. The Darwinist way of striving towards the non survival as empoisoned rulings.

This conception of individualism though enables the people to do his own experience.
As dictatorships come from the individuals who are not aware of the others abilities or the others are not aware of the need of self experiment.
It is just that it denies the individual duties as responsible for what he produces or what they are gonna and gotta to be fed with.
As some pay shit for someone else to laboriously having to dust or worse of the trace they mark about.

The gap or the link is what the society allows.
Dictatorships and uselessness of orders if not other perspectives of initiatives and explorations are developing.

One can't know the universe since thanks to god we serve.
Reve al.

art is the way out of censure since the artist put his feeling even if, like in life he must cover with the veil of the appearance what has the most chances of being seen.

 Inspiration. When nothing happens, waiting position. Feed by others’ work when you get to be taught or steal by the dictatorship of the system, when you are obliged to execute move against you will or against the thriving of others, or fuelling what will be ultimately damaging for one or for all.
Art and apprenticeship, craft and mastery, science and society or system building relieve the gap of the time during the life, along its pace.

A should have said thank you to another one, B.
C, a witness does not cue 'you should have said thank you' but simply says 'thank you' to A, the one he thinks that needed or deserved it.

 The individuality may be a seed for the right and practise of the solitude, quietness and personal quest in living within the society.

The belief in fidelity ables not to give up to aggression.
Since fidelity prompts instinctive gathering and giving. Instinctive and spontaneous. In all circumstances, towards each living since life is the why and how of the remembering of what you know loving.

Even if this feeling is established mainly imaginatively, or in an open and flexible manner, since what prompts imagination helps the conceptualisation. Conceptualisation which is necessary to the intellectualization of the actions we'll be doing.
Virtuous circle and energy saving.
Ps: fidelity like peace cannot be safe without full commitment, selflessness, vision and risk taking.

 Having thought that we were controlling one aspect to discover that in fact it was one that has us to fall into disarray or, source of our fail.
Having thought to be protected by being intelligent to understand that we failed to notice and learn from the intelligence of the others, or from other style of instincts, feelings, perceptions,,,life living.

 Feeling everything for every without asking any. Since life is as generous as fair, death for the greedy, as slanted as the scythe of sluggishness, bias, or opportunism.
Life is more than money.

Is it opinion?
no, just experience.

Love her wife.
Thinking of her the day long.
As this feeling will become natural, regular, regulating.
This love settling, pervasive.
Be enabled to distribute it all around.

1 is full of.
and to be fulfilled by 2
Because of being support by 3.
And this confluence relationship present everywhere at any point among everyone. The roots, the branches, the forests of treeeeeeeeees.
is awarenessing.

Do by ourselves, be independent.
Not having to count on the else to believe in the divine for performing the best; the best we can imagine and act, and like the notion of the divine should always be hinted as implying, as this word should always be used about, contains of meaning and ever aim at, at the same level for everyone of its creatures and creations; in a way one can feel being helped by it. Being helped, and guided. Being shown a little bit of the immensity through any keyholes, whatever be the eyes of one ant or the smile or any waves of a breath, an idea, the wind, of a water flowing.

Tombs or shrines protect religious buildings like the dead look over the living.
Sepulchres are outside as a symbol for the consensual respect they inspire.
They stand, untouched, free from greediness and jealousy. Because death doesn't spare any.

Writing poetry. Even if the words, the work is to disappear.
Their births are touching a bird maybe.
Each time will echo, and again and again will be heard.
This move cannot be stopped; the world is to remain as sound and well.

The purpose of given it is happiness.
G. even, heaven.

Enabling others to have ascendance on oneself to learn to have it on everywhere else.

Relation is prevention.
The complexity of it, training, what we have to learn to face.
What we have to learn to face. The relation leading and preparing the ground for a pluri dimensionality steming from alliance and made possible as this gathering of skills and positions can receive, digest and absorb new data record, rules, routes, reunion and realms.

To love the necessity of being just the listeners and the avatars of the others for being inspired by their function and functioning.
Understand their shortcomings since and while discovering one's own.
The means of discovering others' inner. The core being the way of encountering multi-purposes doors, keys and ways.
And forge the determination for doing what we are the best for = our discovering of the core = the setting free.

propel proper

Within the art of writing, the personal style is influenced if not entirely made by the conditions in which you are writing (time, environment, means, audience, partners, intention, aims...). The writing delivers what the conditions of the human being using it are.
Shape. Ape.
Sh.ade. Aid.

If the humans don't need to make love, they still need affection.
and regarding to making love, this need would bring the more intimate-imply share life, dangers, responsibilities, long term investment, place and keeping, birth and death, breath and blow, raising, elevation, breeding and calculation, security and continuation, to give and perform this very same action.
The making love standing for the physical version of a spiritual essential.
Making love like enveloping.

One becomes manipulator when he can't control the fear of losing control over- or by being abused or deceived by the situation or people.

 The pains disappear when realizing that it is an emotion that we share with s.o else.
Just a phenomenon waiting for proving that our work is at union.

Learn that Every is equal is the only spirit.
It teaches also that there is no differences of qualities in our life moment and experience.
no high, no low.
Every potentially leading to bliss.

Women learnt to regard their bodies as only sexually desired (whereas they reject love) in order to decreases the attraction for sexual activities as sexuality may be a commotion, a danger, a futility, see a violation into people's lives..
While men go on praising the effect of the physical links intention (not systematically action) as we need to keep in mind what it brings motivation, determination and reassurance in the practical life.
The women careful and unwilling as the act may finalize into pregnancies and temporary handicap.
The men urging it as it is easier to choose a reproductive outlet than support one’s breeding line.
The females- or the ones having the roles of domestic protectors, the house and environment and holders- finally more relax socially with this as they have in charge the smooth ruling of the society through upbringing.
And the males –or the ones having the roles of being the household, environment, the village guardians, the soldiers- finally being socially more aggressive as they volunteer to secure the broods’ physical surroundings.

Contemplate its own emotion is meeting oneself and be able to go along one's life and mind. Like you learn to get along with a partner, a companion, a teacher, one’s master.

Fascist dictatorship is not when you are imposing but when you think or you said that what you are imposing is and will remain the best.
And it’s everywhere.

No worries about what happens. Our lives are probably just the building of a creature through the views and the reactions and the energies, creations to situations.
No more or less than human lightning.

Smoking not to be aware of the internal burns.

Allow the admiration since the contemplated has found in others the way for them to guide back and deep as well.

To have a fit of temper.
Temper this fit enables our mind to do, energically, intellectually, intently, with the purpose and the future endeaviour, the same with the situation to which we are responding.
There’s the feeling and personality usefulness: an energetic response and spread.
A comprehension of what, how, why we can act. A rehearsal of the possible, perfectible sort of stances we ll got to apply to go through and well. A jauge what may whirl out of a thrust. The necessity of regular and balanced reasoning and progress. the continual and intent of fulfilling while soothing by the knowing that even oneself, and by extension the true reasons of any disruption, or incompleteness, disharmony, also by nature lost from a restraint point of view only- is unknown.
The nature of our having to puzzle, discover and recover as the creatures’ apesanter.

Teaching will arrange and put away organisation into brain for new information may take place.

People teach to u what u don't know when they are doing so.

Learn to listen till the end (not interrupt the explanations, or the project, or the relation itself). Before that not being able to build a relevant, useful knowledge of the theories and reaction around.

speaking too much-
Say the truth but truth that it is well sometimes too much well known.
Or put forward a minor cause whereas not being aware of the main one.

Religion expresses the seeking a kind of communication with god.
It is a secularization of the coming to an understanding, realisation for a very minute part, but a proposal for managing reality and illusion- these efforts to be part of what has been by the community planed.

The notion of religion may attest of the agreement of the human community in setting forward highest principles.
Also if god is placed beyond then the religion finally leads the person into not being dependent or influence either by reality or imaginary when it comes to theirs aims and values.

Through the love for absolute, transcendental.
Perception and emotion management of the hardship and illogic, unbalanced and unfair conditions into a spiritual, intellectual and finally thoughtful action through unflinching willing and attempts at perfecting or the reaching of the stars, the kingdom being one only when all its creatures are being honoured as well as honouring.

Observing the action as it is difficult to act.
Reflect the need of analysing how to do it without pain or damage.
That time to think of adaptation, anticipation and performance.

Homosexuality are said to be a teenager response since the further the live goes the less difference is needed between people; as individuals are their spiritual state of mind reaching.
No differences but formal are felt.
The form being kept to fuel role mandated and one of the tool being females and males, heterosexuality, and homosexuality totalitarian ways of sorting out people lives and freedom.

Sexuality is a survival instinct as the feelings related to it are the main means of expressions for sharing our respective physical impulses.

Having the possibility of facing the imagination and arts, the self-pondering building expectations and the art with the others' work about imagination.
These initiation and freedom get us much ready to get through this surprising life easier.

Art- a chance of finding a rhythm- along side one's.

Who is this bloody think?

Know every other intimately
as we are doing the same effort as he.

I should think about the emptiness left by my peers and parents' absence when it comes that I face a hurdle. Thinking of it to face with calm any other lack.

To be bored = don't know how transform the energy we own at that moment to get a better activity. = no able to summon what we think we are mastering- a routine, a seemingly sameness deprived with depth to proper a better condition = the proof of our no mastering.

 The child unawares of limitations whereas the wise uses them for them to push one another.

  Sexual desire and bypasses expresse the urges and mental obsessions that the society provokes by the pressure it creates by putting forward the necessity of having children and the complications for the system for rearing them.

Reward of hard, dedicated work is improving opportune automatism- contrarily to weary automation as far as it keeps us autonomous with the power of deciding yeses or noes, why and what for. This power of answering such questions or needs, to meet the finesses of the quest for truth, knowledge, justice and happiness have our actions made without strains.

 Exchange between human beings is a question of exchanging qualities surrounding the personalities.
Personalities come from situation in life- the shape of your body, the way you learnt, what, the mimetism, the currents events, the climax and upheavals, the parallel, more or less closed data, more or less active, compelling, convincing, genuine or false, grounded or not imperatives. Personality is this piece -a person- of the living reflecting the essence of what has been happening with a portion of living’s meeting and are like a report on life.
They are the anchors to the transmission of what is to be worked at.

At each victory a release is.
No, from.

Grow-ups must go on together in order to bring up the children in a way of giving that has been previously thought by all forebears.
Bringing up is the means of harmoniously melting knowledge.
The share of minding the young and the young wise of minding all older.
Regeneration species.
As regeneration is the remedy to the wars.

The eyes contact is of no better quality than the other type of contact but has this particularity of having an instantaneous one. It works and assures us of what is going on at once. The assertiveness and urge of the need of building together right and now.
Through his very rapid move, through being uncovered mucous, through having to move explicitly to follow the action, through being in the face conveyor of emotion, as the face is uncovered, as you follow the mouth to lips what is uttered, and the stance of people or where the head goes the way that their body is going to follow.

Writing otherwise. Choosing one's word as one word will allow to use more hints and links... the style of efficiency and completeness as well as expanded issues.

 Dancing is the performance of the gestures and moves that have to be done everyday.
The creativity and the showing of the very human and universal gifts learn to do that tasks as healthily and gracefully as the best performance would do.
When art may invades our facts and views of the daily life, it turns into magic.
Chores into quest.

Hint for listening to a foreign language.
Learn a language, let the sound enter one's own cavity so that the muscle may vibrate and thus being able to reconstitute the moves of that mouth and throat have done.
Resounding, one will keep the words, handily, inside. And will be able to analyse them backwards. Let them to surge when similar occurrences will trigger.
Appropriation by physical storage.
as well as again through a physical storage. Immemorial

The position for women to pee is not more inconvenient as they just need a single wall or bush to hide, nothing more than men. However this is regarded as being impossible to perform without being badly watched as the crouching position is more systematically linked with defecation than the standing position is.
That, women are traditionally more aimed at through sexual harassment.

I went and went on. Till I lost that I had done as in my hurry or unawareness, laziness or boredom I failed to secure them.
How I feel my broken thread. For the sake of what life has already trusted in me.
Celabrating and securing all patches, part.
Pledge or pain.

 Working for having to face hard reality.
A social life (leasure and hobby) to correct it.
Far from what the business rules are.
Go for the means of going nearer of what the conditions should be.

To loose the result to find again what the evolution has brought.

Don’t fear the cold...
Don’t need anything. Hard conditions teach to concentrate in any situation.
Side effect: keep on concentrating, choosing and dealing with the hardest issues or the most daring answers.

 What i think has already been thought or will be.
and about the music I ve produced, through my mood, my gesture, my words, my action- through all that lived and loved; all these rhythms are now and forever on the sky.

But if I don't write them the others won't read them.
The rhythm written is different with the rhythm that read.
Writing is for the writer a way of structuring his mind not the emotion of anyone else.
And as for their emotion any support lead to heaven, lest.

 To allow the fox to approach you play with him the game that you are even not here.
The more he gives you of his presence, the more you can understand and love him.

 All of us are children of the society.
The former having not joined the latter yet.

What has been lost?
Will it be found back when ready for.
When the whole will be ok to bring our own tiny individual and species lives as a contribution having to find back all past and further utilisations.
By research and practises. The whole as a consolidation. Model and remembrance.

Maybe. Just maybe not because it won't be possible but simply because this can and is performed under hundreds of different forms; when we will mend our life of crashes.
When is an idiot as the question is how?

 Waiting paradoxically bring incertitude and depression whereas it supports a transformation.
A metamorphosis which is the way of our being in another world, the very proof of indefectible continuation.
The dying animal not sure to where this conducts.

 The losing of features of the different peoples is a myth.
Since the characteristics can be found back through genetics.
         Peoples are still evolving and our different links with history and geography will be a bit out-dated.
         Current mutation is not to the same direct environment and when they are our intelligence is supposed to, by any way, get the knowledge already found by research  or practise.
Peoples have always been like they are today, a clustering of people coming from everywhere and representing as human consequences of ancestral moves.

 Competing the whole years along. so being used to losing a term each single season. And make a life from it.

 Things are lost as every thing come because of our being linked. Linked with every particle. Heaven time and place is when all that will be found back. And then, like here from then and now, we will be beyond these illusionary walls.

The facts those data can't be beyond danger, that we can't keep them for sure will lead the humans to share with equity in order not to have it recorded but at any time say and display through reason what is a balanced situation.
Before this, we had a law for sharing following a binary calculations 'nothing for one and every for the other'.
To create an atmosphere permitting people to save the energy they have to put towards unfair and destructive competition, and official or informal theft, state or private abuse. Hefty amount of this human wastage underlined where law acquisition and implementation were at a high low. .
Of science-fiction.

 To avoid argument and go on working should be principles in war. The chiefs of the organisation having to work for the conquest and balance of an empire.
Any worlds that have to met before reconcile. Coaching the best, for all fulfil.

  Autism problem with looking in the eyes since through emotion they seek information. which information the others might be giving. Whence they trigger reflection and so reaction.
No eyes contact is not the sign of a difficulty but having to think about or explicating the nature of what may bring for themselves this kind of experimentations and interactions, since one moment can reflect and incite hours of contemplation.

 The poverty of language. The best technique can only be approximately explained. as it's waiting for better mastering of the concept. More words, definitions, and finally utilisation and comprehension. Following by precision.

Dance. Perform the gestures and moves that have to be done everyday.
But learn to do them as healthily and gracefully as the best performance would do them.

Learn a language, let the sound enter its own cavity so that the muscle may vibrate and thus being able to reconstitute the move the mouth and throat have done to make it.
Rejoining, one will keep the words at hand inside and will be able to analyse them backwards.
as well as again through a physical storage. Immemorial

Be with what the late has left with us.

 Life teaches us to lose and go with the inestimable.
And aware of its circulation become invulnerable.
The what is learned by life.

Losing in life stands for when we perform.
Each action afterwards. To do it with all the care and attention, the 'traumatism' the lost has left.
Do well in praying that this time all will be done in order not to waste it again.

As we are living; we can't have lost anything.
Once dead we will be transported.

Don’t be afraid of loosing as we know that has been done can't be undo. And only waits for being used.

Excision. Means of birth control, less abundance?

 The law was under the father as the father was gone. The love devoted to the mother if they have not been controlled could have lead to family injuries.
the younger becoming stronger than the older and taking revenge on something, anything, preferably on the more remote and providing the more space for fantasies.

 To believe in what gives us our reason and peacefulness back.
In relation to what we have lost.
In order to find it back or know it as imperishable.
Faith, love and duration, the religious here to enable this prayer to be represented.

To read when problem with concentration.
Helping the eyes with moving pens, hands, arms for them to remind the body to stick to the lines and words.

Knowing from the life its universe.
No wonder about the work we do.
Even if devotion brings miracles, be respectful, aware of being permitted, permutted to them and not the creator of it as it is simply that devotion enables to enjoy them.

 Not needing touching to be in contact.
And each time there's sexual contact is no sex.
To say that for the sake of our traumatism, the forgetting of their pain, the forgiving of their hate.

 His crisis tempting to trust what's happening in him; what's happened; what's he cannot explained or reviewed or put forward for inspection.
His crisis as being, staying all that might healing.

The human kind is to deliver when they realize that none were more or less living, essential and transforming.
When by this state of the mind they will being able to summon their energy and thus have the work to their (e) yes understood and completed.

Individual revo could have seen refusal of procreation and stop then the working exploitation.
But now we will be raped, robbed, paid and carved or cloned.

Risk, involvement implies losing.
Accept the fact of having to endure losing bring the pressure lower.
Death is only for the living further.

Fear or disappointment or discouragement lead to losing.
At these ideas we stop doing the right thing instead of taking these ideas into account to have on us an alarm-effect saying be careful in order to avoid these potential danger.
Fighting them by put aside the potential damaging is the life aim and reason.
The struggling, our proper.

I was watching her.
Her for whom my mother had been given her life.
Her who did even not notice that fact.
The desire for murder is the only feeling-like left in me.

Prison: good solution when you can't stop people from hurting others.
And stays a good solution if in, everything is done for their evolution into the world, needing them. Needing their recovering and all others' strengthening opening.

Greed for food or sex or sleep. Have to conserve its territory, instinct of conservation.
Be protected from the others or protecting them.

be aware of one's sexuality.
To be aware of one's body.
To go further with one's strength and poise.
To protect and instuct one's babies.

sight sweetcorn, brocoli, peas.

Keep the plastic bag into the dust bin instead of throwing it each time it is full.

Fighting poverty is a valuable when fighting alongside inequities.
Like that poverty is a teacher of not raving delusions of grandeur life style, but the having to respect each object.
It does not mean that state of the art has to be spurn, but elaborate at its highest, and share in the way that everyone should be able to use that one serves.
Example: Riding a sport car if you participate in its elaboration, maintaining or elaboration, maintaining or the roads or elaboration, maintaining the garages, or elaboration, maintaining or the fire-light...
Pay by one’s time one’s chosen activity- of which the opportunity is enabled by the other citizens work.

The animal seeking what he detected.
Where this could lead him?

Women sexuality is denied.
Why? For them to curve it. For them to be the representatives of refrained need.
How? In threatening her with rape and violence
As they are associated with children but also bringing and security, and sensibility, sensibility that is to say receptivity.

The doors = security when formerly the community must stay together to keep stuffs safe.
The locks able societies to tell apart.
It is why the access of individuality is associated with some freedom.
As individuality can only develop when far from the danger for we may develop when looking for something else than protecting oneself from potential and if not inevitable deviance of the hazardous others people and things' prowling on each other destiny.

Be lost with one's memory.
Have to kill these living moments, the here and now also, again to remember some compounds of the past. Re-experiment those sensations already gone and felt. Off that past that is not currently able to bring me together.
Remand mine that fails.

Accept the others' mistakes to learn about or (what in our own behaviour) have prompted or let them occur.

Be overwhelmed by the speech and search for god; and rocked by these aims find for the society ideas which are able to convey though common happiness and achievement what the bliss of life has hinted at and as us.
For the sake of all.

The old detained the power for the younger wished to have children, and incumbent responsibilities and staffs, at their turn.

Mirror the others.
To prove his behaviour is neither exceptionally hopeless nor extraordinary good.
They provide a matter for thinking.
Support the others' dynamics.
Bring conscience of their behavior and a chance of reviewing.
Of what my energy may be your aspiration.

Repeating this same sentence provides him this assurance, this feeling, this very same own father's saying.
I was speaking with him when, then, he played for us his past torment.

The relation to the present, this necessity of fulfilment.
As we have to gather the whole past for nothing to be dying.

Quiet death, the nature taking me away.

To learn not to have fear anymore is the purpose of life.
Its philosophy is that any experience is living for straighten the mind and join the core for which we should not be nostalgic anymore.
Nothing kills.

we must stop fearing since each movement of passion may drive to a wrong step and only god knows how dangerous the world may be.
when we loose our good conduct, manner, and reaction.
The danger of death that we imagine and for what we are killing.

Loving to commit mistakes since when we are going the wrong way a feeling of loosing overwhelms us and it is like that simpler for us to think that there's nothing to be done left; that the drift is unavoidable now; and we don't have to assess anymore since everything ought to be wrong, we may act without limitations then, out of frenzy, using this instinct of survival, getting us at the bottom of what it takes to still be breathing without to activate this brain that have come across with so much and though even for the most basic of the logics of universes understanding, - honestly honors rendered at the intelligence we wave and raise as being human’s standard of superiority, the whys we allow ourselves to be contemptible of others and other species- amounts to nothing.
The human that proclaim to have the words of gods, hiding like that slightingly that it is the creator of all creatures and whence of all, in the sense that there is not one single entity worth more or less than another, the humans that proclaim not having to respect everything that is given to them to touch. Soul wanders.

I ve almost been drown in the sea.
I had to come to the shore while a tide away brought me.
In order not to have fear or want to die really whilst in a wave.
Now I am going there, dive and cry my misery.

There’s domination as far as you are not looking for developing other skills than the one’s that could be already in balance, but that are not as they are over-used to dominate and not to elevate.

Denial of the women sexuality since they were busy with the children.

When customs gathers, perpetuate the skills of communities.

Ask a tremendous energy to regulate state, events, and moves.
We can't do that without being all involved and when we realize inequities we tend to point them out with violent actions that cannot solve none nor more.
Society organisation at his nought evolved.

Customs are built around core centres. We build the people feelings around them, making the people responsible through their attachment and awareness to them thanks to their lives linked together around there and able to gather their protection.

Circumstances lead us to statute on which we come across with.

And whatever is thought the important thing is to understand and apply that every mechanism like that issued, will be available to any adaptation to another entanglement.

He would become violent when at home for any reason. For her masturbation, making love, worrying, resting, secret things or thoughts, or mourning. He would become violent for the rest of the family to go away and leave her or him.

Promiscuity or isolation.

Fluxes are primary imitation and pattern of combined imitations.

Art, reproduction, attention and feeling. Science and search for knowledge and expansion.
You may loose everything but those since they are carried by the mind.

No pathetic of course, just a presence in hoping to give an idea.
Haven’t you forgotten that someone might potentially be looking, waiting for you.
The so called romantism.
No, no, not about entertainment.

To share my space and time.
But the same that if I was alone.
As I give you my life it had to be the one to which if I commit to it I shall be the better at.

During the grand pa's funeral. No one was crying.
Since he will never quit one single day our minds.
Since he lives in our conscience or not as in the memory reminded or anyway store in them of all person they had felt.
As he survives. One question leads. What other lives in our lives also still remain.
Which other, many, ancestors and different species are with us? Live with and make us live.
From the A.D.N that these encounters constituted; and shape the individual to the encounters that imprint the new born to the day it will disappear from this world in its ways of evolving and adapting.

Violence links with sexual feelings since sexual feelings bound up with survival, permanent attention, on the qui vive, older age challenge by younger flesh and will produced...
(Protection of the partners and brood, territories.)

Art struggles with isolation through the possibility of getting one’s and others’ reperformance and analysis feelings like being with an alter-ego.

Are you smiles often associated with your blues?

if only i could find someone who would understand a bit what i would like to.
am desperate at that and though i am not in this seeking the slightest brand new.
however i am still surprised of that lack of correspondance because i would just want satisfy the better the other without being put apart from my personal goals, but they want me to conjure up with their purpose- roles or go.

Not necessarily intervene.
Since what we may be able to bring would be bigger if developed in a context aside.
For example write about a chat instead of interrupting it or participate in.
Furthermore we are already aware of what we may add when we interrupt. Now the building of what we had not occurs after we have listened it entirely, thoroughly.
side effect.

Having to urinate to bear the odour of others' urines.

Our instincts are there to signal how every individual may be commanded (and have only those as propel and guide) by physical and mental limits rather than morals.
Rather than morals as they are the ones support by society, possibility, sharing, solidarity, progress, performance or circumstances.

Put ourselves into a position you will stress our default. To be better able to analyse them.
Life is a question of re production and willing of better adaptation.

He committed suicide like that he will perhaps reminds that event and less his lover's death.

Addiction = how u can feel sick with drugs and see the terrible distress go down.
As you let the effect erase down.
Watch the distress away.
The effect of being better as it is evaporating, of the release of one too much loaded body.

My own life is plenty of slowness, failure, pain, waiting...
And i would the others have done sth revolutionary.
                                        get all of us out of the wreckage.
How my rebellion out of misery may be.

Fear of loosing one’s belongings as fearing of loosing the very idea of their concept.
Remedy: live life till be it. Incarnates it.
have for result of not having to caution of nothing more less than the mere being, and it whole essence since it can and has to embrace and contain the lot.

Feel writing as an illness when going on writing whereas I forget to safe the data.
From laziness, exhaustion or because the computer will stop before my awakeners.
I feel I am sick as the ideas and their necessary laid out words were there and now are away out of my system.

One cannot loose
For when one admits (and reacts along it) that
We can feel belonging to the world and the move it perm-its.

Creating is when you find, put and make together what is able to join the memories, moods and minds.

These energetic sensations that our spirit gives a shape at.
Reality and illusion.

These vibrations which we decipher with the help of the heavilier of sighting [...] version.

There’s no loneliness but the querying of the universe.

As if anybody is interdependent it is also autonomous, a sphere at any moment locked, shaped, in total circulation without energy leaking, doubts or spread struggle. At any moment serene, stable and complete. (as it is when it decides or just experiments not the inner travel, refuelling and repair, but the travel to the outer, bewilderment, pioneering, and testing.
My being like a sanctuary able to take everything in as well as levitating by reacting at what they already know, without to have to beg and bow.
My happiness depending not of my seemingly power but on my staying safe, and secure with my deeds and stances (and feelings as they direct my composure and aptitude at continuing what I ve been taught of what is in danger and dear).

Not being disrupted in our doing when surrounded by others' activities, attention.
To act like we were teaching what in our hands is going on. From this disposition he feeling we receive. And when disrupted by our own thoughts and ideas; look for what we are doing though-t.
The senses as propulsion. The invectives of mastering the awareness.
And not thinking that there's one better.
On, one perception among infinite numerous ones, whatever of we assess it to be.
We think they are others better simply because we are not able of changing our receptor-adaptator; and see the whole world and every of its actors engaged in bearing and conveying what is looming and laid.

Art is a picture of our abstraction.

Trying to be both for the sake of the comprehensibility.
Femme or manly, these features that don't belong to anyone.
Just here pervading the air.
We look them desire them melt with them.
The notion of gender is just the designated attempt at holding the essence of our gesture.

To believe in one partner to dare imagine everything with others as we are protected from any danger by him and the love we bear to this sacred place.
The garden of love.

Keep the unuseful like a record of what i've missed and discarded, neglected, forgot, lost, failed, dismissed, misunderstood, belittled, underrated, abandoned, waste.
Proof of our not having a clue or neglect.

Believe in god. And thus regards one's destiny as a gift.
Something we must look for and after.

sex is the limits between the two .
Desire for freeing but associated with the danger of being assault.

To endure the pain as an attempt at reaching a nice way of doing what we are struggling at and for.

when I found mine he was 20 years older than i.
Him and me.
i'd also died this 20 wiser, the love offers.
And my mourning a time for reliving-reviving prayers.

Doing wrong unconsciously- perverting the course of one’s day dreams, energy, thinking, contemplating… to do right willingly, elaborately.

The difference, the abyss btw the world-spaces have our minds forced to considerate all of us as being the same.
Without that it's too hard to manage the pressure coming from injustice, insecurity or transience.
Unfair competition or the races having for results striking unbalance leads us to a forced amalgamate.
When the species looses its survival instincts of keeping the diversity that nature entrusts and confides and confines in our cells.

The riches of individuality might only develop if these barriers are overcome by solidarity.
And unlimited communication, the progress the flag of searching more than wire barbed allotment and ruling disgraces.

The journey towards the past.
None shall be fulfilled without a comprehensive request and reintegration of everything what's happened.

none could be completed without.

The magic of each to bring every into thee.

no one chooses his life and that is the common sense of spirituality, understanding, tolerance, mercy. I grow, ask for  the wiserdom  and -
die happier, fuller.

The veil worn as it hides, restrains some of your perception. It develops some others.
it protects from the sun and the sand
Whilst people can be more in chase to potential perception, sense, vision, prayers, determination, mission. Or be all in out-look for potential attacks.

White and black as funny notions.
How a single person may consider oneself as being either one or the other. As everybody is colored by the action of lights and star(t)s.
The mocking words.

Regarding to the scriptures where revenge and punishment are main meals. God is only more than we suppose and worship. But let's no forget these universal abilities of the spirit.
The anger of god is not human anger as the anger of god is the consequences of one human treating another living being differently in the sense of unequally, or impeaching in a way or another the others’ and every others’ well-being.
It is not revenge it is only the shorted fate of a mind that don’t recognize theirs neighbours’ peace as being sacred.
The symbolism of ‘eyes against eyes, teeth against teeth, tic for tac.
Is that if I blind you, I ll become unable to see…as it were.

The prophets are the evidences and an invective that wonders are humanhood.
And they belong to universe.

How the Holy Grail quest has been brought up to become a saint.

We don't know about his apprenticeship for the mind undergoes and visits everywhere.

The secret.
A secret keeping us out of any controversy or misconception.

I think that
The main purpose of a sexuality with a lover is to feel oneself sensual and the ability of touching the other's perception.
What is faithfulness-as far as loyalty?

The struggle for developing power against our limitation at overcoming issues.
human dilemna.

the way of playing with our inner or outer center.
shaping the awareness.
and being aware builds a logic that will be the vehicule for encountering new landscapes and grounds.

For along the life put together enough to face its seemingly disappearance.

Love is though that no matters. whatever it were i am with you here and there.

The strengh of love is what is on our power.
Happiness of creation.
Happiness of elaboration.
Happiness of completion.

The human cannot destroy.
Cos god is life and everything. The horrors are when any more we are not seeing.

Preferring to have pain as we can't have a kick out yet.
To prefer to experiment with damages than avoiding the subject.

Taboos since unexplainable.
         or uncontrollable.

Aims of human rights would be that their implementation won't cost anything- no nonsense wastage doubled with assistance to the individuals for its self expression and environmental contribution- when and since performed.
through every body harmony.
Fulfil: dvp, health, breakthrough, natural expansion.
Unlimited challenges as the spirit of people unit and each of their mental abilities and the sums of commons capacities at translating that the mind and environment reveal point to the endless unbound.

The society harsh on females detention and male bowing to the pavement rules- that is to say staying confine to one’s village, or district- since if without the security that imprisonment of people provides, they would have to struggle for reproduction and simply having secure homes to raise their kids and stores their stuffs, activities, intimacies and weariness- and that would lead to civil war and genocide. 

Between love and hate
is to be found the egoist notion.
Willing of self empowerment which consists of playing with the assessment of the other's moves.
as for the same gesture we can decide to take it or leave it for being a well or worse bid or at least choosing the results it may have on one's.
love and hate is our tampon-time.
the space we need to temporised, tempered our mind. And using the energy spared.
into what we may think, reasoning, experimenting of what may be nice, arousing, alerting or revealing.

a well or worse.

Men more muscular because having to be alert to moving dangers and being exposed to the cold.

If impossible to concentrate among a crowd. Look at that plenty of people. catch their peaceful side -and nurture your philosophy- get the harmony, the meaning, the rhythm of it before being able to be unmoved by what we'd previously found disrupted, jerky.
Or just think of time passing and the emergency and the have to be done of your proceeding deeds.
Bow to the necessity and bend over its implementability.

Two faces of the same head.
What we do and what for.
When usually we sense one only.

In an island
What i would bring is what I’ ve already lost.

What is reassuring is that what I am looking I can't tell for one can't be so imaginative as to know what is at stake and up to.

The what I am willing to survive for.

beauty of the sacred books.
read, re read
give the opportunity for connexion

These sumptuous ceilings decorated like the palate is.

Understand something in me missing
As far as I can't heal
ssssssSince don't know all languages and meanings.

Riches go with security
As the more they want to get rich the more they must hire enough satisfied staff for protection.
In the hope of the most, that one will have to get people happy with having to dedicate one’s time to protect one’s other idiosyncrasies.
To keep your staff happy with their jobs and able to protect and enhance that they are trusted with better working conditions have to be put in place, that leading to perhaps better social conditions.
The missing element being that people might be able of any type of unfairness and ruthless for money or for simply the means of living or surviving.

 Explore one's own madness.
One’s feeling of unlimitation.
 in order to relativize this constant need of relying on common, pre-established, ordered, definitions. These foolish definitions which claim the state of being comprehensive, straight jacket supported ruling.
The folie-des-grandeurs of religious, political, civic rally, unable the unbalance to admit, recognize, and strike even. The enable to see.
Sea-level even.

To think and stay thinking about its craft, mission, duties...
is having to shop feeling, is loosing sight of the common way of our having established reality: our humanities.
Thinking is to isolate the more we can from the influences which it's true support your way but make us blind to the landscape and roots around.

 Defeat to learn about one's weakness and forbid it to come again.
As in an enemy event if we know how to resist, the event is no longer negative.
As any event will serve evenly any event we want and prepare to accomplish.
the magic is to turned the life we had to life as a weapon and recipe for the live we must work out.
The conditions, past and consequences we cannot erase but those very ones that will be the tools with which one can shape that they have been taught of absolute and betterness.

Chinese’s constrained feet.
Traditional insurance for males of not being rivalried or bullied by the-ir(e) females.

Count our notes.
The overall human intelligence will soon have them unvalued.
Action without a future.

As human is a god to be who will have the possibilities of remend its stupidities.

Since the women were the breeders, as tamers they were brought away from politics.
As they lead the children's minds, to make a balance they were banned from the citizen's political lives.

 As women were nearer to the children, the complex d'eodipe and not Diane’s complex -its opposite- was more prominent. Also the children were mostly against masculine reign.
Women, already appointed main educators, would have been dangerous if allowed to direct for their own prosperity.
Since genders when arranged by functions and role sphere will come to represent different classes (and through the logics and unavoidable class struggle) prosperity of one’s gender would have translated into ordering genocide against male, performed by male. A war son-husband. Or a war parents and offspring like a repeat of insider-outsider competition.

The current mainly widespread hatred for a country ruled by the state comes from when the states are ruled by the privileged.
Reflexes coming from the former dictatorship, and present in unfair and belligerent democracies.

Women had to protect males because of the males being protected by laws.
Against males' legal protection Women were spiritually charged of social, familial, psychological climate. As people staying the more and the more in charge with a body (here the family, that was the main common and collective place for socialization) will naturally be its leader.

 Women guardians of cleanliness and (food) hygiene, that is to say had the burden of life or death since those matters are so vital and require entire devotion, and the skills, and insight-of someone grooming the herd-and availability of all days long of an entire life.

The fact of having no political power is an incentive to take power within the household. To take power and through that purpose (power seen as an assessment of the individual control over itself and over its responsibilities and territories) would rule the family unit.
And eventually like that, ensure the family and society relative peace and stabilized structure and components.

To go on taking responsibilities in the sense of protecting the others at an equal level with overall and universal possibility for everybody's else equivalent condition of living.
Doing one’s best without forgetting that the hell is left.
Has the abilities of reminding us of the so little power we exert our days long.
Reminding us of not taking our thoughts and action for godly or goodly granted.
To be aware of our ever short-sighted soul and whereas ever truly promising expanding mind.

i ve realized that in all my literature i tend to hint at a ever growing view. Nevertheless, I guessed that if this perspective is always truly promised, the danger of being too loose within can't be put away.

The bad level and performance of political talking and worse the bad spirit and bad faith about economy is due to the taboo of redistribution.

The churches into which you can enter and pray, think or study whatever you need.
When your heart is welcomed to openen.
Ộ, Ô Pen-n.
 Late-en, let-in.

The need for privacy is linked with traumatized societies.
Since the judge is that as well.
You need to experience what may happen as weird as the society trying to offset its illogism and contradictions would better watch itself rather than sell and throw inquest onto the individuals in search of a –only confined- balance.

 Need for privacy because depraved society is able and allowed to forbid and  rape your way of doing and making love.
Servitude as the individuals does not work for harmony but for an onrush towards depletion and organised looting.

 Churches, temples, religious places made for the purposes of all; as they are harbour in which you can think.
Think innerwards, which lead to the whole universe, as one is the unit that gathers that for it has been. The place of preservation, and experimentation at refining. Our minds container.

Doing something every day and be able to concentrate and resolve in one single motion-emotion; one day.

To do something every day and be able to concentrate all of them and resolve them in one single emotion; one day.
The day when I meet all my parents and links.

Churches tried to protect everybody as well as trying that humanhood does not turn into anything.
Any of our fantasies which we could have tried to apply to every.

Religion is a place where everyone should stay silent.
When this is not occurring then human tell and ordain themselves as being god and religion becomes the bearer of sectarianism, the condoner of totalitarism.

To prompt parents to unconsciously hit their children as the former and later negative emotion will focus on the latter and former and not directly on the outer utter society foolishness.
Game of shame, delusion of values and aims. Sowing confusion.

Write an essay as a student, is to show you could teach the subject you have learned.

When winds, we tend to smell to check state of digestion process and through the relief brought by the fact of having released air have us breathe much easier.

 One becomes a writer
When understanding that works can heal
Words and what they may reveal  

Time passing to reassure me
Reassure me that I have something to learn about it.
I have to remember that it never gets tired.
So why should I wane?

Communism can't work since imposes unto the people.
Imposing what, how and who shall produce.
Thinking that it is possible to know and have found or rather founded! almost divine laws on the subject.
It was another dictate religious, where the people are being told.

Let’s take money from loot and bribe and give them to the poor.
Why can't we do that?
Because money is worth nothing except in the situation of exploiting people.
When reversal of it we could only notice that it can't redeem anything nor pay the stuff it pretends to owe.

As the world would be wonder without the need of it.
We could not imagine what is would be possible to draw.

I am free not only from her but from being desperate.
And that have taken a lot of more than a single tale or story.

 The destiny of humankind through the state not within (not within any boxes.)
And for humankind and its kin.

Too much interest in sex hides fear of other situations.
With diverse ways of contention, debates, interests, perspectives, territories, concessions…

To claim that one language is sacred to prevent the others to invade (colonisation) or evolve (monopolisation).

Because of lack of holidays people find pretence to travel by planes rather by trains.
 Conclusion: not enough holidays and too much laissez-faire as the planes flights should be restricted to emergencies, and not to play the bossy nicy tourists in other countries.

Finally feeling good when i have lost my energy.
As i don't know where i would have put it.

Machines could not give the meaning or the thought, or reality, the search for truth, pain and sensitivity in the way of harmonizing that is alive.
but certainly the machine leads us to understand that anything that would be provided could free your spirit.

Doing a lot of things enables one to understand that one is likely to do a lot of mistakes in any situation. From the simpler to the less expected. Passing by the commoner, our general bias, and through what life has not been able to have us experimented, proved or showed. To face one’s limit in challenging the unbalanced state of situations enable us to weigh perfection and imperfection in the same bag. Thus avoiding being judgmental or in a depress way unsatisfied and hopeless as any situation through the limit acknowledgment and wrought of harmonisation and discovery.
The virgin land of the insider worth, the treasure of the universe devotee.

Enhance the sense of havoc, destruction, oppression. To swell a sense of what a unit may be when lacking of positive determinative, descriptive, alternative.

Hip= the fruit of the wild rose.

Art of writing as different presentation are needed for different circumstances.
For everyone feels what is to be conveyed.

Money is bad.
Or money is good only if it is a factor of life.
Besides money buy things no one can afford. Unfair power (as disconnected with responsibilities and reasons and benevolence) which leads to pollution, exploitation, unhealthyness, death.

The better means of gaining energy for what we truly and personally want is to only defend oneself from aggression and never attack or fight back.
And as we become stronger and wiser, become impregnable of being outwardly as fuel by the inner faith guided by the life lesson that her fruit asserts and the strength radiant and thus not vector of envy, symptoms of scarcity, privilege, and closeness.

And remember the martial art master, able to shatter the limp of his attacker only by stopping their blows' attempts.

One has to meditate in cemetery by day for not being frightened to death by simply being there at night.

Since there is no kingdoms but the one's god.
Not to be taken by any peoples.

I can not say to any of my lovers 'I love you'
I can not say any longer that i've loved only you.
I just write just 'I go through'. 

Woman's image may have been melt with that of a child in order to associated the duty (and source of rewards) what one have towards and a spouse with these one bears towards their offspring making image of the family tied and consequently stronger.

it may have been so also to lower the eagerness about sex- in implying that the spouse is a spouse and stay with one because of her role as an educator and not alone nor primarily as a 'mate'.

Religion may be a marvel but can't be God.
As God is divine for not being translatable in any language that cannot be understood or preaching and building upon heaven and sanctuary by and for all.

Being large in our learning as neither we nor they can know what will be needed. 

Applying vegetarianism in another species.
I don't think we must separate the tiger from the antelope as it would ruin an eco system.
Though i think that there is a moral obligation to try to substitute the diet of the tiger for the sake of his prey.
As vegetal rights still remain to be possibly applied.
Through this path the taming of the tiger would become possible and effective as taming is morally right and technically fruitful as being a symbiosis when prop by the desire of harmonisation. As the prey would not stay a prey anymore and her spirit more reachable and the path to what their energy uncovered on the ways of their protector.

The ban of the paedophilia as the adult is the only possible reference for the children to learn to master his self. Grown-up are the only teacher for the little to have a idea and an image of someone in charge and in control, empowered upon through the wielding of his personal, intimate avidity.
Paedophilia here parallel to all kind of exploitation. Adult showing looting, making profit, taking advantages instead of how to have to behave and lead oneself and ourselves.

In our society the opportunity of equality -lol- in life may change due to your class, type of intelligence, different abilities or what the society have not be able to recognize of your potential.
It is why the class gap and struggle has been going on because if you keep some opportunities because of birth, that at least may prevent the leadership from changing through even more harmful and discriminatory criteria.
ex. if everyone would have been promoted for their industrial skills, and because in our society it will be asked to produce not creatively but to produce regarding to, following certain standards, and thus creating a tidal wave, because a policy which is followed blindly and with the possibility of amassing bigger number of adept, will have tenfold effects. So what if the policy is dictated by egoism or ignorance?
As if the work are given to you whatever in a context of absolutist power, then maybe you can exert your sensitivity compare to the ones who would be appointed to because they would suit perfectly the demands of the heads and its limited views or cruel strategies. 

In good communism.
To satisfy the need for equally in the choice the people would have of choosing the needs they would like to prioritise.
The choice of the majority should not deteriorate the choice of each. And vice versa.

When pushed up to our limits, we re-connect with our instinct, and animal abilities, essence.
At the limits of the sometimes over-beyond-higher-powerful nature, what we have called super-natural.
Our other else.
We one we only whisper as there’s no right and knowledge before the creator of what we are coming from and returning.

Blurred between search of absolute and absolutism.

 Each time I wrote a 'decent' idea: in terms of creating a sharable space; I thought of my love.

Before very strong religious values as the pagan ones if not less structured may have been less generally, generically, socially less uniform and easier to be taken over by an invader big machine.

The more sharks and advantaged are stronger the more the intellectuals of the faith are persecuted.

Alienated from the product of our labour as what we have to produce will damage or destroy the human heritage.
Vicious apotheoses.

 The less equality and sound system the less trust and efficiency and threatened security avoided; the more centralised, urbanised, pollution and clog.

They put their open-palm on the middle of their forehead and say it is' our third-eye.

To believe that financial gap revenues could be justified regarded to differences in responsibilities.
However are responsibilities possible when we allow ourselves to be rich over poverty?

Make the right decisions now; since we'll have to think and live through it over and over again even afterwards.

Doing the max. No desperation, hang on.
As the paradise is beyond the cliffs. And the cliffs again.
As the keys is acknowledging that everyone, one's best, wishes to do or go to.

Democracy is the whole question. Discussed point after point, not imposed to people, when the people is a people with everything in hand to respect its inner and outer universe.
Electing one program but build a position over all questions -one by one- and give the liberty to engage in what was not pre chosen, establishing and maintaining the freedom for creation.
Ex: if government has chosen sheep breeding, one citizen is enough to choose to breed birds if he chooses that.
Other rules, government must maintain every species of birds alive. And having the citizens protecting them, and the citizens sharing these tasks.
Like the government must maintain the need for breeding sheep but taking into account that sheep breeding must respect other's eco balance.

 The critics as the remote coach of the writers.
 As in any team to be planted to remember the doers.

The writer asks himself who may have thought and written what he is attempting to.
Write as he lives, lives as he can. 

Reacting to injustice. And react without creating other prejudice.
Focusing on feeling free from harming or being harmed.
Concentrating on developing union and diversities, in expending the options and stabilities.
Aiming at a general well-being. and feel the hate or fear disappearing.

Search of believe, society non technologic, spiritual inner metamorphose of the individual.
parallely to the transformation occurring in technology which are an attempt at an interpretation of what we use and the utility and purpose of the material elaboration, and featurisation of the material.

The very thing that is lost, is what will lead to find the bit more.
provided it is searched for, provided we don't loose the general picture and the preciousness of the every element during.

 When we will be able to know what has happened in the past and so understand each experience and responses.
To realize our divine essence.
Realize as we get it.
              then feel
And from there the regeneration.

 The survival cannot be naturally heterosexual, as the survival is not at all just a question of reproduction but of inter-protection.

 Silent churches, the sacred mosques, temples, religious places, in which you can sit and quietly; all quietly work and meditate or work while meditating.

'High' religious building less vulnerable to terrestrial attack trial.

Taking a word and illustrate it, accompany it with a story and others words, play with its melody, image, give it another frame.
Create a new register. To sow a field, refine a landscape.

To listen to patiently and quietly the experienced, that you met and taught you about the subject.
To have the thirst and the ability at seeking, discovering, observing, exploring, explaining.
The exchange.
The whole you took in charge and care changed by our knowledge at converting it into the matter we are expert at.

To protect the minorities or each particular individual features able the society to reduce the abuse and craziness of the majorities, to be aware of its limited thrive and shared and consensual knowledge, and to make the better of the preservation and growth of the different resources.

Spirituality comes from confidence in life and act of openness and of protection over it.

To protect and respect the others; learn not to discriminate. And to fight for peace and gathering is to feel that no one can understand yet.
Spirituality and the engine that is faith.

Macho, racist, segregationist, violent, discriminatory behaviour as we live upon others' life and that we have to fight an inner feeling of living as a lustful whore.
And because society allows a lot of business.

Remembrance as well as the action or experience itself we though devoid of sense have for purpose to make us think when, whence and how situation, context, life and its course goes on.
And this going on on our internal treatment at whatever the age we are or the state or attendance of our lives’ conditions.
 A nature sample.

To believe in sacred text as fundamentalists attempts to forbid any reflective thoughts.
It is a means of stunting the mind of self construction; it is a kinda liquidation, the death of the humans.
It is actually inferring that human spirit does not exist in the sense that it is declared not being able to have written those or unable to progress into this search.
it is also deny that people are seeking means of wisdom, laws, and have agreed to put together their knowledge into a consensual text which is consensual in acknowledging what they could till now gather may be by one held.

The first need being spirituality and the condition of thriving for any spirit being the urge for divinities and global and inner motives and morals, more comprehensive seeking.
As peace, any and every development for peace is of god inspiration.

Homo is not a threat for the reproduction as be, bi is to be found in every people and organism.

The thirst for mod and cons not essentially the sign of a will for health or lack of spirituality but may be sign or better assurance (at least possibility) for not less than employed (used) but exploited. The illusion sometimes of gains (the question of sustainability or ethicality being brushed off by the right of the individual to don’t give a shit about any other principles but economy and money).
also a lot of position or function expected of its actors to over consume, and thus show up with sign of  being well off (as opposed to be well or morally active) may be more a result of the general pressure than a personal choice or conviction. 

All people or any kind of living beings are and have interest in being different.
The one who links us and whence enables a world dynamics and development is our spirit.
That strengthens our particularity by the duties, rights, and endeavours that every one has to act towards a general and comprehensive well-being. This state of things when looked for and after brings out the path of completion and furtherance.

Question of temperament, personality?
you can't afford to react in avoiding problem, as they are the sine qua non of resolution.
tame ourselves to preserve and focus our energy and acquaint the world.
Any difficulties, and tirednesses something we will have to feel the strength out of it and not let them to undermine us but empower us with the feeling of resisting, going through and better from having won, lived, more.
 Taking any experience for being the occasion for growing deeper, for the sake of life, the respect of what we are here for. The parentage of preservation.

When the worker will be working for the sake of their profession and not for the status it may confer. that possible when our professions and lives are fairly, evenly protected and respected, as well as their prospects, future, openness, need of adventure and out of the know and ordinary enquiries and findings.
That day the illnesses, wounds of wearing present would not have place onto the matter any longer.
 When cleaning will be treated as good as banker conning.
When the banker will be in prison cos the immoral will be ranked as illegal and treated as such.
When risking one’s lives will be alongside being taken back by society care and inclusion.
In sum, when conning people will not rhyme with enrich oneself…

Does god see everything we do?
We can't see that, so are not even able to specify what we would mean by such a question.
What are we actually doing?

 Separation of males and females within a united family core was seen as being morally important as it may train its people for advocating a right to different ideas, prayers, backgrounds, activities, choices, specialities and responsibilities...differences; towards the same necessity, emergency, pressing well-being of a community.

Anti-abortion will be right when the society will have proved its ability to tend its people with equal quality.

People under domination. As the dominant are given responsibility and having to tackle it. They are as stuck and imprisoned as under the control of the field they have to 'tame' or 'hid'.
 The dominant is not as long as they don’t break the rules that rule its dominance and making everyone’s qualities fruitful and no more nailed by a restricted, bullying and no inclusive therefore non evolutive system.

The ones who understand me are the ones who agree on or get that.
When I said that love taught me not to get personal but
                                              to avoid belonging to any.
When I say it is not out of irony.
Love you through every, since you left me.
Love you for every, since you led me.

Of course everything that happens is right in our heads.
But from what it comes from, the question shall remain.

Spirituality, the elaboration of a universal well-being, is the mental strength, towards an inner building of a moral that allows us to regard every moment and event as a way of learning and progressing.

To be conscious of the others and the others' reality.
And the necessity for them to unify together as much as expend in their inner.

Painful and fastidious as we have to learn that is to be learned and lessen.

Prayers as a magic saying which reminds us the fights and sins we have to bear and reduce.
The pride of going on as the life without it should be hurting and hope-devoid.
The prayers, daily, the human stance, fear and praise to yester day and the ones to be, that know that it has to be done and pursue by every single body.
The prayer, loaded in our minds, feelings, situations and experiments.
That brings a sense of humanity and universality.

 Sense of property guided by the tool we need to be safe and handy.
                          By what spoiled, diverted, deceived, corrupted?

People acting for privileges, rewards, as sore consequences of paternalistic, matriarchal, capitalistic system selfish, nuclear-limited centred on the interest of the individual or family seen as having to compete and fight against and amongst them. Not thinking about an ideal (= a gathering or communion) in doing that but as being separate and thus unaware of long term and further obligations. Bribe.
As the family is isolated all the fighting from the society disorder curbed and running wild in houses, where people hid their harassed dignity.

The bride. M,m. the bribe.

I reckon that if my left is stiffer is to prevent or reduce its natural disposition for after it has unrolled and finally goes further and ends by resting its foot, instead of my weight being balanced between both hips and leg, my left side tends to get rid of its pressure, and tilt it to the right side; which will squeeze my spine and constrained my pace.
Conclusion: when I walk I should be careful with being as supple as possible, working on my balance as walking is still an art that can free my body as much as straining it if not attended sufficiently. The t(h)reat.

Women taxed of not being the same as the males as they failed to notice how females are and express and exert their, the nature of quality.
Typically machos as fundamentalist are being just by one side of the reality inhabited.
Just concerned, obsessed by one side as they are vain and hopeless at improving the very stuff they cry knowing, are they are subject to parroting.

To be compelled to find our highest individual strength as it is the way of opening minds and ways with society and any other individuals.

 Listening to the storm as it is a voice.

I wanted to die in the battlefield as I did not wish to be tortured.

I’ve learned to be calm.
As i saw so many
And as I know that I have seen little only.

As I do so few
And we could do so high.

The tiredness of the mind is like an offer and invective for the body to take over, and v/v.
Like playing with body alterning stretching exercice with muscular ones, or changing of books’ subjects or writing and after reading…
To perpetuate, all over the place, prompting communications.

The problem with training the 'elites' is that it should not be predetermined (from only some school or institutions, as the responsibilities are so various that one single formation, as bright as it can be, is a joke of how the ruling and comprehension and needs of society is).
As it hint that one person is able to contain it all. More than a joke a lethal dangerously occurring.
The institutions that are not democratic but its opposite. 

We did not openly tell certain truths, even tough the fact that we could not follow them was betrayals to our common sense as we wanted to spare our work out of destruction.
As some could not say that females were equals because of having to show ostensibly (and within a family frame, centre and surrendering of all political ideas) that we accepted the non-sense of the regime laws and theories.
Perpetrating the abuses by ideas, to submit to the abuses that feed the rules mechanisms.
Pretending that we agree whereas every one is subservient to the grinding ground whatever one’s position, only.

 The religion is the claim that we believe that the humans, the elected, have by correlation, some of any another power-, only the one of interpretation, as they take advantages of the text saying that they are God’ s words, like if it was conceivable that not every single world was below the creation as being only the sound amidst the ones we are permitted to hear and retain of one of its billions big-bangs- upon the divine laws.

Human- and it’ s why religions may be read beautifully as it was the common goal- should remind that their intelligence type allows them to take into account different knowledge and happening, and that the strength source is to attempt organizing a space, the space as harmoniously and respectfully of everything that is given to come across with. Regarding to the space allotted, and time: lasting

Every one should be entitled to eat healthy and for those who wanted to cook special, they have the rights to take that as an allowed luxury till we can't do that without putting pressure, upon everyone. But here luxury could not be accumulated by one person or by one organisation. You love food? You love eating better than ordinary, others would choose to drive a car or walk a dog.
This repartition could work as far as the standard brings health and choice.

the choice of specializing in a area and thus testing it and offering it, is important for us to explore our dexterity and for the area exploited can be in the condition of developing state-of-the-art tools and ideas.
being entitled to experiment and develop craft or sciences and beneficiate from them but each individual should make a choice of what he wants to have access in particular, before everyone can reach the same account, provided that this search of producing don't threat the natural order and health now or in the future, and each individual meaning that each individual having the same power over these choices (choices of same number and quality enhancement support.

We need for a luxury not seen as consumption but as a model for better understanding and fulfilment of the knowledgeable.

 With maybe more service for the professional which work more hours. as without hours free you can't improve your cook by cooking for yourself, or you need to see your relatives the few hours you are free.

We should not think about profession in terms of outcome but in terms of means and meanings: discovery, development, sharing.

As for the displeased the vindication's energy transform into action as ex:
'this one doesn't do anything whereas others work transform into inspection possibility.

Build standards, inspection, build retrospective.
Criticism. Improvement system as a managing structure of citizen potential.


nurture = cultivate.

The shape of the sex, long and with something more apt at entering into communication with another element. the sex, his conduit and its extremity. as the soft tissue of what a leg, an arm is.
Mucous in-depth, convergence of sensitivity.

The furore at fighting for religion as they were and may still be. As they are looking for spirituality and right of the universe. Religion as search for universality and cosmic openness.
the spirituality the educator and guarantor for human rights and their duties.

Humans said to be superior as being moral whereas he is actually killing inter and intra species.

 Implementation of the vegetarianism among others species.
State-of-the-art as for conciliator between reigns.

Insistence at being hetero as sex-genders are given different attributes, roles, functions, status...
Hetero in these conditions to give the assurance of being willing of protecting the 'other citizens'.

The once denial of property as having for meaning 'no material for you, and everything for me', or no laws and things to who can steal it and keep it, and no possibility or restraints as for the ability at conceiving, elaborating, and improving any skills or instruments.
In contrast to now, as everybody is entitled to abuse resources.
Death to the kingdoms, as what that was seen as enlighten for every body in getting rid of monarchy as eventually lead at the instauration of the deluded all-empowered whimsical whims of any people in situation of using laws and situations while not keeping safe others’ rights and freedoms.

Doing harm or limited his opportunity for exploration's of liberty is a whole threat upon individuals' safety and development, which is to serve and is by nature serving the common thrive.

The reason rationalises portions the access and acknowledgement of limited point of view, as any intelligence is.
One life has the value of one life, and contains the same meaning for all.
One life is only ignored as we are ignorant of the main principles. As we are unaware of living in such mystery.
The mystery holds as we do not treat as equal the others’ lives, whatever humans, minerals, or conceptual.

Personal and leisure Life and society should take more time as each mistake puts someone else at risk. As we can't have responsibility for taking those risks without infringing democracy.

Homo females and males may appear as having very stereotyped behavior as they undergo the need of hiding their love of the same sex.
 Harassed by the preached vulgarity of praising caricatured discriminatory suitability.

Good food.
Good drink.
Now i can die.
I am prepared to.
Feel the pinch.

  When the art and life perform by others inspired me, fulfilled me so much. That they have fuelled and accompanied some aspects towards I have been raising till to-day and I remind of them by still being reasoning, resounding. Quit me they can't do nor will.

Religion as a reference before history and sciences could have been popularised.
Knowledge has always been plentiful, limitless and ongoing, how could one share it. Then one book to establish a common base will have been the ones calling and summoning decency and morality.

There’s a harsh defence for tradition as we can fear that tradition would be left by people to gain not only freedom.
but also and potentially mainly if the offers of it is high, to conquer the right to diminish the right of others as you would kick the tradition around, loosing the respect and the awareness of simple thing, natural thing that the tradition hopefully praised. With for example forgetting of how water is precious as you try to produce more or quicker than the neighbours.
In theory tradition brings up the symbol of continuity, the token of century of ancestral work, conjures up that it takes of respect and humility.
Without deeply respecting that we, from the beginning are depended on- the nature, and the very thrive of every system and soul, as they each contain the solutions as by magic.
Any resources abuses leading people to be able, even more vicious than that, to be allowed to have a neighbour as a maid, also even call employee, later. Employed not to survive and help at the survival, but loot and depletion.
Not abuses as a mistake in the process, an appearance that we will aim at redeeming but a necessary constituent to the official and sponsored racing.

tradition trying to keep the people respecting ritual around the respect of the objects and their functions, the very object which we use or are around us, the objects which serve our survival and future, the material which constitute the way of grasping an angle, a space of the infinity by which we are surrounded.
When materialism was a prayer towards each thing: a devotion and duties of care, sustainability, keeping, maintenance and repair.

Freedom is to learn and search and to be taught about what we are interested in, as long as there are no restraints as what we d like to quest, and the quest a balance on not harming.
Freedom is extend and sharing.

When everything goes wrong, I think of you. It may be for that the love for adventures.

Reproduction and raising children as an aim as we all conciliate over the potential future in which we project our mind and believes- as we can see at long term how to solve the amalgamated concerns, or any attempt at living- and make our differences generate. Developing a common reality or ground. Sharable views.

Scars. Ethnic distinction or any result of accident or incident.
Brown as it recalls the blood, white as it recalls the bones tinted for the lymph.
Throughout down the skin.

Smiling when discussing a sad piece of information.
As we may manage to gather resistance in mind.
To communicate our experience while talking about anything in particular, there's a sine qua non- be able to believe in the communication of our present state or feeling.
May the idea of death does not prevent us from going on enjoying their lives and staying.
as if action are not, subjective are sentiments.
Death is not the end as not to be resolved to think that fortune may stop more further than short-viewing.
In front of respecting any kind of behavioural language as anything happens and has to be dealt with, anything and mainly always more than the whole of thoughts can hope of glancing, and that unless our improving an propelling power, there is nothing like doomed fate. 

Some of the best writings may come from an originally very vague attempt.
To re-read oneself and can hardly understand what it is all about. In the process or rephrasing to manage to explain what in one’s perception is generally missing.
To have a generally too little clear part of an explanation going on on our experiments and interpretation may have us conscientious of its importance when finally we get across its deeper meaning. This conscience will have us particularly skilful at detecting, explaining, solving, analysing, dealing with that to be screened aspect.

I was just mistaken to believe that one can think that one says whereas thinking has for purpose to search what may be describable.
And telling acknowledging what we are thinking and are to define further.

To be only in life in the sense of being only when feeling my love for u.
At the same time to realize that apart from that, am 'solely'.
SOUL, TRY.?.aren't i.
i love now i can't see.

Duties of knowledge in order to avoid studying what has already been made.
Links to duties of knowledge sharing.

 To insist on the need of (m)other and father family is felt as a strong argument not because of single or homo are not considered sensibly as not worthy but because they is a strong urge for advocating more united family-which are heterosexual pictured-and all the more since the society is not coherent enough to have her members act as a part of a balanced group.

We just allow yourself to sink to violent behaviour as we are not indeed aware how destructive we naturally are.
Ex cess. Cease-fire.
Ex, past, exit.

Problems of community.
Demanding selfless love and dedication to patriotism.
whereas all individuals and societies need fulfilled citizens and communities.
But not towards selfishness but towards all others.
Fulfilled and growing qualities, individuals creation for overall innovations.

Putting up with doing and doing over and over again as we must demand of the situation that it gets us to do it better or to get us to think of it much well.
When life is thought to be wonder.

devotion to life gives an overall enough view of bigger plans to gift us with respect for destiny which will have us not die for the presumptuously alleged significance of signs but will see us
Content with the whole facts and deeds.
The belief in that which permit the shift from fate to destiny, like from any point of view to developing faith.
Since life is eternity.

Things have an effect on things and the accumulation of them enable us to study.
And their being studied enables us to analyse them-theme.
And them weight(ed) and use(head), to control ourselves by which is called experimentation.

Children should be indeed trained not only to be allowed to vote when their brains come at maturity; but also to undertake political, cultural, social responsibility.

Not worth being cynical as the reasons why we abhor
are not just above us but are the
same, even the very disfunction, mysfunction we bear, allow, indulge or profit from.
and our power of action and embetterment laying there.

 To have people believe that one element of the population (ex: women, other ethnic groups, other mental condition...) would be weaker.
is to let those who believe this, live like ignorant.
 Power and false division context.

Women regarded as being weak as they were responsible for closer dimension, more populous areas (home, village) where you have to loosen atmosphere, give aeration to the minds, provide relaxation in order to deepen family or communities ties.

Males liable in some societal organisations to travel in wider space – and avoid being caught -as to tighten his moral and reactions as the aims is to go on and that going on faster if avoiding some existential questions.
On being dangerous of not opening to the need of privacy or opening to the potentiality of being captured and imprisoned.

 Legends of having hailed the death comes to symbolize the gift of great doctors as being a possible and encouraged solution facing enormous toll rate. The wonders rather simply embody the need and the wished bust for medical or personal care.

the so called difference between males and females are psychological and rhetorical strategy to enable people to speak about one owe features and reality without acknowledging or just hunting it without being conscious of that or without having to do it openly. Pretending to not belonging or be different, to speak of one’s own feature with distanciation.

To kill or undermine someone, even to protect oneself, just prevent him, and what he transported of essence, to think about our rights and fairness.
Sens and sense.

Veil as women stand for the reputation of a place, a family, a society.

As plots may need mystery.

Veils alright as men were barbed and capped.


 When women victims to any kinds of treatments, as being unprotected by laws.
While males subjected at any working conditions.
Now working or living conditions just are the same.

 Being allowed to have sex whatever the place.
Outside and that this outside be available to the public
As being at the same time for this occasion a place for intimate privacy.
Would give us the meaning of Mother Nature.

Work and work again; and like that keep on being assessed by one's mistakes; as there only the humility that can keep you in your work daily happy. Through the full awareness of being incessantly taught.

To put one's pain under control not to upset the others' or our own priorities.

Specialist = accurate touch that bring ease out of knot of complexity.

We always fall into deciphering what the others are explaining by what we have already met whereas each time it is something completely specific that has been said.

Also each time something new, waiting for us not to take for granted that we know the data, the problem, the solution, or what is to be brought by not thinking that something is useless but by finding harmony and completion. Or the peace that a lightness is in the way of having to tackle complexity or dangers.

The poetry of the instant is also when we understand the poet; not through that he has said but through what he could not have.
Because of this too powerful barriers of the emotions.

Because emotions are as personal as universal.
Because they are, like the sensations, our common grounds as well as our differentiation.

Communication is about what concerns us, what we wish would do.

Sex and work the area of abdos, bottom and lumbers. Activation of the centre.
Sex as a healthy activity.

She was assisting him into having this thing not because she wanted it but only because she thought that when he got it he would become more ‘convenient’ to live with.
Spoiling and vice in dependent relationship.
Or sanitary solidarity.
One or the other depends on the right link between individual, institutions, and society.

The boss in one matter is the one who works for their field, their workers, themselves and humankind.

Be faithful to one’s one; enables us to consider the interaction with all another as able to be fulfilled and complete without having to maintain any concerns or restrictions about them.
Unconditional teaches openness, and openness teaches help and creativity = liberty.

Being deceived or disappointed is the reminder of having to look after oneself and through that respect and protect what has been done thanks to the time allotted.
And die for one’s ideas and through what has to be done and perfected.

Learning and teaching is the activities devoted to the others’ work.

In dying we reinforced life since we must wear things that are yet the only alternatives.
And when we battle to find another path, the minds become souls.

The emotions is one dimension of the human species.
                                                          Any animal species.
                                                          Any living being.
                                                          Of any spirituality.
                                                           Of anything.                                         Among               another type of emotions.
For sensation, thoughts and any other concepts-that the divinity let us consider- the same applying.

Given the time each individuals has to spend in thinking about their emotions and experiments. Living something hurting leads irremediably to pain mad-driving.
Injustice of the doom.

One has to re-experiment mentally their experiences to analyse their feelings and behaviour to improve their self-control and like that reacting more appropriately. Thus learn to know and have use of oneself.
Conscience and inner controversy.

Spirituality is thanking life for the play of minds it enables.

The words I was studying and which all the sudden gave me a glimpse of how she could have felt about us.
Suddenly being let know on how she could have been; my love no more egocentric; me no more lonely and mere feeler; but fulfilled, by my memory, by love rocked and held. And although alone still carrying.
This view she could have seen.
That, could be. This view of my life, the scene, my production.

Be only too aware of my futility. But love that limit yet since I need it to understand who I am and evaluate and evaluate.
As I take a whole life to lighten the effect we are liable to supply and undergo.

It is only when one knows that they are actually feeding the others that their search are as one of the multiple and added aims this of the latter. That awareness that leads to comprehensiveness.
What is happiness?

Need of religion.
As every thing moves.
How to keep moral at a high level or at least concerns for having it at that standard.
Religion try to provide something stable; its referee.

To have beautiful time, links; object; relation; ideas:::is to look after them.

Art as a gift of putting people into conversation.

I’ve loved you so much.
I speak about him with the past tense.
As I’ve never managed to cease it doing (lasting.)

To love being sad as I’m remembered how with you I would be happy.

When I loose a rhythm which inspired my flesh ‘you can’t be better than when hers’ hint to me.
my lover
To be devoted to belonged to him.
It’s my (s)here poetry.

I may have written thousands of pages.
You is the sound that
Make me believe in ‘be’
U nique

Paedophile. Do it as they could abuse children when they were themselves youngster.
The children as vulnerable people and the society’s habit to rank its citizens through their abilities at profiting from loopholes and circumstantial weaknesses.
Paedophile is the way of profiting from some kind of vulnerability. What about our bankers, economies, businesses? What about our states?

I have to stop coffee as well as vanity.

The more you study,
                 You understand
You have an intelligence similar to any.
The stroke of genius stems from that and from the area our = this gathering enables.
2 g ever. Extase of understanding. Rally.

A stake to which everyone is allowed to explain, complain…
             In for                          supposed to have everyone as equally treated as free.
Some full-time job society.

The eyes may be the souls’ mirrors as they are very active and are a view on the inner; connected to the holes, to the mucous membrane, revealing the quivering of the mind and thought. To leave that area so with so fine barriers, remind us of the high, red zone of any dramas, of any dangers. High frequency movement of the eyes.

I c.

The purpose of each feeling is to be in control of them; as we all are a reflection of the moves and shapes of the whole universe.
Like that the old or the sick will manage to keep that storm in them. That natural phenomenon which teaches one of the aspect of the nature’s essence to the brain.
Each person or being looking after one of the kingdom’s sanctuary.

Cleaning jobs are ill-considered now because we clean while destructing our environment in using chemical, poisoning, defertilizing, bleaching…
In fact instead of cleaning we just aggress, sterilize the place we live in.
And also because people have lost this notion of what we messed we have to put back in order, as they think it is logical that people looking after the mess others bring about, be less paid. Ironic. Iron nic.

Homosexuality is feared as a potential disruptive factor of the societies that are run and organized around sexual partition on jobs, marriages, prostitution, wealth.

Humans have as a mission to remain the herd of all others animals.
That is to say making sure that everything is settle for every species to live on the best of the environment and our kind of intelligence searching for these environment to be the freest possible from violence. Violence mainly caused by lack of territory and resources by firstly stopping killing other animals for our own selfish use or from our lack of respect for their biospheres.
And like that starting to communicate with other species and begin the travel on all seas.

The species urge the dominance system to develop the community ability at protection.
If a mate is strong then he may protect their couple as the couple of the others’; since in protecting and being consistent with their spouse; they prevent the others’ to have to or to be tempted by wandering around.
However the individuals fulfilment and security could be attained through solidarity only i.e  training without repression.
And it is possible to have in control without castration only when everyone is on and for duties.

I could not exchange philosophical thought with these people just because some ideas that could link dissimilar people are too difficult to verbalize or even to dare.
The Babylon tower, only by the love, the true love for God, repaired.
I don’t mind camera in the street but if I was film making love in an hidden place and indicted for that; I fell I would have been a victim of a flasher-society violating privacy.
As I still am an animal who need to enjoy the freedom of territory.
(as nature and urbanity should be the without borders access of everyone.)

Like the bank of the Thames that have been subject to privatization.
But not the nature, the serfs.

The adrenalin rush that occurs when one is much afraid enables the heart to throb as quickly as the blood is needed to run away.

To hear my cat’s heart beat is an agony as even when he sleeps, his body has to go frenetic.

The humans are what they fight and why for?

The time for the prayer a rule to leave people relax and go beyond what is ordered.

I was writing as this is my duty since I have reports to do related to what I may live.
Even for me, my love, it was boring.
And so I had to ask myself how, what I needed in my life and studies, in order to produce thoughts that could be read quite satisfactorily.

To gather strength enough when acting with the hands, raise the elbow as high as the shoulder. Like that the three joints are in line, as well as their muscles and related flesh, thus the contraction needed find a support as long as the body line found.

The principle of orgasm_ stretch, and one’s body as much as relax it (even if it becomes so tough for becoming one block). The energy enabled to circulate everywhere and to cluster anywhere.

To leave some of them without explanations, enigmatism. Raise an issue and leave it to freer reflexions.
Elevated implies no-imposition.

Keep in mind that I could rape you.
It is not a threat it is to express how much I could have been dum(p).

Forbidden homosexuality and sphere sex is an attempt at avoiding sex group, that is to say separate the people allowed to be together. As much as the society is obsessed by it as much as ill with it and with it by all other behaviours. Remain only that policy- imprisoning.

He was jealous but may I love him then when he could only think of me parting?
As manipulating or harassing someone to restrain their impulse of interest, is to reduce.

Jesus as an image of that love could bring and back.
Through the devotion, passing of life: reincarnation.

As we are loosing more and more of our hearing because of the more and more noisy environment by which we are surrounded; maybe we can still avoid being invaded and hurt by the noise if we as an individual try not producing unnecessary and also annoying noise at your turn.
It might be like training, a warning from our ears on how the all body should react and impact, as if we say ‘see, just this amount to enter, enough for your inner’.

Reflexion ables us to experiment one while thinking several and develop remembrance as one moment will trigger the remembering of plenty.
 With the Plenty you will be able to choose which one you want to deepen
And choice of thought as liberty.

The learning of several languages taught the ability at playing with different structure, regarded to both definition and syntax (words interaction.)

The poetry signals, is the proof of people thinking of one thing so much that a stormy music invades them- the music being the  and transport them till the expression of their relation to their thoughts.

One believes that their lovers or potential lovers are saints among human as one believe that their enemies are demons among human because excitation have us made the greatest mistakes.


Dream for ever and live now is the means of exploring the all possible, and more than we could actually expect or think, more in the sense that absolutes are doors to supernatural and new dimensions.

it is stupid to think that we know anything about what happened in the past as even if we have some structural leftovers, say what kind of organisations shaped the society, what (exactly, indeed) were going on within is the deepest mystery.
As we know that superiority or inferiority amongst males and females, (or that this kind of consideration, are just at the scale of one’s or at the general disempowerment) are just rubbish.
It is just because our current values are an overrating of officialised political power and as we are taught, entitled, even pushed into throwing everything, that domestic safety, natural remedies, and considerate rising, raising, breeding, could have as strength, in the view that it belongs to the alleged role of the females, when and where role tended to be determined? In the pretentious head of generations proclaiming to know everything. Generous enough to include God in the sack, how prod-igious.

Migrants seeing badly because they want the jobs and situations abused by the societies relying on the poverty abroad.
Also when they come and take tough jobs they then become emblematic of the gap between different castes social that terrorizes all lots.

The banning of homosexuality may have been the tool for leading people into the same love, as much as strong for no linked sexual relationship.
as you will love both sex the same but are not allowed to sexual and spouse relationship with one of them, then you will have to keep the same degree of love but being compulsorily forced into shifting your spousing attraction into a friendship relationship, thus creating friend or family or spouse degree of love at the same level, as in less widely and related organized society you any way cannot choose with who and what for you will have to cluster.
Like that obliging people to endure their frustration, and diverted their feelings, maybe not to love really, not to hope for fusion, as surroundings is so dangerous that you cannot cultivate your personal, as if you build yourselves upon that, what would happen in case of accidents, losses, harshes conditions. To become crazy seeing the love we choose to be endangered, rather make clear in the spirits that all that is controlled or rather have to stay unnamed.
So dangerous, sod.

Fascism as it is easy for everybody to say and do bullshit, and fascism is that acclamation.
 The coin back of the fear, that might happen, and in fact is constantly happening at each step of anyone’s work, buy or vote.

Our thoughts, cultures, philosophy, religion, or experiences and adventures.
Our guides.

The system of the royalties. Could forced author into studying what have been already created and from that innovating. Strong from studying and aware of what is not to be done again or is waiting for improving.

The fact of forcing people into exposing a certain behavior. thus the society gives an individual an aim (maintaining a certain comportment in order to reach what the society is able to offer-employment, status, acknowledgement...- as imposing that the individual will stick their mind into reproducing that, and not into remote, unknown potential willing, fancy, plan.
Appearance lock. Authoritarian 'security' aiming at controling the lack of positive ground, for humans' exploitation and expanding.

The truth may be hidden, while taking the arguing over issues away in order to avoid people ostracizing each other.

To make noise, any noise just for proof at each breathing not of really being; but at least remaining alive.

There’s no wealth when it means depriving, that it is at the cost of exploiting, stealing from others.
Redistribution for wealth will be healthy when the wealth in question is even more than production but research, sharing, freedom-respect, and creation.

The decisions of compulsory work for everyone to benefit the whole society could seem to be authoritarian; but it could be totally justified if everyone has the same amount to do before doing what can be regarded as optional, if that work produces what is essential for anyone.
Also if everybody consumes what is essential without commanding luxury at the price of alienating others (in short consume the luxury that they can produce themselves or in community without damaging the resources or others' rights, and as far as the communities don't have to fight to obtain more power upon each other or the authorities) then what each other would have to produce would be limited and this would leave plenty of time to wander at individual creativity and particularities.

The advancement in the technologies, sciences, art... would not eventually be at risk as the best would be provided and shared by really interested people since the choice of the additional activities would not depend of the money you have but the interest, by choosing them among all others, demonstrated.

The best in their field could work the day long at their art, by teaching, conducting research (according to the democratic vote over an exhaustive choice leading to and according to demands) and additionally choosing to devote some of their free time to this field again.

The sadness felt about for example the wastage of water could be put off by speaking about it with people.

Primitive society able to
Preserve (in being in harmony)
and Peace with environment.
In the sense that our societies should have at heart this aims, looking after the divine gift. Environment and all that all can see and individually what is the gift of each to particularly sense of it.
Departing from being in synergy with the matters and its knowledge is what shell call the end of posterity.

The indigenous peoples and the ones who would like to live like them should be the guardian of the to-be-preserved nature. In relation with scientists and should be due to offer best natural ways of protecting the environment.
The towns keeping their major function of compaction to ensure the fortress repatriation, able to secure the amassed data. And the countriesides like the bread zone of our belly and brain connected with big mama.
And this would not mean, you’re the peasants, I am the king of the cities. Each roles and functions honourable as each serve the other prosperity.
State of the art countries side keeper for anything that does the town be any worther.
In revolutions, part of the population, casts, and classes are slaughtered.
In capitalist is the one who does not deal with money or profit that are too be the servant of business or serve the silencing of what the undemocratic processes bring of disquiet.

The assumption that the males were the only to have some political power, by what has been  left of pics, photos, texts...propaganda.
For one reason the remains of the history has just been manipulated, as Hitler destroyed all what was not of his ideas adopted.

Second, if so, women chose to leave the, say, political status in order to achieve other aims as political as any human action- raising, cooking (which was of the domain of the health and care, as well as medicine, the houses’ state being the whys or not the population were lasting)...
And all that harmony requires and that in those unknown times and conditions remain a mystery.
To reign over life as life depending of what was going on your health security, above all when the sole place to security, physical and moral were the household.
And what s politics without morality?

Homosexuality bans like that natural love that same sex share instead of going naturally and freely shared proportionally between all the encounters, will stay at the stage of friendship reproducing then filial love.
Like that, we love what we call friend as much as the partner, as ban of homosexuality rhyme with ban from melting between opposed sexes as sexuality will be systematize and between same, as sexuality will be go under ablations. Abolition.
Then as you are not into relation with the others you are not allowed to think the world of the one with you are.
It is the very best of all the basic techniques used to control our emotions, individuality and life aspirations. 

How love transforms into hate?
As I have him in to my mind.
As he is the one who triggers the more.
And as he for ever left me.

It is similar to lost trust or the confidence of one's beliefs, aims, conviction, supports.
It is the feeling, as far as I can't control myself, of living for something that abandons.

The ideal machine would be one that can be operated in different position for the activation does not demand repetitive movements from the user.
If you can change the means of operating on one key then instead of wearing yourself by having to do it you will be able to develop your strength by moving the part of your body that need:
example to do stretching exercise while moving the mouse.

For a computer activated by the mind why not push with ours organs. It could be for example a relief for the bowel movement or whatever space from in the liver into the brain.

 Wiseness is the human interpretation of God.

No apparent Adam's apple among women as their breast pulls the throat thus the throat can't 'go out' or protrude?

 Because you think that people socializing don't have or are perfecting their shell in doing so? What do you miss when you see what the others do? Doesn’t take a lot of energy and focus for being effective in a position like the one in Princeton? Aren’t achievement door to openness? When you say everybody don't you think that it is everybody who advertise for that, because you know me I like to get closer to my colleagues and I ve met dozens of people, maybe the majority in fact who don't socialize, job involvement, a strong leisure, health, sport, duty towards family. Or recreating the family through friendship, for me? I need to go and sleep before managing to do all of that. I see my life as spiritual because i regard those things as being impossible to finish and at the same time able to bring you fulfilment at any time.

Doctrine of the individuals' quality is called meritocracy, symptoms of a controlling, stiffening for ill-adapted society. Consequences: unevenness, discohesion, tearfulness, limitation, abuse. Meritocracy is ok as long as it does not justify a situation upon which you are exploiting the specific qualities of other people, through having or inheriting of the quality or position from which you will put in the ‘obligational function’ to belittle others’ effort, time spending…

 The binding of respecting others' resources cannot be seen as (=society as an addition of individuals) constraints as it is the morals and future fulfilment of global vision, participation and enlightenment.

There is resistance to that kind of natural laws, in the sense of due and of being the result of free, freed and freeing minds.
One fears a reversal by people profiting from the research for more balance by looting area in working- are in on going building or questioning.
  Perhaps should we not see, looting as unstoppable and incontestable, incorrigible happenings but simply the alerts on where systems as to be more efficient- in making sure that the system is not the one permitting abuses secretly or functionally, authoritarianily. Research is a tiring process that will involve some mistakes and enormous adjustment. This time, given to improvement and harmonisation, asks to be pervading, fastidious, considerate of everything and everyone. Real justice demands all time and life’s skills for only discovering that they only can be shorter.
 And here the horror ideas, the hint that have people satisfied with auto destructive relations. This perfectioning of the system could be an opportunity for overthrowing the trying renewing order to break or pervert the network and settle greater tyranny.
 The in-distress run forwarded that makes modern society, makes every one so disempowered, that at least prevents one same organisation to take over everything. This explaining the secrecies and opacities, as to do right stuff it would ask everyone’s time and talents. And that would be too tough psychologically speaking, since people would be; one, more accurate on the gravity of their moments; two, what could happen if each of the position in society suddenly was endowed with appreciation, opinion, divulging, and taking the weight of the balanced fruits of labor and harv-est.

Natural laws, in the sense of due and of being the result of free, freed, and freeing minds.

Are vest.


 Music and art. Symbolically, like Apollo, aesthetics and beauty taming our bestiality, or horror, conducting it towards rally. Through potential common, shared, aka evolving and thoughtful design.
When you summon oddity. Art on magic.

Greek myth relating sorcellery, and how minds would relate.

 Supernatural. In life nothing can happen without everybody be involved. Fully-minded.

Something hiding you face that you would like to wear when the humiliation is too great.

Every religion as a fight for love and frame for moral.
Don’t pretend your religion forbids.
Don’t harm it as spirituality teaches respect and respect brings what needed to understand how to not destroy but explore.

It is not free but gratuitous.

The ‘peace keepers’, some think, that are send enabling no more than watching poverty, and for just
containing it.
Cons stain.

To wait for happiness, universally.
It is each time here when we decide it to be.
No pre requisite, sine qua non, nor fatality.

Not that it can't lead to madness or misery - the mind, the mental, apparitions, appearances, inner or outer. Whatever called dreams or reality, materials or ideas, thoughts or events.
Are the same, as secret as uncovered.
Are the same for humans: unexplainable, them who would like to judge themselves as having control over the all lot, the auto proclaimed intelligent.

His mind and what he sees only that has remained of the universe that escapes from his brain.

I can see and hear my cat or other animals that my race eats, my species is an awful lot of pretentious dangerous dummies.

Vegetarianism or you will be cursed and not only by me,
But by the animals that you take for awful. You are the pest, bro, I tell you that. You are the pest and instinctively any of the beings now know that, and will show you, that conservation will be for you, in the same cemetery.

I guess you are busy it is often the answer I get, people see me and my wandering seek and hide dreamaning stories.
I don't mind, it is just my mind that likes being released.

The unconscious, the revelations of some struggling phenomena.

Always struggling.

The truth is the only one beauty for no one could stand denying it.
No one, not a soul, not a sound, no mind has it.
It is why it is love, the share of our knowledge and the rest of what we carry.

People fair at work or not being acknowledged for their work or not being able to work the way they are and think or the fear of being discriminated.
Whence capitalism like isolationism.
Privatization in the sense of obscuration and rule out good practises as being the product of shared project and proportionate redistribution. Rule out in pretending being serious, but being nothing more than hierachical anarchy, rule out to carry on shaddy .

The words which are almost always too distant to be picked up.
Even if they are fading perceptions, often they convey some of the offered glimpse.

To be everything and its surroundings.
My heart hanging by each move you did.

To be able to touch you, I mean go within what you wanted to be sharing.
Your love, your trust, your tranquility.

Wish oneself good luck, it does not strike.
And grooming the way we give ourselves.

The justice and balance of our minds intertwined, is that cannot be told apart before solving.

People think that there is only one way for a thing to be well done.
I would think the same.
But once a thing is perfect we can't even see it as its energy is beyond all pursuit.
Then people will pretend knowing how to process the way it can be done, pretending that it is the
Laws of universe that they know, I speak here, the way the moral rules are built and claimed
When their authors don't rely on science and sensibility and mutual and equal respect, but
Rely on so called religious or natural laws, called like that when people don't want to
Justify and think their actions but just want an automation, some regularization. Praying
For a reduction of the world insecurity and the vagueness of any kind of cohesion, even more
Vague when under strict closed, hermetic system as no challenge and real assessment by the people and practitioner is possible without economically or others deadly threats.
The danger of the danger in seeking some higher references is to think, even a lapse of one sec,
That having a glimpse at one of its aspects give the knowledge to assess even just the
Faintest hint at what surrounds it- and us.
Pretending knowing and by that arranging ranks, and hierarchy in the way we respect, care,
Treat, and afterwards planning sacrifices for the monster we ourselves have permitted.
See people, activities, concerns and give them values, restricting the view held on the world by imposing one perception and study of a reality = happening.
Restricting quantity, quality, diversity, stiffening our relation to the nature,
Asking more and more servants to the race for appearances that have made the world overcrowded.
Run for more fun when lives are at stake, bleaching every thing we wear and are in putting
Await that purity is only into the deep.
Unaware of pluralism, killing our singularism in a given see administrated or bound identity, the
Paper we need, symptom of slavery.
Inventing guilt to see responsibilities ignored and taken for granted the looting upon which
Any unequal society lies.
Run for comfort by want of safety, the solidarity aside of it.

Why did I want you?
To be rocked and soothed.
And to you do.

Closed countries, relying on the depletion, the looting they are operating on population herded by other types of regimes.
The pride of our liberty of expression almost propaganda designed to justify the states' stances and general incivility towards solidarity.
as what may be worth, nonetheless genuine need for expression for they are the imperativeness for exploring and understanding or being so; if the result of it is more and more restraint in another place? How worth and genuine are needs if the holder of them, missed the duties they owe to others, that would change the entire situation = reality?
Well it may serve that you have the possibility to express disapproval against the ones with who you are not directly linked, and the breach of human rights in other contexts a reminder of where you could ‘punitively = retaliation’ be sent in case you try to express and suppress undue power of the ones granted with the possibilities of not following their moral duties.
Express as much as you want, but at work  (work = any individual’s place of expertise by excellence and default), say something and you will have the power of the assassinated left in no cupboard.
To have to defend what is defined as a point of view when talking about egalitarianism, whereas the principle of invaluable life is at the center of any morality.
For what a development it is for, if the philosophy surrounding it is about justified,   glorified gaps and unreciprocity..
Those precipices images of sustained failure. Sometimes aggravated by just what I am actually doing, finding a meaning within the tiny area I am covering, an esthetic. Artful?

Why promoting art [the expression] if the only to see it are the ones who gags me?
Or when I am helpless just able to see the range of experiences and the scope of that illness.
At least the art found in anyway to liberty.

We use 'natural' in the sense that it is what we think that we have discover on one thing
And want to apply it at any else. The talk about 'natural' the way we use any other conceptions.
The micro that we have spotted facing the macro we are made of. As the knowledge should be
The picture of our restriction. Advocating still being right amongst the pain unstopped or provided.
What we say natural, taking for granted, just at the image of the mess of our, by essence tiny sensations and perception- though aiming and guessing the limitless, sometimes its witness.
It is as ‘natural’ as we can’t even think that is’ and by consequence us being overwhelmed.

The consumption society works as when you don't have, you are put aside, belittled, imprisoned.
As propriety rights has locked up every path, killing the choice on what to think and respond, as opinion has a price that at the convenience of the rulers can be unaffordable or unproductive.
When equality of treatment is seen as a mere point of view instead of morals, as the laws are not representing morals but lucrative interests.
Facing abuse, abuse = taking advantage of one's circumstantial power, ability, possibility by letting them to go against universal and generational well-being.
Thinking that if I consider myself as intelligent or if I am regarded as productive or having what is currently exploitable then I am entitled to be exploited or entitled to exploit. And at the best undermining others, at the worst more and more dig the gap preventing the very awareness of different ways even world.
Praising the modernism whereas the dictatorship of our system remaining unchecked and uncontrolled.

People were for the states not to interfere in business because the states were for the big boss.
Overtly and that tendency translated into national policies within dictatorial system.
No, the state don't do its work of regulation, they are still for the big business but this
time it is the dictatorship of the economy that know no limits, no laws, no accountability,
As the notes hid the names.
Economy, money is respected like a god, but what kind of jobs are people offered?
Polluting practice, comfort against others'exploitation, modernity against alienation, leisure against political correctness.
In a society where you have got to appear smiley- not a word of complain that or a comment, intelligence is not asked only amoral strategy-, at this pace of understanding, an adieu that
Would be.

Societies were very strict about marriages, heirloom, and all that could give very strict,
And delimited role to people because as long as there is not enough structuration to protect individual rights, the danger of not having establish very kind of membership, belonging within the relationship, widespread example of  contractarial unit..
Whatever social, familial, gender...based on any criteria that could be found, would have been outsider possessing people.
ex: human trade, prostitution, why not like we are currently doing with animals, farming people and kill them when edible or when too old.
also a kind of relationship based on very tight adherence to give all individuals the
 willing and training to fight to the end for people that they finally considerate to be
theirs and thus establish an auto unit defense, as well as feeling of having to stay
interlocked, interdependent, to show solidarity that permits to limit the potential and in fact otherwise unavoidable looting of identity, lives, corporal integrity...the horrors that might occur if someone is left without protection, if the individual cannot afford being protected.
By its closest, the horrors that will occur in case the state of being left as if alone persist.
Individuals having to be linked to the society in their duties to offer protection to its
and in its sine qua non to finally being able within a more relaxed framework to at last exploring what it has created as liberty, the power of exploring oneself alongside helping each other,
each other in all that involves of coming from everywhere compounds.
Belonging to gather fences enough in order to explore interior and single peculiarity and world.

Snow, the most powerful cleaner of bugs without polluters.
Other weather, each occurrence, a life giver.
And when the bugs are guardians of the immune system of us or nonetheless samely precious all others.

Read-reread and find out new lights.
Becoming clearer to oneself is the insatiable pleasure of the writer.
Beginning with the raw material of what dictactes experiments and information; the magic of writing being to leave and store this impression- endlessly  flowing and renewable.

Further imperialism-

Voices all around, each of them, a path to sainthood.

What is painful in being homo is not being let it be.
Sadness, infinity. Your inner, your soul killed everyday without the relief of hoping to last for this half, from whom your body is apart, though your spirit, your whole can’t, without, even only little as interact.
Yet since love is love, in every person, my angel, their light I will capture, as any light is the sign I am alive enough to think of the one you gave.

Governments don't feed or properly educate their people lest they should or rebel or take
the good situations or valuables in the country.
As health and education were the privileges of the wealthy. However in a system where you
begin a star of knowledge and skills to serve the nation, and your self development as far as
it does not collide with someone else health and search, this very education and the
education of everyone would be each individual treasure.
growing since the other grows.
And don't have to fear the taking away of what is essential for me or for any of my neighbors.

Ok, this, education shall be. Then why the fear, what is inculcated?

People flying the countryside to overflow the cities.
And in the other side the nature neglected and exploited, depleted instead of kept and nourished.
The technology should, enable people working at it and should look after people looking after the earth system. This, possible if people in the city are not allowed to earn the money necessary to treat their counterpart at a not same rate to that they are. The responsibility of looking after the nature as vital as that of looking after intellectual discovery or that of maintain a healthy system and its tools – each of its components, from the humans, to the animals and objects.
People fly towards pollution indeed deprived from a fair distribution of wealth-conditions, threatened by loosing the ‘power of being represented’ for the better of general (synonym here with accomplished) prosperity.

I ve lost my passion, my whole passion, the fire that burnt whilst longing being with the other side of the world.
Wherever you are, my half, my raison d être, whenever and even if no one but me can know and feel that none of you is missing. However, because of my lack of holiness and as the journey is not due to the places you have already seen only; however since I am not perfect and follow you where our love lends us to pray God; however much, my darling, this search leaves me dieing, the beauty of my life rests on its finding.
The rest of my existence since people cannot tell me where you are? Is still marvel as me and you is what takes to be, hope and do.
I ve lost my passion, since the secret of the soul is that its lives to protect the other one, and through any element that reminds the love to which we belong to.
I ve lost my passion, the fire that burns from thinking you are gone.
I have lost my passion, as my passion is you, as my passion is called love from being that can’t be endangered, parted nor pulled away.
I have lost that I was, maybe there ll be a present day.

I write but nothing like beforehand. Writing has become my way of living, like almost always with today the feeling that writing is my way of living, for you and in fact with you.
The devotion to thinking allowing me to think of you as a reward to my perseverance. Every time I feel lonely, doing it because the silence is going to stay and then my love giving itself in for contemplation may invade all that I am, a soul whose heaven is when what I do enables up to you my spirit and will.

Wage   wager = bet

I called. Through the anxiety of the situation, of this problem, I called him furious, yelling because the problem was a real problem.
But one there is no a problem that can be solve as well as when you treat it calmly, thence the anger’s stupidity.
Two, I did not call for solving the problem but taking that unconscious excuse to hear the sound of his voice.

Hold on to a former love, traumatized by the thoughts of not being able to give as much to the next one.

Love as I am traumatized to give that is superfluous to one person and don’t fulfill the duties towards that is fundamental.
Or simply beset by dreams and thoughts, taking the time I cannot give back. But this very same feelings without I could not weight what counts humanly.

The soldiers resist their tendencies at being gay.
Love retain, unexpressed.
However, no leader can be one without a love highly cultivated.
This kind of love that you have to feel compulsory at the same any another’s pace.
Barred from the questions that a healthy couple relationship will raise.
What, how and why.

Everything is love. Love, avenge and mistakes.

Every word, sentence is divine.
But none can be in itself breathed into one’s mind.
The way we read and reread them with the whole love, wisdom and equalitarianism- to take justly every element into account- we have newly built may and finally is to bring a nectar of sanctity.

I did not remember of what I said to her. What I said is what I serve every day.
Instead it is her own word what rest and the new object of what I ll have to survey.

People say that a more shared society and egalitarianism society could not work, because they pretend that this society of shark works like a dream. The utopians are, them, pretending that the input they imagine are right, almost comprehensive and perfect.
What leagues?

Sometimes I don t have a heart, as it must be let travel.
Free of being where it sounds and likes.

I knew everything was replaceable also I did not stress about loosing some battles as the aim, long term aim cannot be else than harmony.
Why then do I not let for somebody to change, why then don’t intervene and leave. Because without following what life taught me of it, or urge me to learn then the shambles will knee me.

I am not strong because I am not strong enough to stop a painful situation without causing any damages. The fault.
As being the common guiltiness.

Racism more than an abuse of language, as there is no race. And is to proclaim nothing about intelligence or abilities,,,but just one of the numerous ways of advertising superiority, which is utmostward dishonest, stupid, hypocrite, name it. And do not think that anyone is dummier than the other. Bloody game.

The words racism should banned from being used. As it is a long-know scientific basic that there is no human races, only one race within the species.
Mind, were there several, pray for it do not matter. But it still would has people simply does not take into account others beings.
On being vegetarian.

People mocked a lot cannibalism. A way of asserting, we don’t do that we are civilized (look at how people react when poorer, viva the progress, viva at any prices.)
And now it is the organs that will be on the sales.

It is bad, prostitution as it distorts the rules. One cannot expect to know how to behave properly (towards a human being) as long as this one is not free. Free from constraint, or greediness stemming from the torture of thinking that those are the laws for survival.
I cannot know until everywhere can express one’s true will and beauty.
Truth and genuineness.
Gene and trace.

To be dominant is to let oneself be dominated by fancy, = predetermined rules, which you do not challenge.

I am afraid of writing as art or science takes off energy.
I am afraid of writing as words are supposed, and are for, taking you in a special world and order where you promise to thrive. Each sentence will bring about challenges in my life I ll have to take up and stand for.

Babel tower, an illusion, as each word has his story, circumstances, and descent, and for this is as enigmatic as to have to be lived again by the hearer before passing sound judgment.
Plus the path of the unconscious, subconscious, body, wisdom, and love do not have countries.
And if there have a culture it is only the codes, as the matters don’t differ.

Cloning not a problem of ethics in itself but considering that we are abusing the whole planet, it is going to become yet another lethal weapon.
We are deadly scared by it like if it will escape the dictatorship of ours. Whereas it will only naturally being handled with the same atrocity that traditional contemporary society will have taught.
And since humans have not found a secure way to freedom, welcome, innocence and thankgiving, as a species ready to harmonize with all other God’s creation. The introduction of this token of their knowledge won’t be just them to live as being with nature and under skies but will be used as an exploited and exploitative tool.

I tell people I am a compulsive laughter. Thus when I get the giggles, too often, since misunderstood, at the very inappropriate time, I don’t have to explain what is going on in my head, thoughts and remembrances. I invent a new ghost illness. I d rather being labelled with this than having to explain to people that have already put me on the benches. No worries.

Live does not stop when we think.

About  psyche.

We need your knowledge, not your bias.
Knowledge, further edge of now on K.

bi as
be ass
bi as. Support two jokers. Opportunism or bisexuality abused linguistically?

Lack of cooperation, creation and back up of privileges.

(T)he thinks

Making love. A example of how the ecstasy may escalate. While having intercourse, sex to sex, looking for at the same time the other circumstantial G point, the interesting part is that it could be traveling through all surfaces.

No crush. Aware of one’s weight. Three layers of skin, ligaments, muscles, veins, skeleton, all vibrations resounding in the organs.
No creasing or pulling them. Or just to stretch their tender. Massage any units.
What to do first? Where are you tensions?

Animals who can imitate sounds, articulate sounds in shouting, swallowing, moaning, grunting…
And as using noises and breathing, making words according to their experiences and involvement, concentration capacities specially on the human language- or the shared sound of how nature croaks and crackles.

Imitate the nature’s noise and come out with music.

The need of speaking as one will produce the answer, or the beginning of the existence-proof-of-we-try-to-make-it, a response, that she was, life’s spasms are looking for. And its solutions.

Not incriminating the past. As the life’s duties is to explore and redeem this heirloom, and from what used to be inflicting remembrances of the unknown, every past becomes the propellant of one’s life when understood and finally able and blow into handling future occurences.

Thro lick.

Aims: a life fulfilled enough for dying helped out by remembrances deepening the then travel of my remains.

It is clear. It is spell.

-to work for power.
-I did not say abuse of power.

a- And what about that?
b- You talk to me or to someone else?
a- Well, choose.

- I am feeling of making love with you 24/7 now, satisfied?
- it is only about sex.
- it is just I ve managed to stop thinking of anything else, but this cannot help running.

A recall of guiltiness starts again. I am about to drown myself in this languor that bring about repetitive piercing regrets. I must stop. The other remembrances of what I did urge me not to wallop into melancholy. Too much to regret, thank to them, hopefully, they could avoid further barbarity.

My sins reduce me to silence as long as I hold them without pondering over renouncing.
Why-high-hour. Wiser.

Everyday thinking of recolapsing into alcohol.
Say no, no, and as the time without is stretching longer, the more you end it to wish that your record without would be counted in decades more than years.
On addiction.
On addition.

It was the most traumatizing moment of my life. I had many instances of total upheavals, disempowerments, whatever might be. But this was to suddenly be faced with the blatant and almost humourous stories of your having reacted for years one way because the most appaling events of your life has been from you hidden away. It is like you will have to reread all over again, knowing this time what was lurking.
Like all these moments where you should take the blast and do out. But this time I rested in front of the t.v. I am numb I would apologize to myself.
It will be the most of it. I missed to write at that moment. But I ll have to swear, I won’t miss an opportunity again, I should have written, but now to know that It was at myself I was apologizing. That it was not about some external force I needed to handle, but myself that wanted the battle.
If I keep this promise, I ll win it, my word.
Bring back.

Breathing with the wind.
short of.

Condemnation or predilection for poly or monogamies according the society want or is set for or against regrouping or nuclearing.
The family meant to shape a type of organizational society.
When it is not a question of morality. When people want to impose their views not on account of freedom or justice, but because they are looking for a special configuration bringing ease at what will be generally intented – ex: household easy to manage, society stale into unit hermeticity of the family precluded and inviting guetthoisation permitting division of society and thus putting the over priviledged at bay of having to account for their facilities with their servicing society, as society services them, ex: the family bearing every element of morality maintenance and societal efficiency leaving people prompt at being judgmental towards their neighbors liberty instead of implementing a professional good code of conduct, like fair salaries…

Being perceived as being crazy as you are elaborating a plan.
And try as hard as impossibility sometimes to get away from-form the direct, instantaneous, momentous moves and expectancies.

Sorcellery, relation to the dark and inner essence of the nature.
why taste a poison, cause we don't know what its medication is.
why going in the dark, because of the dark. And if one is terrorized by it, it is simply the fear that need to be met.
The overcoming or findings that will permit the light of knowledge and reinforced bridge for the light to circulate, propage and do not stop, retrieve, and transform into a circle as its sources becomes a point by the point that are now into view might be also by the all other points recognizing, seeing themselves, irradiate.

Before, each time I watched the moon it was a sure way of thinking of, while at the same time watching - you.
Now I can look at the stars, I can look every single object, they are my destiny, fulfilled with harmony.
Like ever every single second of my life could bring me to.
 Looking at whatever and I would recognize your presence from being freed, grateful before eternity.
And now it is just that I know it is true.
Not only in my ideas, but I know they are doors to serenity. To all what the world is, all promises. And variety.

To be treated with dignity is the basic minimum of all each job descriptions.
It is not difficult to say but to implement.
It is not difficult to say; it has already been found.
Hell of a loss.

To own, is the moment when to use and look after instruments helping one to make a part of the world happier, fairer, further.
honour ship.

One cannot have the need for money but the need for protection, good health, or well being or striving. Besides, the need for personal development, to make sure that if someone wants to become from trained to highly performing, from debutant to top instructor, they will be able at anytime to be at the highest level of practices, research, implementation, and hand over. At anytime and anyrate.
Not talking about salary but capacity and complicity.
State-of-the-art would not be antonymic with share knowledge. Personal challenges and abilities and personal area of conservation are the nature of our human individuality. But when it comes to spoil others’ to stop the race of discover, overture, exchangeability...
Too frivolous?
Well-guarded, kept and protected.

With animals, the competition is not on directly similar skills; perhaps the degree of mercy and forgiveness is more easily higher.
As the understanding and teaming is on a broader basis, as the modes of intelligences pertaining more to humans or more to another species are more seemingly apart than intra species. This distance is replaced by a double learning and relationship more prone to be spiritual or sensorial. And also because the competition is not on directly the same aims nor needs, one can more easily accept a refusal or misdemeanor and seek companionship and harmonious relationship back, taking a conflict for being less betrayal than when occurring between taken more rival point of views on identifiably more similar and restrained complex matters.
Free spirits don’t take grudge. In the sense that if we can still make things right, you won’t store anger.
The instincts training between species working on the determination of the mind rather than its pettiness. For these stories, at least and last is less of sicky mark-etc.
Determination and determinism.
Res –or cons –trained.

Why was I doing it?
It was courageous, and beautiful, extreme, romantic…
But I was not doing it for her love or the love I could find or bear. I was doing it because I thought that if I did not I could be punished through losing of strength.
The deeds were pushed at the extreme, as if she would really have wanted me well, things could have been infinity of times more easy- not in our lives and facing adversity but in the thread on which one can fly- the love as a guideline.

Blind oneself to think that the purity we want to reach is yours. It is true, but she did not want or could not be mine. Better keep my virginity for subjects that would need me more than a refusing lady.
I loved her so. And that was wonderful. And the day you realize she won’t, that she does not want to live that you need to, then it is the transporting of the beauty that sincere devotion has kept. This can be intact, in pursuit of the destiny, reserved.
The day I reckon I could not do it for her. As she did not want me to do it, as she was expecting others. Then I would waste what it is worth of what I ve been trusted with faith if I would not leave it to some people, occasions, opportunities, lives, causes that would need it more. And the fuel of me and what I carry, for the approbation of a lady.
And how I have been there. And what maintains air.

To have a protruding flap of skin under the chin, the upper throat as when you imagine and feel that your tongue could stretch to be a 1 meter girdle and then you stop with feeling. You stop it because it to be associated with horror film, you stop it altogether with the sensation of ease it provided. Next stop: throat cancer perhaps, why not to archaically, magically reacting and sensing like a cameleo.
What may bring den-ial.

A:  look I am stronger and you would finally do whatever I ask.
B:  talk of terror, and you don’t know what you are burying.

I though of him attacked. Him, my life, my love. And my strength just put off tenfold.
I reminded those stories of demons; I could have destroyed everything on earth during this fractioned second.
They talk about demons. It is my beasts that spoke at this occasion. They talk about demons through the institutional habits of belittling animals’qualities. The very same that ensure survival. The mere evidence of the living.
Evidence and wit.

A perfect world. Where every soul wants to kick another. But almost perfect as it is the common rule and common desire, and that every body puts the all of their strength at it, and that therefore everybody will arrive at a on ground similar degree of success and achievement of this particular practice; that everyone will be of the same strength since all souls are equal and that circumstances of their lives would be equal too if they all would converge towards the same aim.
Hate. Ate. Eaten. Heaten.
But just almost perfect as it would be a self-stiffening, destroying world. By desperation of doing something else than willing it to be melt and absorb.

The father. The son.
The holy spirit, being an obvious allegory? For women, in context, the ones that bear and rise.
Let’s no comment on the sexualisation of God and religion shamelessness.

The liberal ideas were originally revolutionary in the sense that they challenged the upper position, the ones of the kings and nobles.
Though they never transcended it as the capitalist world is now the establishment of millions of sovereigns, realm like behavior, in another words people imposing their will on others’ freedom, security, reason, well-being, equal opportunity, education and resources.
The enlightening circle morals were supposed to dedicate humans’ activity and organisation to the free possibility of culturing all scientist, artistic, technologic, craft knowledge for the sake of the individual development, wisdom thriving. These aims were supposed to be harmonious. Now we find ourselves proving theoretically as well as empirically wrong and harmful as the way we use progress eventually putting at risk the survival of the planet through an intrinsically systems of no democracy as the implementation of sustainable for everyone policy is undermined by the having to nod at eccentrically, short term, amalgamation of selfish and billiards of tinier view projection demanding for its will to be fulfilled lest you would be put down of your job and living.
Unemployment? No jobs. But increasing undone work of resources protection.
And quality of thought and action. Thinking together. Equal here taking is toll of modesty, that would tell souls, if you think awry for your peer, consider that the same logics would be apply to you, and this as a basis to bring accord on every sane folk (Rawls principles).

The remembrance of her, of what she has made me able to accomplish behind the assurance of such existence.
My singleness as the upper feeling of being dedicating to a noble ideal.
The fear of not being able to find something like it in the futur while any instant for its seeking supporting.
If i am not faithful to my chimera? And if i can’t find similar. Then the sense of the time passing would into me convey the orientation of ending, impossibility, defeat, loosing.
Is that it the spread of my faith? Perhaps. In the meaning of per happens.
For the sake of our lives happening, that cannot be defined as outer is as real as inner, and inner as pervasive.

Happiness being the proof, and testament that there is solution to every problem.
It is perhaps the way we can test the way we can live our lives while causing the less harm and sadness to our spirit, not letting them into disarray, of self punishment as long as when happiness is felt you would like it for everyone else, and the seeking for freedom, union and solidarity that permits it.

When every morning the free paper talk about recycling and that you can see in the underground, dozens strewed papers of the same issue only read one time put into the bins. And at the same time every evening people looking for a paper to read as the trip finishes to consume the commuter’s energy away.

Not writing well, not interesting or elaborated or refined. But let them know what one sees, knows, happens, occurs, recurs, that are in these societies, minds, families, systems, dumps, prisons, brothels.

To spare one’s hand.
Tap, press buttons with the knucklers instead of with the tips.
Work with the left if right-handed.
Put one’s finger on top of the others (from the same or from the other hand) to press.
Use little, ring, middle finger more often.
Use gloves, use tampons, dressing.
Massage them.

They were deeply, emphatically insisting on my being possibly conned and abused.
I was in a bargain where everyday I had to negotiate my seat, it was demanding sometimes too much, too pushy, really too pushy as instead of wanting to stay like I use to I was starting to contemplate another place to deal with.
However they were going on, the more interestingly is that they have good understanding on what the situation was not fair on me all the time but were adamant on situations they analyzed, commented and judged without having a clue of what was happening.
Finally, wondering what was going on between them, they were partners, a couple, very discreet, almost inexistent about themselves; it was their situation among themselves that was coming to a grinding still.
The tiers person gone and they would have collapsed as badly as they were treating other parties.

I can go to bed now I won’t be able to do much more.
This when my days went, Good.

The physics people take to say I am from this part of the world whereas they live in another, to boost the folklore.
How ethnicism goes on instead of world citizenship.

Women with women, men with men, and illicit homosexual marriage and institution of heterosexual family, in order to render the combination of couples less easy and less coupled with passion (above all the passion of pursuing the same profession and trade-as trade where seen as a submission to the realm claiming taxes and obedience) and to boost the pregnancy by compulsion as the marriage where not due to be an affair of choice and love but of survival and struggle between different castes or classes.
Birth and social occupation regulation.

To obliged people to marry or not marry, to cut the passion one has for one’s own life and moral redemption. If by hazard people could see horrors in corruption.
Terrors. I let you life in prison. If you outside the frame, I ll threat your descent and your protector as well.

To hate is to think that one is better.
To help is to think that there is better.

The laws of diminishing returns.

When we know that would be good, that would be great, for everybody in the situation.
With the sentiment of per during that bettering in the willingness of assisting.
Endure, lasting, and perjure.

Discriminatory Racial laws was about regulating immigration at a time when the borders strangulations, and control were permeable. And the administration over clogged, prone to overturn.

The law of the strongest is by nature a law of short-term and wastage.
The equivalent of pumping the billions of liters of oil that are the produce of billions of earth activity, stealing in the process the blood and lymph of the planet’s body.
In order to steal from the circumstantially weaker, the weaker are just a produce of what their ancestors have managed to build and in them are still to be beared, borne and boosted the natural heirloom that the possibility of living has built.
For that you need a balance between people and organizations that allow the blossom of any of individual, this allowing the deliverance and delivering of the treasure they have in them and the place they will keep and find.

Without that, circumstantially the least apt at defending their inner, and what being free would allow them to the outer fence and offer, would just die from being offenced, or put their potential away from the looter.
The said stronger, loosing from the balance of nobly enhance one’s wisdom and overall ability in striking a harmony would perish through anomy.
For a moment, for an unfortunate configuration- being killed by poverty in mind, live may loose what had taken millennium to lay.

I was in love. In love, alive.
And yet again she said something like see you.
Yes see you in 59 years time, I thought putting it far away, in the blur as this hint hovers like doom. When feelings become a gloom.


Semantic meaning of development = focus, make good, ready, appropriate, efficient, sensible, intelligent…why not with respect and durability?
Like could come cheap and freak the tantalum eternity.
People believe in aliens or wherever, whatever the other forces are, as what make the human species head to its finality?

The difference between what he said openly and what he injects in the air.

My love to you will make.

As they could hear –my thoughts- the animate spirit, I did chants-recite.
To blur my inner mess spaghetti, to be heard with only that was enshrined and applauded.
They could read the words I was contemplating, the sound that were inhabiting, my aims, the less avowable, the one that if you admit leave under the scrutiny. I stopped ruminating, wooing, messing around with envy.
Maybe torments are hearable to show to everyone that we are wrong, that every thought is wrong even if they have us live and lash.
Every thought one part of the inaccessible par-ad-is, holding away from the step that needs landing.

One was always saying that the other was up to stuffs.
But b, the latter did know that was absolutely not the case, since a, the former, accuse him of deeds, he would never have even only thought of doing.
Also b use to think oh, that a thinks is not true and am gonna show it. And it is this will of proving, helping a to see the face of the reality that prompt b to stay patient despite the abusive and controlling and judgmental, emotional, harassing delusions and middling where he should be at doing something else illusions.
B took so much abuse, hoping putting light into a.
But if b had be honest to himself, a was middling and demanding stuff unfair anyway.
Of becoming more and more bewailing.

Sorry about that- motto of people with privilege.
Are you jealous?

In french debusquer means find, track out of the bush.

Mirror, admirable.

Expressing discriminatory views in order to track and civilize the whole safely – a possible effect.
Ex: this guy is ill-organised- in the case it is true but what does not impair the guy results- and from there draw a parallel with how the institution themselves is and could organized itself better.
Of being discriminatory.
But never in the open, also not in order to enhance but to abuse the lack of societal substance in attacking one element, just to protest, I cannot do nothing but I still can something say, when it comes to prove I am aware of having to behold no respect. You work in a mess all your life without the right or duties to report exactly, so what is left to you is the name of the pest for what you do what you do.
Being discriminatory as since privileges are the name of this game that is called civilized, they cannot protect the just, and they are afraid of improving as improving for them buy the opportunities of being the next autocrat.
On how ‘democracies’ did not upset the autocrats’ applecart.

To create one unity.
The artist or scientist has to link what they have found according to what they feel is the main interaction.
They in fact put together what have stricken them with the help of the type of energy they, at this occasion and stage, met.

Fatalism may be a great power and the certificate for unconditional stability when you take events as destiny you can’t help but being at your top.

As for the results, faiths have us benefit from whatever comes.
As long as one redeems what taught of mistaken deeds or creeds.

I met her.
Just the one who let me think of my peace on earth.
Her that without warning talk to me in this street one day.
The one for whom now I look every passer-by in hope of coming across for the third time. Instead of my being down the floor eyes viced and rived, asking for as far as the people around were not you, void. My having a look again, a light in how I probe, sound, and screen. Risen.

3 n like native.

To be harassed and guided by the fact that you are or lead such special a live.
To think there is nobody that I could fulfill in these conditions of mine.
To think I must, to stay alone as I would go in hell to propose myself to someone. Or by betraying my duties towards live in otherwise beeing or by betraying her in not offering.
But why each time I come across with love, love and desire, is, can only the best of all that I have to share coming out of me. To realize that I also may grow warmer. These sparks that find proof of fire.

Asking over and over what to choose, at what to aim.
Wondering before that this special connection rassembling what one’s own life has have us gather, come at least balanced, related.
As balanced as the forms of the womb.

People are very much using words from the past to illustrate the present.
In itself it is one of the main ways conscious or unconscious of manipulating others’ context.
We take it for granted that we know history like if we knew our ancestors lives like ours, the latter which we are hopeless at improving overall enough like that, without pretending reigning over the grand-relatives ones’.
For example a word like man towards which we can boast that we misuse it for human being. But what was a man at the period? Can we really assume that the relationship between males and females were the same? That the relationship inside the family, between the family and the governments, between governments or villages were the same? That females could not be regarded as males? That males did not have more meaning that the outers barriers erected protecting the nest? That the political power that are so much at the center of the envy were nothing very much more than war treaties when it could not be thought that the power reside in a single person inside families of plenty? That the ultimate weapons of education was held outside this sphere, and that nonetheless we had to be all under the same banner: peace and cohesion, exploration, settlement, till an altogether, global geographic comprehensiveness that cast but a doubt-survive until, on that occasion no one is any longer a category but everyone the hand of God. Any one can take a name provided it saves our cells.

The homeless stinking on order to possibly prevent being raped.
Or prevent his giving himself the pleasure of a shower.
Or to have to raise to the expectations of people shouting at him, go and find a work when he is in the street at everyone is passive before even greatest cruauty.

When people claim that God punishes they mistaken God for being the nature of the society.

Cats’9 lives.

It is when a valid idea comes that I resent the time I did not give to the life that permits to be inhabited.

I argue that religious rules are innately inhumane as they are said to be divine for, when excepted the good intentions, they are the say of a group of people recognizing them in order to believe that they are the ones able to recognize, as well as isolating and particularizing, the voice of God.
It is an attempt at not catching but imprisoning others’ wisdom, sacrifice, exploration and perseverance.


Wait, attempt, give any seconds, years, lives, moments, instants,
Any say.
Till feeling able to express a little sampling of what love inspires.
Breathing in a rewarding pay.

To say that someone is a demon in order to be able to kill or force a human into anything.
To give oneself the impression of being stronger than the supernatural- what one does not understand, catch, nor get.

To think of oneself as a superior species.
Ability to laugh?
Or restricted ability at noticing other species humor?

They are not just words.
But it is just that words are not the only magic in any circumstances.

It is on the basis of knowing not to be able to predict or manage or guess about life, others, and oneself; that one should relieve of any tensions in front of events.
Tensions as biais, when tensions means forcing of being lowered to hurting.
It does not say, no problems and issues facing.
Holding tensions is in fact piercing free of harm when mind creation.

Drugs and the needs of reliving one’s emotion, sensation or past experimentations.
Or adjourning the present, to revoke the idea of a future attempt.
At times, being at one’s life. Against the clock. Crack.

Using music, in order not to hear my moves, and vibrations and the sounds of others thinking.
Avoiding facing that I have nothing left able to reach you.
Or when I forget that no one could steal devotion.
Try to forget is a waste. Must serve. Whatever the abandon.

I use to feel all my days taken by you.
I gave myself now. Nothing that I could not do.
More than thinking, I know.
And since this gift is up to me, as my life is for you my jewelry.
Anything may happen, my heart, my god, death and sufferings.
All can come since you are infinity.

When I read after. Month, several years on. Unable the state I was in, some earlier.
Like if I lied, describe another.

The moments I have not the feeling of hearing or feeling you are a relief, few seconds while I can work on, and my links deepening. Towards you.
To-hard. Double u.

Jealousy does not exist per se.
It is the result of thriving for individual freedom, perfectibility, loophole in the system under which the all lot is ruled, following by the diapason of peace, justice and equality.

Giving the sense of the gravity.
This unsustainability that renders the progress like craziness, hell self forming.
The gravity where unfaillability we will learn back from below.
To draw the humility and dosage from former despise.
If the lessons does not destroy this species for being to slow.

Life has been made for dilemma solving.

In a relationship.
If you possess the ability at exiting, prompting, you possess too those at calming, pondering.
In – ter – action.
Ter and double play.
Remedy and/or its poison.
Der. Ter. Don’t worry nor argue too much it is just Latin.

A propos, the French former hegemony coming from being the main remain of the Latin mastery.
Lyrics and elaborated grammar.
No, it is just the privatization of up to my grand-ma, which leaves us voiceless, deprive of roots, references or chiefs. Or the chance of belonging to a just society, just fragmented to the point that the break down of units render no one able to report about the condition of their humanity- you get the sack if you want to follow the few good laws that are supervised by ??? Santa-clauss and still if you write your letter about what is missing, the address of the Gestapo is the one receiving. You loose your job if you want to speak a bit more than what you are told to be paid. Deprive of dignity.

The progress if not keep the knowledge and lessons of the fore, is exploitative, auto destructive, emptying and more.
The progress if not keeping the knowledge and lessons for after, will repeat its errors. But an error done again, bring one to one’s end more and more.

This love, holy, because I do it with the love that bear my name. The name of my life, the, its aim.
This love if by mistake or inadvertently slip to some where or one else, this love that looks obscene. And more than the look would transform its bearer into devil.
But not only the bearer also the one who observes. Voyeur.
Judgments are Lucifer. God for all. For all God only.

Polit ical.

She did not do more than falling in love with me.
Because of this society that demands us to prey.
She treated me like she treats herself. Without tomorrow, without pity. Without the trust with that I would have liked to honour us. I still do though. My spirit, my soul, save me out of this drama, cata. Strophe. Stanza.

Super tuition.

Eyes are the soul’s mirrors because beyond the fact that I can recognize you and your spirit into this bird, the way he looks conveys the same regard.

The lignes of the eyes are so fine that they are almost instant vision of what happens to the brain and heart. Entrance to the soul? At least near the main organs.

You were for the king.
Bbbut now you are not anymore one of them.
Loyal or theft.
To change sides.
To avoid what. The violence reinvested in another impunity.
Manicheans because to change while keeping, sorting out, be fair and no obstacles, and fair to every bit, is the task of heroes.
Heroism that are in no party as if one has this attribute the people would know-and more than vote. Theo.

Human rights are contested as being justifiable because countries criti-sized other countries for not respecting their people, while the former does not respect the rights of the latter.

Human rights.
Natural laws, natural rights.
Human laws.

Human rights are said to be more western because the western countries tried to exert dominance in all spheres, not including but aiming at economic, through politics.
Expression of the dishonesty of talking about equality when spreading exploitation.

To redeem the unbalance, ex child parents strength in not abusing and violenting the physically less apt at damaging, as an example at home of possible societal redeem.
To stop oneself from being ruthless against people that cannot defend themselves, towards a solution of every one strength development could be. To destroy the one regarded as being the weaker, as imperfect rules and concerns are the rulers. To destroy because of following faulty measures, the end of it, the end of all, beat one’s meutrissures.???????????///

The pursuit for deregularisation and private realm as for giving a chance at escaping others’ orders that may prove to be or be exerted as no less than direct dictact.

children should be indeed trained not only to be allowed to vote when their brains come at maturity; but also to undertake social responsibility.

Duties of health, safety, clean environment, improvement, and development: not meet, Perfectioning of quality never ending.
 Unemployment? How come- that since improvement will always find more space, and furthermore in a world where a lot of problems are pervading to solve or search to come , mysteries to solve- that there is any unemployment? lack of peace, cohesion, social capital system, poverty and abuse of wealth maintenance
Infinity of questions, quests, necessity.
Unemployment is a monstrosity- politically made-by threatening the worker with servility or job as bad as agreeing to kill one’s rights, duties and the communauties.

It is cool to be the boss, the seat to have, when there is no supervising body.
Neo-liberal democracy. Yes, yes, the ones everyone got to whore sheeps.

Why most of the lectures in sociology that are meant to last two hours, last only one, is it due to a lack of information to pass on?

You know the Icaria legend?
The difference is that you do not have to flee away.

I cannot possibly cheat on you, as each time I love, sexually mentally comprised, it is you  I touch as in the free wheel of my life, my choice has been that.

There is something one single think indestructible as it is the sense of survival and thrive, hidden, or fleeing.

To meet the devil is an honour as you can’t make it right without an angel.
Or else it is not a meeting but  the end of you or your free.

social longetivity

Lad y.

This one I won’t tell ya, because you are so afraid that to protect your parano, you would risk giving me in.

He wanted me matcho to protect my grandma from all this girlish boys and femmes that did have one sole aim, her to do their job instead of admitting she was the same.
She had to play fierce, fiercely idiot, in order not to be noticeable and have to admit that she understood how fucky the others were in order to budge their own responsibilities.
I like girly since her, because it was that she protected, her rights to be singular, eccentric, idiot for the ones that did not read the heart of an older woman that has to survive and lol amongst this pack of bastards.
For whom did not understand you would feel pity, but you can’t since they are so afraid of their own limitations- disabilities- gap, weakness, loophole, or the ones that can be inflicted, that they would, they actually did make profit out of their own stupidity.
A world like that. Macho yes to get rid of these blood sucker that would go as far as killing their grand mother.
It what is done. Look she is dement, dementia, Parkinson, whatever. Every world and excuses to pretend to mercy killing.
Why all of that. Because society is not a family. Society is a clustering of different clubs and flocks or herds.

She never says nothing for naught. She is an elder.
And the people who play with her life or send her in place where she cannot see children or any younger. The home to rest. Naught y c urse.

The mind. Cannot said a lot about, don’t know yet about what is released. Land, soil, their germs, or vipers. Anyway deserving one of the other, but not us, ours, theirs.
The human species is thieves, and the day it will pay, through the noise, of their atmosphere. If it is not the doom today, is gonna be, nothing prophetic, in remembrance to the sciences, only logics, the sciences that were there and here to help, not crash it all.
The mine.

Trash it, bin it, only words again. The words that surround our lives, nothing left around more than tips.
One of mine: don’t go, don’t go to objects you don’t need, your soul will have to pay, with the blood, of your brood or of the ones you did not care.

What is being nice? Serious? Courageous? Religious?
Don’t say you know, if not you are a troop sick people.

Corrupted a writer, in saying yes, there are ideas, but you gotta change your display.
The problem of basic ethic is that a word is a word.
Freedom of expression and singularity? Does not seem so. As an artist like as an employee you have to do with the fact that command are without check and balance, and you have to please the majority who pays. The readers? No the system that makes from the plate to the pen, and in which you will perish, if you don’t live in anonymity. Disempowered as the message is ‘one is as disposable as this earth that are poisoned daily without laws that could prevent earth to agonise so, that she will have to open through sadness and despair and let hell, the warmth of her heart, finally finish the existence of whose who pour ravages, demented.

One two three.
Four five six
Seven eight nine.
Cool my mind.
Ten eleven Twelve
Each time I realize how all of that because these persons have homosexual trends, and each time my discovering having me shaking. But for all the same, isn’t that logically half the time, as the half of every body.

When I want to feel manly, I just have to think of my mother, and it is like a spark. She was beaten.
And kill, kill, kill again.

To read about the injustice and torture in the world, not by us, but by the ones who are left on them above, is not quite possible, as it is like trying watching a vampire in a mirror. Or you think it is a funny film, or your blood become icy, or it gonna finish gore.
Speaking of gore. Here I am with the whole colony, me, my spouses, and the children we manage to produce without melting our genes. Only by willing, oh it is the partner that would suit my teaching.
I guess that our problem democratic are gonna solve themselves by human trafficking. Ya, my old friend, you cannot stop good bargain.
As for you, if you are any children left, be careful of anything around as flesh is flesh.

Nice progress.
‘The overall can be incoherent.’
Agreement with limits, openness and territory are the art of parenthood.
And if not inspire, and thinking of all it all the days and years around, then the wrong move will remain in deed and hawked from the nearest to this other one.

The holy spirit.
And amen.
Are two feminine entities.

Like the father and the son but that it requires much honesty to convene.

When you need representation to figure oneself a god.

Miss what

The unfairness of people just showing that they don’t believe in a lot, despite what they shout, groan and essay.

You know the Icaria legend?
The difference is that you do not have to flee away.

To haunt people like you are, because they are and you, as long as those structures that make us bow like cowards. Because they took what belong to me, my love, my liberty, and even the vote, because when injustice occurs there in that is auto proclaimed democracy, nothing, nowhere, none to tell. Just the religions that educate their pawns, is anything? Pray.

The world or each of its inhabitants seems mad as people have to hide, and when you read a work without its comprehensibility, what it depicts is pure tyranny, insanity.

My promise, venging ya.

As far as the word of love, they cannot be, till with you I cannot reside.
Resign, sign, sign in, give up, term in.

You. To know you are here. To see your figure, your presence feel, to be at a distance of breathing your odor. And die of having to departure.



Shell ey.

What. The serious of what I do for my children. Because the world will live as old as me, and even if it did not, now I care so much that…
My serious, for my children and for a world a little bit more sustainably enjoyable.

In your eyes I saw all, all the worlds gathering.
And for them to stay unify, my bows and humility.

This love that saves me and that save my willingness to treat all others like family. This love that is not permitted or disapproved, only to generate hatred, and addiction, and discomfort, and confusion. Only.
This I explain for what is gonna happen later. The end of a world that destroy itself by self fulfilling. Following the bible, the coran, the tamult, or whatever the origin, not to be right, but to avoid the duties of the insider, ask question to hearts, lungs and tumours. Every thing alright, just continue.

If I was a sex-symbol it is because of having to look for you in every stage of my life dispossessed from its meaning.
To be left gaping, thirsty of you, dried by your sole absence for excitement.

Look for ecstasy, my spirit u all, e.t.

Don’t say you are hetero or homo, if you are engaged or married. And if your lover cannot take all forms, then tell them your apology.

All words that she said for you to crack and let go.

To look after somebody to thank them to look after our presence or existence or our ideas and that may activate our moves, postures, struggles, win over and loose even.
Patience as this leads to recover better than we suppose first, full of indifference as disconnected from the fruit of what will go and roots of what was preceding the very nature of our understanding.
Colors. White as symbol of purity, black as symbol for its vengeance. Grey the sky, as long as it rains, as next time the doom is as desert as dirty our global looting.
To make believe the people that there is no dignity at looking after a land is the vicious plan of the bourgeoisie. Interest only on what we may manipulate of the others’exploitation. Disposed, dispossessed it is. And possessed is the society to propagand those values, possessed by its own vultures that enable the victims to think ok, it is gonna be me later. The reaper.

Fruits of what we give tomorrow. Fruit of incertitude only as unbalanced are the counties.
The caste of whom people claim virtuosity is the screen to our being, having to be lonely. Defending one’s freedom of thinking, letting oneself be the students of more than economy.

People insulted for having less money, to say I can kill you with withdrawal of charity, or the reminder that there are predator rulers and experts on morality.

To react more quickly.
Move one part of one’s body, at the same time, the same block and impulse.
Whatever very small or further, or the whole and better.

He did it for his children. Again and again. No, I cannot quit, I cannot leave, for my children to have a good fortune.
To bear those insults, strains, injustice, dirty words and the all lot that brings to let oneself in a position that is disarray.
And one day thinking I don’t do it for my children anymore, because this life it s been rendered without willing for continuation.

I can wait for anything.
But not for no one.

Your are the boss.
Why, because I look after your kitty?

To be submit for love.
As you wait due to that we never can understand our present, or forecast what will have been going on.
To wait not to hurt the feeling as long as ours are safe, or else save our pain not in hurting but avoiding to be abused out of misunderstanding. Distance.

Show, let out, unleash one’s anger or desire.
A challenge, an unfit, a seeking for a correspondence.

I am angry when I think you are my belongings.
I am sad when I think I am yours.
The spirituality, body and mind are a whole, that teach event and relation.

My children or their substitutes or shall I say avatars, bringing a sense of fighting boredom for the sake of all their moves that represent life and its breathing. To teach and being shown what your presence and own living implied. Do not be afraid of one’s influences, are, as we need to cast the shadow in the air ambient. As here and there are the results of much history and contemporary issues in the hide, of the impossibility at bringing them through the sieve of our arranger.

Nationalism coming from not through the fact that one’s is doing rightly is job, as if you do rightly then it gives you legitimacy for expands.
Nationalism to ensure the people that even if they do wrong it is for the cause of not the strongest but the most brutal.
Nationalism as our countries are disfigured, are depleted by greediness but not only individual, societal as humans are too suspicious and stingy about building an ant house for structure. They rather despise the fact that insects are well united. They think oh but the insect are loosing their freedom, do they ask an insect that they think of the human feeling of superiority? Monopoly, the humans are this queen that has lost the plot, barring that each of its soldier with freedom of exploration, and ‘bring by’ its contribution for mutual respect en counterparty.
But what is mutual respect? Is it to concede that every single spot as to be protected, that is the job of the individual knowledge to seek, and the common duties of saving the obvious, the vital, the peasantry basically, and let people find the path of their ideal.
Half-half. One for the common survival, one for looking after one’s own way of persistence.
Peasantry. When everything is taken for being granted, like if earth where here to be ransacked, treated the servitors like inferiors, in letting injustice rule, disobligingly.
If every profession does not beneficiate from the same honour. Bankrupt of the whole economy.


If you joke to mock
You will sell your part.
Don’t think anymore intimacy.
As on those exchange, whatever your rank
It will be outside the possibility.

English writing from 2005 to 2010 correction.

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