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-sorry, can I get passed, man?
- Oh so manely.                                             Man, ma(ma(n

That I ll get to call you lyly.

Starting tackling settling everyone’s stuff in time and discover one’s rosary.

One’s spouse, someone who is everything for me, like a most intimate parent.
God who is everything for everybody.

My favourite. Never-never.

I want to make love with you, as I live ya.
Mantra to fight Alzheimer for some.

Lad       y.

Boredom or

The big issues on Palestine and holocaust.
People harassing peoples, thus digging the fact that emigration are internationally treated as being storage of cheap labor or subject of compassionate oblivion.
Limited risk company traders- and buck passing.

To parade off our sentiment of superiority and false attempt at security.

Like racism, that promote the demoniac principles of species superiority, the ways people demand their origins to each other is traditional of complete presumptuous assumptions of our knowledge about dramas and history. Who knows? In one, and who would know would be for truly care, in this conspicuously absent beacon of unequalitarian and lost in vanity races for monopoly.

Expansion          quality, quantity, terms of human organisations, comprehension.
Dis count. How would cost true human balanced exploration.

Animals tracking with odours, noises, feeling.
Humans tracking with words.
Both, as being of the same reign, tracking with ideas, experiments, realities, spirits…naming all what we cannot know, firstly by the human stances at thinking they brain-suck beyond.

In that they even got the word when humans look into translating these memories.

 T (he) y.                  
Ty ran.

La practise de mon art qui me rend heureuse dans le sens ou trouver le Bonheur, permet de tout voir et revoir comme si les reves les plus fous .

To practise one’s art as when one is happy, they are capable of finding what is good in every.

My computer losing my work. For me to do it again, twice as swift.

I have to work again and again, to avoid thinking I work, becoming more and more aware of the limitation of my mission, without the possibility that would bring true democracy for its people to create and reinforce the beehive. Conscient.

It is always like that, I am in love, therefore I am well, full of feeling at expression, but then I ll have to create and create strong, not enough, not enough, never enough for it to be save from the dangers, included the ones that would make you want to part from this energy.
I mean I am so rejunevating. I could not write any longer, write for the honour, of course, but dedicated to whom life? A day in which you wait for sleep, not being tired and resting alongside, just for this time without love, does not tear resistance out.
Energy but worth? Only body’s warmth, instant’s joy, cheerfulness of vision.
I don’t have the time to list them out, as my duty if I don’t comply will do harm.

Tomorrow? In love with someone else?
Yes, you, deeper and even more precisely.

It was so beautiful, first time I was running towards home, first time I would call that a home, without additionally thinking that it is sole on the stones.

South London, rich quarters, did not invest in  fraud, food recycling.
You plan shortage of decent work for peoples, aye.
You don’t feed the land with the same quality than you serfe yourself from, yea.
 You will make the weather changeable, one day sun, one day sleet at each season visible from each seat. And the bags provided to wrap our nutriments will last more than the nature sediment.

in freedom, offer and demands that kills creativity.

Mums stay a taboo, even with them. Even with the very soul that would bring me as in live as insane.

Hall o wed.

Be happy to think as I think that thanks to be enable by the hope of caring well after ones, be happy as you are the person that embodies all the whys and reminds of the roots that engenders of what constitutes, happy as for my chance of making you happy to install it due to be sure that I d do naught for its ruins, as long as for its strength I d not know.

Any difference in pronunciation.

On key mystery about the whys it would be difficult for a hetero or homo to stay with the same sex or opposite sex is that one learns to do different concessions.
If not ready to be prepared for the other, then not prepared to make myself operationalable to do the good one is supposed to create for this other.

For it is loosing sight of the forms which made or recreate candor and constancy.
Though in the love kept on question, looming bloody.
Is it wait, veil, nor vacancy?

 You can see than in general European women’s scalps are dried. Only because shampoo causes the natural protection of the skin to be peel away and that no ointment, oil, or whatever form of moisturizing and nourishing the skin under the hair is offered.
Knowing that people’s skin needs regular, several times a week a moisturizer to keep the skin healthy what to think of the patch the nearer of our cerebral function, left with nothing. Massages also are most helping.

I wish I had waited when I realize that the first you could have been.
I wish I had waited when I said to myself that the one may come in.

In affairs of lesbianism, another words.
A question of millimeters, holding it so constraint, for it to be adequately fixing.

Tout a l heure.
Every thing at the right time.

My throat and shoulders in tatters.
She was aiming at her heart, my right side gone, her mirror.
In how in sorcery goes the saber.

To belong to a land you have to look after it, and that mean so nicely that after your year it will be more fertile, in current context less barren, and not due to chemicals.
In H.R applied.

Females at sex have the monopoly of coming through having to restrain their move the size of their clitoris. One move males may not appreciate- if nothing in their asses assert.

Lesbians dubbed as fingersmith, but one question, don’t other mixes help their sexes join and melt with their other bodies’part and the hand capacity at fine aperture.

Complain on homosexuality raising, however there is so many horrors on the children we feel we can adopt.
And the day the society will be able to organize itself respecting every individual, then the choice of your partner in life and in law.

my lover is black/white.
Is it the main feature? Is gonna be full of interest.

When I pronounce your name don’t answer, it goes with my breathing ability.

The study of the spiritual conditions, what happens to the soul, what is good and bad, complementary, ethical, wise, honest, reasonable […] is the time delivered to devoting buddies. want, need the best, in the sense that my choice is for me and all implied the greatest- and my prayers are questions that my life as an offering will have to appeal.

In the effort of suppressing the I, and my and me, and mine, the writings become impersonal.
By the dogma.

 Let’s live, the way and depth and time, by any other opportunities, any spark by the others reignite, do as we wish. That death cannot spread apart.

You cannot say it is enough in love, as what it inspires, no one can prevent that.
As it is as mysterious, hydra-headed, relentless, irresistible, and grand as life for the best granting.

The comprehension of it is to think of the love of one’s life- if one day someone told me you had found your greater companion to be happy, I could do nothing that be satisfied for you- and from then start a new existence or if at the end of my age, relive it as redistributing that was the most intense to people that weren’t away, contrary to that happened between us.
And between this and someone nearby, is to know that when you are looked after, the rules aren’t the same, as presence makes it show.

Until the end of heaving, each flower blossoms of the queen.
Exactly like bees, honey.
And after, the taste of her, my soul odd-hour, ode at her, add-our.

The love of my former life that gave me every reason to abstain from another love, will be this time on the side to deliver you with what I am. As I thought she kept, but not for her to possess, like the guardian that most knows, until pointing to you, the virtue of her that protection. Her same presence that will continue, like love is the light, and nowhere else can be found, like any of the one I discern to praise and serve well, all in mind for it to be clear has to be. This very same love, that in all shades said just clung on me, is now the one who point to you, letting me know what to believe. Like a ‘go now you have faith, go to what is greater and for that don’t leave me’.
As her voice will be here to remind of travel, that if I don’t do anywell, she will be here to say, to the feeling of what you inspire and reveal and me, with the balance, fairness and patience that companionship grows-go on.

My ex forbad my other involvements, like we were tied by the very same understanding that made our insight into absolute so tightly.
Since my vision, the first vision of someone what could say yes to the essential that constructs my credentials- we today feel in peace since it is clear now that our story was to have my soul in the spirit that will pick it welcome.
Picked like have to pray that it is a right stander, me orphan.
Picked like is barren what you would look down on to, if I was at the origins, at my fault, of being short of having it scorned.
The spirit leader.

The soul looked for. Believing that you must follow that won’t have you trespass.
The beliefs that hold your will, that contain the lessons that faith only is strong enough to see and bring.
The soul that I thought I could hunt. The one that owing to the ardors at preaching, and sermoning my behavior blind from your own aura of not trust or humility havening.
The soul, that is in you though, as the person agreeing.
The soul that I let go since I called, called and screamed, and that cries by the fate of coming across one that may to your supplication nodding.
Wooing since your knowledge ensure that every step is your strength and assurance, the weight to whether deeds are well-inspired. To feel that anyhow, however you will marry or na, that climbing is

When you produce art through being high with the strict application that define and expose your theory, then the art viewer if available will get the high through his study. dis-sociable

Where are you coming from?
This interrogative sentence always problematic as if you knew what a stock of luck!
In you the solution for rewriting all histories.

Love of a single-minded.
The singleton is blissed from hearing sirens otherwise than the ones that are paid.


The ill-at-ease felt when one person you are communicating with, will recall that other people of whom you are fond, to whom you owe, by reciprocity; recall that you have neglected.
The damnation day.

One day of Easter, I was waiting for the end of my shift, going into the fridge and finally take this cake, finally have it.
It was past my hour, and instead of taking five minutes, let’s say 10, 15 I wish, to finish it correctly I rushed all along in order not, nothing. Simply telling myself you work do enough I won’t stay one minute more for no money.
I made a mistake; I checked though that I was not making it, but my body could not respond properly as in my presto, presto, instead of taking this 5 minutes, 10 minutes, more with this older lady, to whom I did though previoiusly signaled that elder age was good, as more wisdom is sacrely needed, I must admit she started talking about her family, and my body again started to be fidgety as these days I don’t think I took care well of my granny.
I did a so big mistake, not assuring myself of doing my duties properly, being impolite, inconsiderate, trying not to show it too much tough but what was other than my time shit that prevented me to left her taught that I had been from 60 years to glimpse.
Hunting or haunted.

Please, love, don’t talk to me.
As since I don’t have my pen at hand.
 I could not note the storms and appeasement.
That reign under tones.
They would back beyond as one reposes on rite, don’t quit.
But each time anew places all paradises that I miss.
And contemplate, when yours truly coming is.
Parades. High.

The forbidden fruit.
That is not since you are the one of my only tree.
This very one that make, avoid violence, pursue ideal, go beyond uttered words.

Insulting people with curses that used to be for themselves.
An insult ill target, has for amusement the boomerang effect.
And the derision of absence of creativity or resilience, the being dependent of a system, a cast, a community that oppressed you when not mimicrying-spite?

The power of reproduction is that people when releasing their hormones will put their body in condition for their soul and the gist of their life freeing.
Ps: my woman even if inseminated by sperm donor will release that she fights for-including my nucleus, in the case I am present and dependable enough to sail in hers.
Of course, the afterwards, bringing ~ the love, i.e. the absolute mirroring.

Sometimes when actions is thanked through slip of the hand that pose, the symbol right.

My friends rocked me with this saying that ‘it gonna come the day you expected less’.
It was on one of these subjects to which you hem and haw for entire rings of days.
How many years I tried and erred to replace what I knew would not. I stopped my calendar as after it to be exhaustive with misfiring and falling through well-before planned, after that same time lived as half a hermit just going out for its wage, being held on this account hostage, I more than decided but finding out an even better hide.
Hide in which total hermit I would be, but came in a random house whilst saving a catty.
Where life came again instead of surviving. This hide I wanted was for me to forget about this promise paradise. The existence I d to follow full of opportunities but none I could have taken, more than a wink, sometimes insistent but aware that to discover would be a ‘no’.
The day I wanted and arranged for no other love than my decease could cross my still long way.
This day when my old love, all that I could hear as dignity, came to me and now for the first time, you can love the other one, you can love her the same, hers to cheer and add. she is at the renaissance of what was the skeleton of what you lived for. You lived till, trances came to an end and deliver the link renewal.

Thank you.

My cat went and did not turn back.
I ll change and record this file, recording it in several safe before experimenting a black out or manip that will blow days of my minutes digging my human scriptures out of every noise and move that are to be found in nature.

I knew it was yes because when I thought it was no, I came into pain.

It is never too late.
Other half and reincarnation inspire every day on that.
It was her, and spent years and years following this appeal.
Running, tumbling, almost everything, only short of when I felt weak, sinning or seek.
I would have pursuit in hell, no doubts; I was the reincarnation of her dearest.
I did not make up this one, she told me, “I think you are the reincarnation of the light that warmed me and my heart. The why, whatever the happenings, the risks, the vacuum and pitfall, whatever horrible, I knew there were more about breathing.”
Since the day she convinced me with it. The first second of my fathoming that it is that that she actually said, I kept on being

I believe and made towards happenings that for her and inspire, could be the impossible.
I believed that for this I could not think to no one else since she told me ‘ex-it’.
My believes that led me steady, round to the flagrance that the impossibility of a rebirth be overcome by you, stranger.

The question on if we will be part after death, as for answer, that part of me will be in you, al-read-y-.

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