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Mailed on Brexit.

Mohammad, THE prophet of Islam, ‘married’ a 6-year-old. Millions are preaching the sanctity of child marriages and of pedophilia as a result. Please, check the web, to realize that it is not in any case an exaggeration.


This email is a part of a one only-sent campaign. Your email will not be used again nor given.

This petition aimed at letting people know about a simple fact:


Mohammad married Aisha when she was 6 and the ‘marriage’ (I am sorry there is unfortunately no other word around to qualify that daily officialized horrific shame and guilt of our societies) was said to be consummated she was 9.  There is some debate within Islam about her age, but the overwhelming consensus is 6.  Below are the hadith (records of the actions of Mohammed that are very much a part of Islam) in support of this:
Khadija died three years before the Prophet departed to Medina. He stayed there for two years or so and then he married 'Aisha when she was a girl of six years of age, and he consumed that marriage when she was nine years old.  Sahih Bukhari 5:58:236

'A'isha (Allah be pleased with her) reported: Allah's Apostle (may peace be upon him) married me when I was six years old, and I was admitted to his house when I was nine years old.  Sahih Muslim 8:3310

From the hadith of the Sunan of Abu Dawud, volume 2, #2116 "Aisha said, "The Apostle of Allah married me when I was seven years old." (The narrator Sulaiman said: "Or six years."). "He had intercourse with me when I was 9 years old."
By wikiislam.

“These texts are direct translation of the Hadith, Arabic Ḥadīth (“News” or “Story”), also spelled Hadīt , record of the traditions or sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, revered and received as a major source of religious law and moral guidance, second only to the authority of the Qurʾān, the holy book of Islam.
By BRITANNICA encyclopedia.
Hadith has become a synonym for the term Sunnah.”

However, the plight is not more about what the scriptures say but about the thousands of documents produced by Muslim preachers, believers or followers entirely condoning, honoring and recommending this marriage of an old man with a young child.
This information is accurate. Please, be aware that ‘these teachings’ legitimised as fundamental to the Islamic religion can be found by the thousands on the internet via a very simple word search.
Preaching that the marriage of Mohammed to a little girl is appropriate or can be taken as a, or the model has grave and beyond horrid and vile consequences.  From child marriage in countries like Saudi Arabia, to the many stories of Imams being caught on camera in Britain agreeing to marry children and presenting it as a suitable practice under Islam. 
The campaign and petition have two purposes: One, to ensure that people know what happens. The ‘marriages’ in themselves but also the fact that marriages of children with adults are in fact professed via the teaching of Islam. Two, it would then ask the government to sanction direct or indirect incentives and incitation to paedophilia and child marriage (paedophile marriages). Pragmatically, it means that Islamic teachers should be condemning child marriage systematically, and be severely sanctioned when advocating it. To praise Mohammed’s life without expressively condemning child marriage is in fact support to paedophilia.
The prophet Mohammed is highly praised and constantly cited as being the prophet and only prophet of Islam. His name is introduction to almost any communication and verbal or written exchange in culture Islam.
No one needs to enter madrasas, Islamic schools, to figure out that Mohammed’s life is given as example and model.


PS: These acts or arrangements have traditionally been called child marriage. Still calling them child marriage hopefully would remind us who needs to be, by any means, protected. To call them paedophilic marriage could focus on the criminalization of paedophiles and paedophilic cultures permitting, encouraging it. To call it ‘child marriage’ stops naming what, once we know, make us all complicit of, since not stopping it. 

PS: Please note that two previous petitions has been refused or removed without any warnings or adequate justifications, also on main petitions specialised sites, petitions have limited time to get signed.

The petition I attempted via the UK government website, did not match the criteria, and had been catalogued under unpetitionable cultural matters. 

This idol, for which no discussion asserting the grandeur of islam and its master is tolerated, and is in fact, quite famously now sanctioned by death penalty. It is not called terrorism, the rules, here sharia and other Islamic laws, that are perpetrated by the power, or one of the powers in a given country.

Can Muslims be executed for converting?
Apostasy, or leaving the faith, is a very controversial issue in the Muslim world and experts say the majority of scholars believe it is punishable by death.
The Koran itself declares there is "no compulsion" in religion.
By the BBC.

Al-Taqiyya, Dissimulation
There are several forms of lying to non-believers that are permitted under certain circumstances, the best known being taqiyya (for the Shia).  These circumstances are typically those that advance the cause of Islam - in some cases by gaining the trust of non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them. 
By the religion of peace.

Ban the preaching of child marriage by Islamic preachers - and all others.

HOW CHINA CENSORS ALL OCCIDENTAL VIDEOS AND BLOGS (while next could be Russia): not an exaggeration Chinese people ARE FORBIDDEN FROM ACCESSING ANYTHING THAT IS ON YouTube, google (to name but a few), these sites are just entirely and exhaustively banned and since last year internet users could be imprisoned if they try to access them (by buying software able to jump the firewall). SAME AS FOR THE SUBJECT ABOVE, HORRENDOUS BUT NOWHERE CLEARLY IN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA, SOMETIMES IN FACT INSISTING AND REPEATING THE OPPOSITE (like the BBC and to my knowledge all others major media institutions very own practice, so much for the 4th power, estate, and 4th branch of the government), THUS MAKING BELIEVE TO THE HUGE MAJORITY OF THE POPULATION THAT IN FACT THOSE GROUPS HAVE PEACEFUL INTENTS AND WELL-FOUNDED DOCTRINES, WHILE ANY DEBUTANTS AT IT, IF SERIOUSLY RESEARCHING, WOULD KNOW IT IS ONLY DECEPTIVE.

Cannot hyperlink because was on the radio, but worthy item by the BBC to which I will refer here because while censorship of all informal (all blogs and videos) and artistic western sources is taking place and that the main media does not talk directly about it, many blogs and alternative posts have been made about it (perhaps mainly by people having lived in China- in the past since now blogging for west (only possible with the help of software bypassing the Great Firewall of China) from china will be regarded as a criminal offence. However, the BBC (updated and ground-breaking- it happens) is the only one that I know that talked about how internet choices and activities made by their citizens are stored by the government and how it affects (positively or negatively) their welfare states, perspectives of jobs, of becoming civil servants, or benefiting from states services (in some part of China people cannot afford for their ID and multiple certificate applications), if state thinks that the citizens ticked the ‘wrong’ or the ‘right’ options.

Genocides we don't know, or don't want to know about.

Given that is going on in the USA where everybody surely fell for terror and cannot speak any longer without going against their nations. Or by taking side for her finally flourishing demon or without daunting anything coming from their colleagues and neighbors- an opportunity to clean kkkill. Even if this far right presidency went away, the schism, the hypocrisy, folly, impunity, misdeed and unfaithfulness all combined it created, will never ever in one generation heal. And to whom will profit the deal? To whom will profit from the dictate and fears of speaking it will have been sowing?
Brought out of what unauthentic guy characterized as a system of fake news (noise of populist capitalizing captive- advertising entertainment propelled by the new-born-again like politician figure, who is worse than mafia, for having become civil servants- and let’s hope or pray or say that they won’t be able to do dodge their being investigated. Since if tax fraudsters are at the head, amongst other things, then it amounts to announce that democracy was murdered (and slaughtered again and again most notably by the biggest companies and states when pulling off international treaties attempting to decrease those same agents’ possibility for appropriation and destruction- in terms of capacities bacteria could [wail will] do the same) well before by the clear majority of philosophies, politics and religions [wile and wilt] destroying animals and environment as a concept of progress and enlightenment Un-naively democracy is dead, or rather not it, it is done as: ‘has never lived, but its every shred shared’), which is a veil and a reinforcement process-procedural stinking stunt, to bolster embolies through A-level censorship method and pathway, that regime of ‘no news’.
The people who attack the media this preposterously, are in fact very one cannot be happier (versus contented) with what the media do, they just want them to do it more. They work with mainstream journalism and do not bother with others; because to attempt campaigning otherwise -outside the few hundred people speaking to millions- is just as socially and politically impacting as being unreportedly kidnapped, made disappear into a desert and die. You do not need bullet for a whistle-blower, you just need a sack and a gag. As for firing the arsonists, they hold the keys- though not to the Olympian sky.
Ban the preaching of child marriage by Islamic preachers - and all others.

-        Item on grooming in the UK while police and social services have been proven complicit or passive.

One in four children in the UK under the poverty line: not a secret, a frequent headline, at least in the UK. Dozens of sharia law court or councils operating in the UK under the government approval. The scandal ‘Trojan horse’ with 6 schools in Birmingham found to impose Islamic regime and discrimination on teachers and pupils in state schools.

-        How while far-right threat has spread all over Europe, the UK is the best destination for female genital mutilation.
-        While Europe starts excelling in human trafficking, and organs harvests. During which time population more and more die of respiratory diseases caused by lethal pollution that have for only equal the degree of desertification of the country side, not the lack of their sirs, but the one of the trees and species that are no more, but farms destroying any corners left of nature and then enjoy animal breeding -culture- for slaughters. 

-        How university fees and research will be paid by the banks, that will decide from the students they will agree to send or not send (to ‘recruit’ or not ‘recruit’, to the surveys they will lead and initiate and the results they will publishate. No formation, just to format.

-        How it just takes maximum a first semester in political sciences for beginners to know that referendum is widely considered as potentially totally undemocratic. You know, would you like to vote to rip lgbt people off their rights to marry, (one of the traditional step to bring people to worse than serfage) novelty.
-        And how ‘child marriages’ even when illegal are tolerated and happening de facto in so many ‘muslim’ and ‘christian’ countries, including the USA, with the highest rates in the world in Africa like Niger, CAR, Chad, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Mali….
-        And how in France notably, cons and business alike get away with anything dragging journalists before courts asking for millions of euros when the press did disclosure or searched for information. Charlie Hebdo had to fight several trials by many organizations (mainly islamic, catholic, far right) just for having published caricatures, with the clear aim of entertaining, often out of situations and people so discriminatory in what they do and successful that laugh is used as a last remedy, for long no more as comedy. Pre-assassinations, the press itself in France, treated Charlie Hebdo magazine with a generalized and systematized contempt that is agonizing to watch, and now powerlessly, cowardly witness. On the megalomania of the inquisition, or how cheap will sound now the idea of a philosopher king. As for the rest, the extreme will sympathise with the Russian who reignites the armament armada stupendously, and the others are so filthy and rich they don’t need to be far of any side, they just are gods to the same way they respect insects, inspect, the same way they will do it to the common, a citizenship dishonest. People since then won’t dare to speak or at least to do so with an honorable meaning, they will suffocate at the idea of breathing. The man and woman in the street who will in return roam to make sure everyone is in the line of nothingness that numerously will enumerate, who needs discrimination when the reign is annihilate. In France one in 5 children lives under the poverty line.

And murders with dignitas, swiss style- another fiscal paradies, the emblem of money cleansing, and when the pro-life are mostly the ones that would, lives trap, threat, throat and rape.
But of course, all of it and more will be taken back by far right and left throwing the responsibility, the culpability of not responding at others groups, while their countries had plundered. And while they are too coward and undignified to address, pretending to candour, their own countries, nations and workers and say we cannot not stop misery- because misery is what they would like to assume and produce on a very larger and systematic scale than the upper middle-class, and every of the rest helping her, that just let it hap-pen.
Awe. You imagine now, with the kind of work that do the police, this will encourage the far right! While police are in most countries where a far right exist very keen to be ‘ultra-nationalist’ members, encourage a polarized, a fascist position on teenage rapes or security that they do not deal with, therefore producing an enlarged and enraged population or populist reaction. If so, could one envisage the next step, a coup that could be staged. To neglect one’s work to force people-for your party to be voted for.


A referendum initiated by a pm, premier representative that was against, or rather so he said, what the referendum propose to dramatically alter (or perhaps rob) = generations of efforts within what will always remain england’s continental neighbor. Those customs design in one song to totally undermine any trust that someone may have in the act of voting. Won’t proceed. Just preceded by voting for Clegg who had pledged to protect university fees, for doubling them the moment he acceded his vice office. A culture of overturned engagement and promises.

It is so astonishing that a ‘president’, well PM in the uk, against such an idea, all the same launched the referendum abolishing decades of a continental construction, without even a fight. I mean ok we heard before this a lot about eurosepticism, but did we a lot about an exit? The exit I was aware of before this one, was the independence of Scotland,

Not the result of the people but of people voting. No one any longer listens to the politicians, unless they are after a course or the path to take to a sad, sad, sadism - to have to stop listening to every politician, because 1 min on their recital, you know that you are leading into the most frightening and ugly ‘mode d’emploi’. How to get away and administer sinister and sin that will in the course of your career help ya.

How it just takes maximum a first semester in political sciences for beginners to know that referendum is widely considered as potentially totally undemocratic. You know, would you like to vote to rip lgbt people off their rights to marry, (one of the traditional step to bring people to worse than serfage) novelty.

A referendum initiated by a pm premier representative that was against. Those customs desing to totally undermine any trust that someone may have in the act of voting. Won’t proceed. Just preceded by voting for Clegg who pledge to protect university fees, for doubling them the moment he acceded his vice office.
As a reminder, people arguably had voted Clegg while his campaign and promises supported freezing university fees, ever growing fees that were so high in the worries of the voters. Clegg this lib dem (Sir Nick Clegg who after all this will work for facebook!- and shows up with his multimillion pound holiday like villa in south Africa-mind it is almost forgetting on how well guys you were so supportive for apartheid-london gettho and the almighty not even disputes over regions and gerrymandered boroughs, and coalition offer until now little cohesion nor collusion), to-be-deputy-PM alongside Cameroun, has been voted in, to give up and double the university fees the day he was sworn in. People, and by that I mean specialists of all broadcasted board and politicians, in unison are crying out for this referendum to have been democratic, while police in London in 2010/2011 were cracking protesters’ skulls who were demanding for the fees to stay as they were (as well as stopping the cuts on all humanities towards the god admin and business), since the coalition had been elected on the account of university remains almost affordable or repayable or free from begging the vultures bands banks systems.

Maybe they wanted out because of having each time to exchange and fat the arses of their bankers friends (free to say friends when one is ok to indulge on such spending for things worth no pennies- project jet-set all over the country, quelle largesse!) without being able to show enmity. And also the cruelty of thinking loudly and forcefully for their counterpart, that a deal of breaking up would be better or lures livres lesser according, depending of their one leader, facing the logic of millions of other countries’ inhabitants (and not owners). In english a word might be in underuse: exasperation.

And also to flee(ce) the European community through the back door, without a gesture towards fighting for a better EU, without a debate, without a stance first- only making sure or trying to have no debts to be repaying, lacks so much of distinction that it might well be this that will remain in the annals of political history- historical hysterical. Poise on.
And officialese, in terms of Brexit, sometimes often, bbc does not say much about things, but bbc 4 at least has a whole program a month about gambling addictions taken to a severe level of oblivion in the uk.

SMUGGLERS: As for the backstop and the border of Ireland, surely the uk would not consider becoming a back door to any traffic, a bit like North Korea (after who have surrounded Tibet, the water can of all Asiai am not sure if that was in return for Hong-Kong or what, to China?: not the com) or other terrorism linked.

Latin: Cor (coram) 'In the presence of the people'.

This BUNCH hilariously jesting on democracy and the will of people that are once pull forward (not when (ex) education become or remain unaffordable- no, that won’t disturb or disrupt the lords). No one is for any split second of a ram -random- remain and except because they are not politicians in web minister but just forgers why????

BREXIT IS AN ONGOING TAKing OVER OF A POWER THAT HAD BEEN DEVOLVED TOWARDS COOPERATION WITHin A BIGGER TERRITORY – COOPERATION ABOUT WHICH NOONE KNOWS, AT LEAST NOT THE ANYONE LISTENING TO MAIN STREAM WEBMINSTER COMMUNICATION ON EUROPEAN HISTORY (apart the fact that the UK royals are of german descent- german who have historically been themselves the one best ally of the ottomans, it is a relief for the sole French culpability on collaboration [even though the French have been regarding themselves as the epitome of resistance]- let’s now hope it is because they were surrounded not fully engaged).

It is perhaps why the deal quick exit has been postponed in that end year of 2018, because since revolutions people have coined to beware the speed and peerage of passions. ABM MAD then what would do your patriots but selling their teaching cap-ability and then play a peep along ‘an englishp(e)ers-on in New-York’.


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I: • the STs


Raif Badawi n'est pas raisonnable
Par Gérard Biard - 13/08/2018


Hulot flingue les piafs
Le billet du jour
Hulot flingue les piafs
Par Antonio Fischetti - 01/08/2018

  •   commentary

Charlie Hebdo (CH) is a weekly magazine, distributed mainly in Paris, before its online presence. Its predecessor was the satirical newspaper named Hara-Kiri, banned for parodying the death of former French President Charles de Gaulle (Gibson, 2015) (Bloomberg, 2015). It does not have a very wide circulation but has been famous for years in France for its political satire (Duggan, 2015) (Gibson, 2015) mainly aimed at religious groups, political parties and other powerful lobbies. (Duggan, 2015) (Gibson, 2015).
Satire is about ‘Holding the powerful, including politicians and the media accountable’ (El Rhazoui, 2015) (Wall Street Journal, 2016).  Both ST correspond to this definition. One is about politicians’ diplomacy to Islamism and the other about hunting groups (and all other groups engaging in killing and cruelty to animals) who historically proved to be very actively attacking those who expose or attempt to make them accountable for their activities (l214, 2009) (Pike, 2019).
The courage and ethics talked about in ‘Raif Badawi n’est pas raisonable’ in particular echoes at the well-known and dire situation of Charlie Hebdo’s team itself, that has faced several attempts at assassination, one of which resulted in the killing of twelve people amongst whom their most famous members and very seasoned and famous French cartoonists (Chazan, 2018). More generally, the journal caricatural, lampoonist style story (Chazan, 2018) is also set in a country seeing resurgent debates on ‘blasphemy laws’ (NSS, 2014)-though being a legal offence that does not exist in France- (RFI, 2015), recurrent disapprovals of the right to free expression and caricatures as an art form proffered by numerous journalists, politicians, public figures and the general opinion putting into question the right to do so (Chazan, 2018) (News Wire, 2018) (France 24, 2019) (Bloomberg, 2015) (France 24, 2019) one of them having been the former President of France Chirac (Gibson, 2015). Perhaps contrarily to the impression one can have from the international press, Charlie Hebdo has been oftentimes severely attacked legally and publicly, has been brought to courts in numerous occasions (Fouché, 2007) (The Guardian, 2007) - trials that they mostly won but sometimes lost and that never have ceased to be a threat to the journal’s existence (CH, 2018) (Sire, 2018). Charlie Hebdo today spends vast sums of money, half their turnover, to ensure the security of its writers and cartoonists (News Wire, 2018) (Chazan, 2018).

The client asking for the translations is an organization founded around a human rights movement- particularly freedom of speech. The organization aims is to ensure that the texts they select be translated as part of a portfolio in order for these texts, written in a foreign language, be available for English speakers and more specifically militants of all ages and backgrounds. The client would like to avoid too familiar expressions and allow the toning down of very vulgar extracts as this organization has an informative aim.
The objective is to stay faithful to the text, keeping structures, rhythms, images and metaphors to transmit intact its literary values, with a possibility for attenuating, and not magnifying TS’ features.
The brief will also allow the translator to add notes for the readership to have at their disposal news updates on old articles, alternative references maybe not visible in the ‘billet du jour’, Charlie Hebdo’s weekly opinion column (Charlie Hebdo, 2019).

Humour is renowned in academia to be very hard to theorise (Morin, 2003) but it is also the case that it is hard to categorise as it presents in many genres (Zabalbeascoa, 2019) (Morin, 2003) here maybe what can be described as a satirical, witty, buffoon, sometimes dark humour way of treating news (Bloomberg, 2015) (Sire, 2018).
Both STs could be said to be not really humorous, but mainly sarcastic, beneficiating from freer readership expectations in a magazine that does not require cold, inartistically shaped or literary forms avoidance that the more objective, factual or serious newspapers will adopt. The question of purpose could in that way prove fundamental because one could not accept from a source that claims to say the truth or state facts what is said in the context of entertainment (CNN, 2013).

What the dominant communicative function of these texts is, could be perhaps controversial as the limits between arts, entertainment, opinion pieces and journalism are here blurred. Charlie Hebdo’s editors and journalists have revendicated very often their rights to have fun (Gibson, 2015), to be irresponsible, etc … (Bloomberg, 2015) (Cabu, 2005) (El Rhazoui, 2015). In Reiss’ s typology, this corresponds to an expressive function (Reiss, 1977). For its minor function, it is first a descriptive one fulfilling the role of a newspaper and bringing to its readers an account of what has been done in the political sphere. Charlie Hebdo may well be said to tick all three of Reiss’ s typology’s functions since the paper has always assumed an open secularist (El Rhazoui, 2015) and leftist editorial line (Gibson, 2015) (Bloomberg, 2015), giving it a militant edge that by nature will attempt to exert an appellative/operative function too.

Within an instrumental approach context, a slightly heterofunctional skopos will be adequate since the functions from the ST to the TT have changed (Reiss, 1977). The aims of this association are to represent different events and opinions, and therefore brings an informative and discursive function to the fore; secondly, an appellative one in order to trigger calls for actions. Finally, if the artistic function is respected in the translations, it will not be the primary motive.
With both texts, a common target: two figures of government. Each text offers a depiction of a central character, insisting on their reputations of white knights in the world of words and both as well casting guilt on people for failures they do not themselves manage to overcome. Thus, incarnating what irony likes deriding as hypocritical (Wall Street Journal, 2016).
Because it is at the heart of humoristic genre to establish a contrast between the supposed good and the actual bad (Morin, 2003), ironic, sarcastic texts, used as a weapon (Briggs, 1928), are texts ‘delineating, exposing contrasts’ (Brill, 1917) (Sweeney, 2018). To transcribe this underlining of the negative traits (Sweeney, 2018) will count as the prerequisites in the translators’ decisions. For example for Badawi text’s lay-out, the two paragraphs are separated with an additional interlinear space, just like a flashback, creating a non-linear story frame, (Sweeney, 2018) a precedent to Trudeau’s remarks on Saudi Arabia: its history of jailing people not following religious tenets- unlike the rule of law, democracy and secularism in France that respects their fundamental freedoms.
Thus, the absurd is unveiled and turned into ridicule (Wall Street Journal, 2016): with people claiming one thing and doing the other- the objective of the texts is in the rendering of how broken and nonsensical their speeches (Brill, 1917), seen at the light of their actions, truly are.
Phrases such as double discourse shall be kept in the TT. The duplicity that is at the centre of these texts is amply demonstrated. The word ‘double’ also is a pun with weapons since a shotgun is typically with a double barrel and that the trapping used on the larks, by the law under Hulot’s ministry, are double entry mesh (LPO, 2018). The opposing semantic fields of religion and murders translated with words such as ‘accessoirement’ by ‘accessorily’, ‘massacre’ by ‘massacre’, ‘sacrosaint’ by ‘sacrosanct’, ‘affronter’ by ‘battle’, and ‘benediction’ by itself etc. also must be kept.

The main secondary theme of the text and possibly the one bringing the more resentment is the one of laicity versus multiculturalism politics- this statement remains debatable as Canada is a secularist state (Buckingham, 2019). Laicity, secularism, multiculturalism and multicultural accommodation of minorities  are keys concepts (Lægaard, 2017) that will pose a problem to the TC. Laicity is one could say very French and is an integral part of the French tradition and this of the republic (El Rhazoui, 2015). The average anglophone person is bound to have a reduced knowledge of what laicity is since it not a leading principle in anglophone countries. Laicity cannot be equated with secularism either (Uprichard, 2019) but more with a ‘French-style secularism’ (El Rhazoui, 2015). More than being a foreign notion, laicity embodies a political and cultural divide too. Many anglophone countries, in particular the US are critical of laicity (King, 2004) and France in turn rejects multiculturalism whereas ‘French ‘assimilationist’ policies are generally seen as the polar opposite of British-style multiculturalism (Blanc-Noël, 2010). In Canada, the controversy over laicity is very much alive today with Quebec presently trying to pass the Quebec’s Bill 21 towards legislating state laicity in the province of Quebec (Uprichard, 2019) (Toutant, 2018) (Dougherty, 2019) and with Prime Minister Trudeau recurrently opposing it (Toutant, 2018). Trudeau is regularly depicted, even joked at, as someone who takes multiculturalism too far-the reference to ‘accommodements raisonnables’ in the TS being one severe stumbling-block (Canadian Press, 2018). Amusingly, the internet searches in French clearly tend to result in pro-laicity articles while the same searches in English generate more anti-laicity law publications.
Talking about laicity in a journal that allows play on words, I used the improbable ‘unceasing’, itself consonant with secularism, rather than for example ‘never-ending’ or ‘endless’ issue, as a compensation for play on words that remained untranslated (Zanettin, 2010). Utilising another consonance, President Macron equated ‘political Islam and communitarianism’ with ‘secession’ with the republic last month (LCI, 2019).

In Hulot’s text it is the environmentalist movement and hunting lobbies that are at loggerheads. Even if species and biodiversity decline does not affect only France but the whole of Europe (Vanlerberghe, 2018) (Schaub et al, 2018), it is a subject that has been very traditionally (even though mediatised tardively) virulent and omnipresent in the French media. Yet again even though there are many advocates fighting hunting and promoting animal rights, I would argue that the TC is less sensitised to these subjects by the main media, certainly because French is more rural and benefit from more species diversity than the UK. Also, France being much smaller than countries like Canada, Australia or the US, so hunting practices are more in view and therefore are much more mediatised too.
The ambition of the ST on Hulot is explicit in several places- it is to stir indignation. Indignation against the untenable gap between discourse and action highlighted by the not only shooting but shooting at members of a species that has been in decline for decades, and lost 20 % of its population in less than 15 years (Vanlerberghe, 2018) (Schaub et al, 2018). Though the lark has become the symbol of species in decline mainly because of the agriculture industry incurring a loss of its habitat; the lark and at large the birds extremely worrying endangered situation has only been aggravated by hunting (Vanlerberghe, 2018) (Schaub et al, 2018). In view of these statistics, I opted for an information change, an addition (Chesterman, 1997) to let people know that ‘recent and dramatic population declines make it a Red List species’ (RSPB, 2018) i.e. that the lark is also on the list of threatened species (Aercke, 2018) (Baron, 2018) (Ayet et al, 2010) (Vosgesmatin, 2009).

Humor is linked with emotion (Vandaele, 2010) and in the brief the appellative function in the TT is also recommended in order to give a good quality read to militant in phase with a read that brings energy to both discussions and engagements.
To that effect one may need to lengthen the text with an explanation (Chesterman, 1997) here to try and render the horror of the situation. I used ‘a more emphatic phrase’ to restore ‘intention by intention’ (Bassnet, 2014, pp. 125-6), in order to raise the intensity of the TT to this of the ST. In French the sinister side is very clear, the lark song is so popular that it is an inescapable feature of schooling of the French education, and whoever rehears it as adult can only be acutely aware of what it depicts is atrocity: a French person just needs the evocation of this song to perfectly assimilate that murder is on the menu. Also, in the translation there is an addition (Zanettin, 2010) from ‘Alouette, gentille alouette, je te plumerai, etc’ to ‘Lark, nice lark, Lark, I will pluck you. I will pluck your head. ×2, And your head!  ×2’, etc …. To ‘Well, in a nutshell, Nicolas Hulot, will just do what the children's song says it will to this friendly bird’. This lengthening, by a long paraphrase and a reiteration confirming it is a song in which the bird is put to death by plucking, acts as a device giving to the readers more time and more focus on the pregnant and usually metaphoric couplet- in this text tough the image is to be understood quite literally.

While an instrumental approach will lead, the brief does not exclude a documentary translation. The client tries to reach a global readership, and intent to cultivate various cultural approaches, and preserve the linguistical, philosophical and philological savours of texts.
First and foremost, I kept the literal equivalent of the title ‘RAIF BADAWI N'EST PAS RAISONNABLE’ with ‘RAIF BADAWI IS NOT REASONABLE’ because of its inflictive power.
The word ‘tremolo’ in French means a musical instrument part, and is also used for the sounds that some birds may produce (Oiseaux-Birds, 2019). ‘Tremolos’ has been left intact in the TT for the discerning reader as the lark in particular is famous for her songs; and is even the eponymous heroin of a well-known poem written by Shakespeare
“Hark, hark! the lark at heaven's gate sings”

In French though ‘tremolo’ also can hint at some purposeful melodramatization effects (CNRT, 2019). In English ‘tremolo’ loses this melodramatisation effect. To keep in the text, the vocalisation of the speech in the ST, which the author equated to a bird song participating to what dark humour might reap of warnings and alarms-tremolo in ornithology is used as a name for the loon bird fight call (NLC, 2018). Painfully then, one can imagine that birds who are doubly threatened in their numbers and safety and who are about to be slaughtered could give howling calls. Tremolo could also be reminiscent of entrapment (like hoot, and shoot) since its variative trembling sound effect could be used for mimicking birds in accessories such as whistles, decoy calls or kazoos employed during call-hunting.

To preserve the familiarity of a ‘tout le monde s'en fiche’ by a similar familiar formula such as ‘people couldn't care less’ is important because they are the very words uttered by Hulot, and stand as a blatantly out of character language for a minister, and that they can echo and confirm the melodramatics he is accused of.
To be preserved too, are ‘le gendre ideal’, et ‘le beau Justin’ the latter that possibly intimating ‘beau-fils’. This way, the target of joke and ‘archetype of the ideal son-in-law’ is Trudeau but also the societal system as a whole because of being the ideal image corresponding to the exclusive criteria a family could wish for. Approval and desirability (beau itself lists ‘etiquette’ and ‘propriety’ amongst its meanings) are associated with the reputation that many politicians have to be successful in politics thanks to their looks, and Justin Trudeau in particular (McKibben, 2018). This allusion at family links, and the routine joke on being the ‘ideal son-in-law’ is also not random at all since Justin Trudeau is the son of Pierre Trudeau, himself former Canadian Prime Minister and oil company funder and heir of his father, a millionaire gas station entrepreneur (McGregor, 2013).

To purposefully keep key sentences, such as

« On ne veut pas avoir de mauvaises relations avec l'Arabie saoudite, c'est un pays qui a quand même une certaine importance dans le monde »,
that purports to expose a golden rule of Trudeau’s diplomacy or of ironically diplomacy itself, and illustrates what the author thinks is the underlining philosophy of the politics he describes.
The rest of the text shows that Trudeau’s ethics are not consistent. Described as ‘double speak’ by the Quebec MP Helene Laverdiere (CBC News, 2018), these juxtapositions in the ST only reveals dramatically disproportionate double standards. It goes without sayint that Saudi Arabia is an important country but does it make sense at all to condemn France and say nothing or very little of the extremely serious human rights abuses constantly perpetrated by Saudi Arabia (HRW, 2018) (Amnesty UK, 2018) (RT, 2015) (Azan, 2016)?

Another pivotal element to this text is the acknowledgment that this rule is one widely adopted.
À sa décharge, reconnaissons que peu de grandes démocraties occidentales se payent le luxe de « mauvaises relations » avec l'Arabie saoudite.

It reiterates how important diplomacy is consensually. Trudeau is said to have attacked France by defending Saudi Arabia, and though he has failed to prevent a dangerous escalation. ‘Bredouillle’ is about unease in speech but also means without any results; ‘décharge’ alludes to the ambassador that cannot stay (dechargé de ses functions). This sequence is paramount to participate in conveying helplessness from the very powerful and paramount national figure conferred to PMs and allows mockery, maybe provoked just like laughter might be, by ‘releasing tension built up by aggression’ (OU, 2019a).
Finally, another major pre-translation decision, after searching the subjects, was to translate the opinion without putting forward every single trait of the caricatures. The dual challenge of news translation ethics involves the endorsement of positions taken by authors but also because news items participate actively in the making of public opinions concerning real people in real time; journalistic ethics (and here the translator has the function of translating news, so goes under journalism ethics) demand to represent the author side but also the truth (Wall Street Journal, 2016). And this in contradistinctions with caricatures which depart from the strict reality (Morin, 2003) (Sweeney, 2018).

Another intrinsic problem of news translation lays with time-line (OU, 2019). Both STs are prior to subsequent reactions that could be viewed as ‘redemptive’ and that in any case may change altogether the overall story. As showed in the explanatory footnotes at the attention of the publisher, Nicolas Hulot resigned from being the Minister of the environment less than one month after Charlie Hebdo’ column (Farand, 2018) (James, 2018).
Canada seems to have been alone in the international scene against Radawi treatment (al jazhera, 2018) (Kassam, 2018). By the same token, PM Trudeau took further actions against the Saudi Arabia regime by criticizing it for several other human rights violations (Kestler-D'Amours, 2018) (Baker, 2018). To acknowledge an up-to-date timeline of Canada’s conflicts with Saudi Arabia is crucial since as it happens Canada has proven itself to be rather exemplary in the matter in relations with otherwise silent international partners and players.

Because of this information that counters the image of servility that could have been further expressed in the TT, I chose to moderate a how I translated and conveyed Hulot’s and Trudeau’s character- but not directly through the TT but rather with footnotes. Current diplomacy style is often said to be done via twittering and thereby amplifies emotional responses (Stanzel, 2018) (al jazhera, 2018). Humour may pull on this same emotional string, and the brief enabled the translators to stir militants’ knowledge and opinions in what could be a twofold move on affect and cognition. Adding explanatory notes (in which may be traced something of a Charlie Hebdo’s tone) and adopting more neutral, nuanced or rationalised rather than visceral and passionate stances and sketches that at some points were exclusively made of dissimilarities, divergences, deviances and contradictions were preferred to minimise a possible disposition towards Manicheism (Siassi, 2016), and simply to bring the readership up to date on latest developments.

Words: 3285

  • IV: your bibliography


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  • V: Appendix 1: your corpus of texts (or list of URLs)


Quotes directly from the source for both Trudeau and the foreign minister as they are reported speech in the ST often expressed bilingually in Canada.

Both text.

Very alarmed to learn that Samar Badawi, Raif Badawi’s sister, has been imprisoned in Saudi Arabia. Canada stands together with the Badawi family in this difficult time, and we continue to strongly call for the release of both Raif and Samar Badawi.

Le avec AFP
Crise avec Ryad: le Canada refuse de présenter des excuses
Aujourd'hui, M. al-Jubeir a rejeté toute possibilité de médiation et estimé que le Canada avait fait "une grosse erreur". "Une erreur devrait être corrigée. Le Canada sait ce qu'il a à faire", avait-il ajouté. Le chef de la diplomatie saoudienne a affirmé que son pays envisageait "des mesures supplémentaires" contre le Canada, sans fournir plus de détails.
Le avec AFP

Trudeau: We don't want to have poor relations with Saudi Arabia
After Riyadh ordered it students studying in Canada to come home and expelled Canada's ambassador for interfering in its domestic affairs, the Financial Times said the Saudi central bank had

Strained relations between Germany and UK
Diplomatic relations between Germany and the UK are strained at the moment following claims that the British embassy in Berlin was being used to carry out covert surveillance.
A senior minister in the German government has said there's mistrust in the relationship between the two countries and there's no going back to "business as usual".
The BBC's Europe Editor Gavin Hewitt reports from Berlin.
  • 08 Nov 2013

Raif Badawi, the Saudi Arabian blogger sentenced to 1,000 lashes, may now face death penalty

Raif Badawi could face trial for apostasy

    Chris Green
    Sunday 1 March 2015 11:31

Raif Badawi has been sentenced to 1,000 lashes for ‘insulting Islam’ on his liberal website ( )

Mr Badawi has already been sentenced to 10 years in prison and 1,000 lashesadministered at a rate of 50 per week – for criticising the country’s clerics through his liberal blog. In 2013, a judge threw out the charge of apostasy against the 31-year-old blogger after he assured the court that he was a Muslim. The evidence against him had included the fact that he pressed the “Like” button on a Facebook page for Arab Christians.

Canada helping young Saudi refugee won’t hurt Raif Badawi’s case, wife says
By Roxanne OcampoThe Canadian Press
Sun., Jan. 13, 2019
Ensaf Haidar, wife of the jailed Saudi Arabian blogger Raif Badawi, shows a portrait of her husband as he is awarded the Sakharov Prize, in Strasbourg, France. Haidar isn’t worried Ottawa’s decision to take in teen refugee Rahaf Mohammed Alqunun will hurt her husband’s case, even though there is speculation that the incident could further strain Canada-Saudi relations. 

Au Canada, des "accommodements raisonnables"
N'y a-t-il pas en France une résistance à accepter la diversité des croyances et des cultures ? Un universalisme de principe l'emporte.

An unreasonable accommodation is one that creates undue hardship for the employer.


Hulot said that although he had no regrets in joining the government he had suffered from his time in office, increasingly accommodating himself with “small steps” at a time when “the planet is becoming a sauna and deserves that we change the way we think and operate”.

Cinq espèces d'oiseaux en voie de déclin dans l'Yonne

En fait, la LPO accuse la France de n’en faire qu’à sa tête depuis des années pour satisfaire les chasseurs.  Sur la vingtaine d'espèces encore chassées et pourtant en voie de déclin, la LPO en recense cinq dans le département. 

Comme la caille sauvage, le vanneau huppé , ou le merle, la tourterelle des bois a perdu plus de la moitié de sa population icaunaise en dix ans ans.  

Projet d’arrêté supprimant les pièges noyants
Du 07/01/2019 au 28/01/2019 - 2597 commentaires

Ce projet d’arrêté concerne le piégeage des animaux classés "susceptibles d’occasionner des dégâts" (anciennement "nuisibles"), plus spécifiquement par les pièges dit noyants, utilisés pour prélever des individus de rats musqués et ragondins. Il propose l’interdiction de ces pièges, notamment au regard de la souffrance animale induite.
Le piégeage par dispositifs "noyants", comme les "bidons à double fond" (pièges de catégorie 5 dans l’arrêté du 29/01/2007 relatif au piégeage) entraîne la mort des animaux par noyade.

27.04.2018 – Draft decree on Walloon Code of Animal Welfare adopted by Minister Carlo Di Antonio (cdH)
Posted on 27th April 2018 by Admin
Thirty years after the adoption of the law on the protection and the welfare of animals, the Walloon government adopted on 25 April 2018, the animal welfare code, still to be submitted to the Council of State.
Fourteen measures have been decided based on the principle that animals are sensitive beings, capable of feeling emotions and hold a certain level of consciousness.

C.ET: revolutionary, who would have thought that the council will have to compliment themselves on what has always been known. What will they do? Establishing killing quotas.

The killing of large species is pushing them towards extinction, study finds
This article is more than 2 months old
Intentional and unintentional trapping, poaching and slaughter of megafauna is the single biggest factor in their decline

Lettre - La sacro-sainte Charte
Gisèle Filion - Montréal, le 26 janvier 2011
28 janvier 2011 Lettres

Si les accommodements, dits raisonnables, heurtent tant, c'est qu'ils n'ont rien de raisonnable. Ils relèvent de privilèges que la sacro-sainte Charte accorde aux religions.
Pourquoi ne pas dépoussiérer cette Charte, écrite il y a trop longtemps, et remplacer le concept de religion par celui d'option spirituelle en donnant à toutes ces options un même champ d'expression? Pourquoi permettre à des religions de s'exprimer là où des options politiques ou d'autres options spirituelles sont prohibées? N'est-ce pas ça, un privilège?

 La laïcité qui se dit ouverte est un oxymore qui passe sous silence le privilège des religions que la sacro-sainte Charte leur confère.

La laïcité authentique est un cadre à l'intérieur duquel toutes les options spirituelles demandent à être traitées également.

Vivement la laïcité authentique!

C : toutes options spirituelles qui ne se donnent pas a détruire les autres. C est cela la spiritualite, toute autres choses est, a, la mort, etc…ou avant elle, sur, comme débouché.

Why is male rage sacrosanct?
Gugulethu Mhlungu 25 May 2018 00:00
 Instead patriarchy demands of all males that they engage in acts of psychic self-mutilation, that they kill off the emotional parts of themselves.

Under patriarchy, men’s anger is sacrosanct and unquestionable. Men can kill women because rejection angers them. Men rape and assault women, children and other men because they are hurting and broken — as though the rest of us aren’t hurt and broken.
Convicted murderer Oscar Pistorius had repeated incidents of “losing his temper”  

This Is How Glue Traps Ruined My Childhood…
The next day, I awoke to what sounded like an intruder in the kitchen. In actuality, it was a mouse who was trying so violently to escape a glue trap that I mistook him for a living being hundreds of times his size. He took deep, shivering breaths, and every so often he would muster all of his energy and violently thrash in an attempt to free himself.
Manufacturers direct consumers to throw the animals away along with the trap, but I just couldn’t leave him to starve and die slowly

C.ET: it is why it has so much charge and charm on TV, we live in a psychopathic, pathetic society.

Européennes. Yannick Jadot dénonce le « double discours » socialiste sur l’écologie avec le Lyon-Turin

Le chef de file des écologistes pour les élections européennes estime mardi que le parti socialiste n’est pas cohérent sur la lutte contre le réchauffement climatique. Il prend pour exemple le projet de liaison ferroviaire entre Lyon et Turin.
 plus généralement leur « double discours » sur l’écologie.
« Ce projet doit s’arrêter […] On ne peut pas aujourd’hui, pour répondre aux 67 000 morts prématurés en France liés à la pollution de l’air,

Vieux de plusieurs décennies, le projet de liaison ferroviaire Lyon-Turin vise à réduire les   Ils soutiennent l’irrigation à outrance de l’agriculture. Ça, ce n’est pas de la cohérence, ça s’appelle du double discours, de la tartufferie », a-t-il dénoncé.
Son bras droit Alexis Braud a souligné la présence parmi les candidats PS aux européennes du maire de Fourneaux (Savoie) François Chemin, qui soutient le Lyon-Turin. Mais aussi de Pernelle Richardot, qui soutient le GCO, et de Christophe Clergeau, qui avait pris fait et cause pour Notre-Dame-des-Landes. « On ne peut pas avoir une liste constituée de gens comme ça et dire on est écologistes. Il y a une dissonance », a-t-il estimé.

* Dans l'article "TARTUF(F)E,(TARTUFE, TARTUFFE), subst. masc. et adj."
I. − Subst. masc.
A. − Vieilli, fam. [P. réf. au personnage qui donne son nom à la comédie de Molière] Personnage qui, sous couvert de religion, affecte une dévotion et une vertu profondes, dans le but de séduire son entourage et d'en tirer profit. Les dévots n'existent plus. Il n'y a aujourd'hui que des imbéciles ou des tartufes (SandCorresp., t. 5, 1868, p. 262).
B. − Personnage pétri d'hypocrisie. Nous avons bien encore par-ci par-là quelques tartufes, mais dans le monde, le nôtre, la religion n'en fait plus, c'est un masque qu'elle a laissé à la politique (BayardMari camp., 1844, III, 8, p. 515).V. tartufier infra rem. ex. de Stendhal.

définition - tartufferie

tartufferie (n.f.)
1.hypocrisie, fourberie.
2.hypocrisie, mensonge.
3.comportement qui consiste à dissimuler, par son attitude ou ses actes, ses véritables pensées ou sentiments.

synonymes - tartufferie

tartufferie (n.f.)
dissimulationfausse dévotionfaux semblantmascaradecomédie  (figuré)grimace  (figuré)hypocrisie  (abstrait)tartuferie (péjoratif)

By Miguel Lamas*
The Pope's visit to Chile has aroused little enthusiasm on both sides of the Andes. Voices critical of his double discourse on sexual abusing and paedophile priests are growing. "I cannot help but express the pain and shame I feel at the irreparable damage caused to children by the Church."
[…]. A cynical speech when he comes from taking part, in Rome, of the funeral of Cardinal Bernard Law, one of the great cases of aberrant priests of the Catholic Church.

And to top it all, priest Juan Barros, a member of the Karadima group, and considered an accessory, was named bishop by Pope Francis.

At the end of 2017, the Pope attended the funeral of sexual abuser Cardinal Law
  After the scandal became known, Bernard Law was forced to present his resignation as archbishop of Boston, but John Paul II sent him to Rome and appointed him archpriest of Santa Maria Maggiore basilica. Law kept his position in the College of Cardinals and in the Congregation for Bishops. Pope Francis continued this protection.
  However, day by day, both on paedophilia by many priests who are now covered up, as in the rights of women, as in popular rebellions, it is shown their supposed support for the poor and oppressed is just a double discourse. The Church remains the same sexist and reactionary institution that, for centuries, has been closely associated with the powerful, be they feudal, kings, or capitalists, guaranteeing their stability.
* For El Socialista, Argentina, 16 of January 2018

If the bill is passed in its current form, which it is likely to do as the CAQ has a majority of seats, it will ban people in positions of authority from wearing signs of their religion. This includes judges, police officers, prosecutors, and teachers.

Speaking to reporters this morning, Justin Trudeau condemned the motion before Bill 21 had even been tabled.

The bill includes a "grandfather clause," which means that employees that were hired before May 28 may continue wearing their symbols.

Trudeau went on to say, “it is unthinkable to me that in a free society, we would legitimize discrimination against citizens based on their religion.”

    Bravo Quebec for leading the way for a secular society. Trudeau's weakness and capitulation on this issue has meant more visible religion in Canada, values which are incompatible with a 21st-century democracy.
    — Northbridge (@BurnerBernie123) March 28, 2019


Of course, many people in Quebec, including Montreal mayor Valérie Plante, have also voiced their objection to the religious symbol ban. In this instance, however, there are far more people comdemning Trudeau's comments on the ban than supporting them.

Many critics believe the bill, if passed, will not hold up in law for impeding religious freedoms.
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allow people dictate their believe or orders in a god that slay: i.e multiculturalism.
Ç: still did not under understand? That millions of people pretend to believe just to be undermining.
Of course, it seems alrighty fair, when one’s own religion is the one of money, because they have some common goals to share.

Quebec’s new ‘laicity’ bill to override provincial, Canadian rights charters
By Kevin Dougherty. Published on Mar 28, 2019 1:23pm

QUEBEC — Teachers, judges, lawyers, transit commissions, municipalities, school boards and the staff of provincial government bodies would be bound by the Coalition Avenir Québec’s proposed bill enshrining “the laicity of the state.”

A ban on wearing religious signs by designated officials, including the Speaker and Deputy Speakers of the Quebec National Assembly would be imposed under Bill 21, which the government of Premier François Legault hopes to see adopted before the assembly’s summer adjournment.

The bill, presented Thursday, also includes two notwithstanding clauses to override guarantees in the Quebec and Canadian human rights charters protecting fundamental rights, including religious freedom.

C.ET:       but the big joke is that under neo-capitalism there is no state, care is privatized, transportation is privatized, libraries????????? Are dumped. Schools?????? After all it cannot be difficult to group under 16 in classroom and say one fulfills the need for education of international in war standards. Education has been for decades at the center of controversies on how class are there fabricated. So what? Dump it.

Humpty Dumpty, the anthropomorphic egg.

C.ET: the state is for everybody; it should embody freedom and justice not appalling and disillusional ranking system.
Religious freedom is not the right to impose it on everybody.
For the truly religious- 0,0001%, let’s hope you will be accepted as priests by your community- the righteous.

Trudeau dénonce le projet de loi sur la laïcité
Lina Dib

nous ne sommes pas d'accord avec ce projet de loi parce que ça divise la population», a déclaré M. Singh qui a tenu un point de presse en début d'après-midi.
Suivez MSN Québec sur Facebook! Réagissez aux nouvelles du jour et partagez vos commentaires en rejoignant notre communauté de 140 000 personnes sur Facebook.

C : diviser la population, quel humour !
Some claim i twill divide the population, what a wit? Such in spirit, hilarious exhibit.

Woman allegedly plotted for months to acquire newborn prior to killing Chicago woman

L’Alouette des champs dans le viseur de Nicolas Hulot ?

Un demi-million d’alouettes pourraient être tuées durant la prochaine saison de chasse en France !

Alouette des champs (Alauda arvensis) - Crédit photo : Alain BoullahAlouette des champs (Alauda arvensis) - Crédit photo : Alain Boullah
Un projet d’arrêté insensé…

Nicolas Hulot pourrait autoriser dès cet automne le piégeage de 370 000 alouettes (soit 3,5 fois plus que les 106 000 piégées la saison précédente !)  
…et face au déclin de l’Alouette des champs

Cette déclaration solennelle sur le thème de « j’ai besoin de votre indignation » commençait par : « 30% d’oiseaux en moins en quelques années ».  
Certes l’agriculture intensive reste l’une des premières causes du déclin des alouettes des champs.  


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Windsor 'wildlife massacre': 7,000 animals killed in just ONE year on the royal estate

Figures show that the Crown Estate's 'vermin control' methods wiped out 1,161 rabbits, 118 parakeets, 28 hares and nine moles

BySam Chadderton

    17:28, 23 FEB 2014

Wildlife 'massacre': Prince William at a recent United for Wildlife Symposium

An animal welfare campaign group has slammed a 'Windsor wildlife massacre' after figures showed more than 7,000 animals were killed on the royal estate in just a single year.

The staggering total for 2013 includes 1,161 rabbits, 772 jackdaws, 325 squirrels, 191 crows, 159 foxes, 118 parakeets, 56 roe deer, 28 hares, nine moles and three mink.

Prince Harry was pictured with the body of a shot water buffalo and Prince William appeared at a United for Wildlife Symposium days after spending the weekend before shooting wild boar and stag in Spain.

The Windsor Estate has responded to the figures by claiming that most of the "vermin control" - including 3,901 pigeons - was done at the request of tenant farmers.
"What about compassion? What about sharing the natural world with the other species who live here, even if that means taking a minor dent in its multimillion pound profits?".

World, Europe

'Political Islam' seeks secession from France: Macron
French president says ‘communitarianism’ has settled in parts of the Republic, referring to Muslim communities
Yusuf Ozcan   | 26.04.2019
'Political Islam' seeks secession from France: Macron File photo


French President Emmanuel Macron vowed Thursday to resist ‘political Islam’, which he said is a threat and seeks succession from the republic.

*Writing by Jeyhun Aliyev

C.ET: ON THIS occasion, I am all for him.

CGT SPIP 43 : Quand la Direction a ses vapeurs, le navire prend l’eau.
Collectif insertion probation CGT 43 – 42 – 63
SPIP 43 : Quand la Direction a ses vapeurs, le navire prend l’eau.

Depuis l’arrivée de la nouvelle direction en septembre 2015, les personnels du SPIP 43  […]
Ce « management » génère désorganisation, tension et mal-être au travail.
Ces agressions et le climat de suspicion instaurés par notre direction sont inacceptables.

Devons-nous rappeler à notre direction qu’elle est garante de la prévention des risques psychosociaux et que le harcèlement est un délit ?

Alors, Madame La Directrice, cessez avec vos vapeurs et mettez plutôt du combustible dans la chaudière avant que le navire ne sombre !

Le Puy en Velay, le 9/02/2017
Collectif insertion probation CGT 43 – 42 – 63

C : remarque les gredins…avec eux, les salaries deviennent plus tôt sympa.

Une loi liberticide
Après les députés, les sénateurs polonais ont voté une loi sur la Shoah qui prévoit des amendes, ou des peines allant jusqu'à 3 ans de prison, pour toute personne qui associerait l'État polonais aux crimes commis par les nazis dans le pays pendant la Seconde guerre mondiale. Plus de 350 chercheurs français ont lancé une pétition contre cette loi mémorielle polonaise.

Nier cette « réalité des faits », c’est revenir sur l’acquis d’un débat porté par des grandes voix comme Marek Edelman, Jan Błoński ou Władysław Bartoszewski, c’est contredire les […]
Cette loi liberticide vise à intimider les universitaires, à les pousser vers des domaines moins conflictuels, plus conformes à « l’intérêt national polonais », faute de quoi ils seraient traînés […] Help AsiaNews

12/28/2017, 14.21
Islamic parliamentarian wants to criminalize atheism. Fr. Rafic: Political liberticide
The vice-president of the commission for religious affairs wants to punish an “erroneous" phenomenon that insults "the Abrahamic religions". The proposal supported by high ranking  
Hamroush has already received the support of the Islamic fundamentalist wing and the university of al-Azhar, the most important Sunni institution in the world.  

Religious symbols, multiculturalism, and public education
June 12, 2006|Written By Lorraine Weinrib
[…] which prohibited a Sikh student from taking his kirpan to public school. Unable to accede to the ban, the student enrolled in a private school.
[…] impermissable special privilege to accommodate his religious practice of wearing the dagger-like object.

Valls déclenche une crise diplomatique avec le Gabon après ses propos dans «On n'est pas couché»
POLITIQUE Manuel Valls a sous-entendu que le président du Gabon, Ali Bongo, avait été élu irrégulièrement...
Publié le 18/01/16 à 15h11 — Mis à jour le 18/01/16 à 15h13
[…]  Des propos qui ont déclenché une réaction quasi-immédiate, Libreville ayant décidé dimanche de rappeler son ambassadeur en France, Germain Ngoyo Moussavou.

Russian denies reports it triggered Qatar diplomatic crisis with fake news story
Associated Press
Published: 1:09pm, 7 Jun, 2017

Russian officials on Wednesday angrily rejected allegations that Russian hackers breached Qatar’s state news agency and planted a fake news story that led to a split between Qatar and the other Arab nations.

Tensions between Qatar and Saudi Arabia — a Middle East heavyweight — bubbled to the surface two weeks ago when Qatar said its state-run news agency and its Twitter account were hacked to publish a fake story claiming the emir, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, had called Iran “a regional and Islamic power that cannot be ignored.”